Quotes about Management Consultants

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Quotes About Management Consultants

Since it was specified that the names of the management consulting firms should not be included in the brief, this turned out to be our biggest challenge. After an extensive search, we discovered that the majority of publicly available data included the names of the management consulting firms. However, based on our search we were able to compile the findings recorded below.

Helpful Findings:

Why Firms Hire Management Consultants Or Consulting Companies:

  • Studio 2 once hired a management consultant to help determine, from their clients’ point of view, what made them valuable to them.
  • Morgan, who owns a firm that specializes in the provision of IT services to corporates, decided to bring in consultants to help him decipher how to return the firm to profitability.
  • Nathan T from Expranse Engineering, hired a resource management consultant to assist them in getting rid of process bottlenecks and reinforce weak points.
  • The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) hired a management consulting firm to help repair reputation for poor customer service.
  • An Australian government agency employed the services of a management consulting firm to advise on improvements in running the state railway service.
  • The U.S. Department of Homeland Security contracted with a management consulting firm to run intelligence operations.

What Information is Not Available And Why

Information on quotes from CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs, and/or company staff, stating that management consultants and/or consultancies have helped them in securing funding or growing their business/company, is not available.

The information is not available because the quotes found have included company names and are not generalized. It is possible that general information surrounding how management consultants have helped companies grow is not available due to the competitive advantage.

Research Strategy:

The research team started our search by checking articles from sources that specialize in publishing business/consulting industry information. We scoured through many websites like themuse, Forbes, cleverism, Entrepreneur, rocketnlocks, among others to find out if these websites have directly mentioned any such quotes from CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs, and/or company staff. This was considered as the first approach because usually such articles also include direct quotes from industry personnel to verify their publication. We found only a small mention of a person named Morgan who owns a firm that specializes in providing IT services to corporates who shared why he hired consultants. However, we could not cite any direct quotes.

We subsequently moved on to find case studies on the successful hire of management consultants. The focus here was to find generalized case studies on companies that hired a management consulting firm and how it helped their firm grow in terms of funding, growth or marketing. The logic of finding case studies was to collate the results of these studies and find out if the results included the names of any individual from the company which could have been used to present some relevant findings specific to individuals from a company. After checking studies from sources like preplounge, streetofwalls, myconsultingoffer, mbacrystalballs, accenture, and others, we could not cite any single study that was generalized. Case studies that were available, mentioned both the client and the company and did not cover how companies were helped by the management consulting firms.

We then moved on to find interviews from various companies that have hired management consulting firms. The logic for this strategy was that interviews usually cover insights that otherwise may not be published by the companies via articles, news or reports. Checking through interviews from c level management from various companies in industries spanning advanced electronics, aerospace & defense, agriculture, automotive & assembly, capital projects & infrastructure, chemicals, financial services and many others, we could not cite any interviews that covered general information on how management consulting firms have helped them fund or grow their business. Interviews were checked in sources like LinkedIn, cbinsights, Inc, BBC, among others, but we could not find any relevant interviews. Instead, we cited some articles and blogs by industry expertise on reasons why companies hire management consultants. One such article by Denis Horan has been included. However, we did not find anything relevant.