Quilt Research: Grants & Paid Opportunities

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Quilt Research: Grants & Paid Opportunities

Four paid opportunities for quilt-related research & writing in the US and Australia includes three freelance research writing opportunities at PieceWork Magazine, American Quilter Magazine, Make Modern, and one grant opportunity — The Helena Dibbs Endowment Fund.

PieceWork Magazine

  • PieceWork Magazine is a quarterly magazine that celebrates the history of needlework and traditional designers.
  • The magazine provides payments for rich research content regarding needlework makers and/or their historical aspects, including forms such as "knitting, needlepoint, embroidery, cross-stitch, quilting, crocheting, beadwork, tatting, lacemaking, and surface design. The payment rate for a feature article varies based on project length/technique, and fees vary, depending on the complexity."
  • PieceWork Magazine has a monthly viewership of over 80,000 visitors, with 24% interested in quilting. About 67% of the magazine's monthly visitors make regular visits or have subscriptions.
  • PieceWork Magazine viewers are very passionate about needlework and are quite curious about each technique's history and origin.

Submission Guidelines

  • PieceWork Magazine makes publications four times each year, in "March, June, September, and December."
  • Editorial deadlines are available via the magazine's Editorial Calendar. However, contributors could opt to receive email notifications about submission deadlines.
  • Writers/contributors can submit their manuscripts via email to piecework@longthreadmedia.com. The manuscript's length could range from $1,500 words to 3,000 words depending on the topic.
  • The magazine prioritizes research regarding historical people in needlework, as well as historical and technical accuracy.
  • Upon receipt of a contributor's submission, they will receive some acknowledgment from the magazine. However, the project might not be approved immediately. However, once a contributor's project is approved, they will receive a contract stating the acceptance terms. The author would maintain publication rights for original materials.
  • Payments are made in US currency upon publication, and "the magazine determines the pay rate for a feature article based on its length."

American Quilter Magazine

  • American Quilter (AQ) Magazine is a subsidiary of American Quilter Society, a quilt-focused organization "with a heritage that spans over 30 years. The company boasts members that are as diverse as the quilts they create, both in age, designs, and methods."
  • AQ Magazine provides "how-to" content to readers and has a digital subscription of over 65,000 members.

Submission Guidelines

  • AQ Magazine prioritizes "fresh new patterns, unique technique articles, and non-fiction quilting interest features." The magazine accepts submissions throughout the year, and there are no deadlines.
  • AQ Magazine only accepts submissions from the original creator, author, or copyright owner.
  • "By submitting the material, the contributor is legally entitled to distribute the work and allow it to be redistributed via the magazine, website, and/or blog. The contributor must also ensure that the content was not published previously, in print or on the internet, without the AQ editor's knowledge and consent."
  • Contributors can share research/submission ideas via email at magazine@americanquilter.com. Article features are typically between 500-1,200 words and should use a "Times New Roman 12 font."
  • The feature article must include the contributor's name, home address, email address, website/blog (optional), and home/cell phone number. A brief bio about the contributor is also required with relevant information regarding quilting and/or writing experience, among others.
  • The magazine considers the article's length, content, and writing & visual quality when making feature articles payments. AQ Magazine does not consider partial submissions, and contributors might have to wait for weeks or months before receiving feedback.

Make Modern

  • Make Modern is the only quilt-focused magazine in Australia. It was formed by a group of passionate quilt lovers who envisioned creating a quilt magazine company to share and inspire others through their articles and publications.
  • The magazine aims to empower more people to make modern quilts. It has thousands of people in its subscriber base of over 70 countries. Make Modern publishes bi-monthly, leveraging "a huge team of international quilt designers who contribute patterns and articles."

Submission Guidelines

  • While Make Modern typically uses its in-house team of researchers and writers, the magazine does encourage people to pitch their thoughts and ideas. For example, if a contributor wanted to provide a feature article profiling a historical quilter, they could pitch their idea to the magazine and might be approved for the feature.
  • For idea/thought submissions, contributors can present theirs via email to editor@makemodern.com.au. Submitted articles should typically be 1,000 words, with 4-6 photos.
  • If the feature is approved, the contributor will receive $AUD 200, including taxes. While written articles are paid, thought submissions for an article written by Make Modern are not. However, the contributor might "receive a free digital copy of the issue containing the suggested article."

The Helena Dibbs Endowment Fund

  • The Helena Dibbs Endowment Fund was established in 1986, and it gave out its first grant in 1988 to make funds available for projects that would serve to promote and preserve the heritage of quilts. The Fund prioritizes projects that provide long-term impacts to "further the art of quilts and quilt-making."
  • This grant program is provided by the Quilter’s Guild of Dallas (QGD). The program seeks to strike a balance between historical and art projects and also contemporary and traditional style quilts. However, "all grant proposals should result in a specific end product and must include a plan for exhibition or publication of the finished work, if applicable."
  • The annual grant amount is $5,000. However, the QGD might not give this amount to one proposal and could share the sum among multiple applicants. The organization treats all grant proposals equally.

Submission Guidelines

  • The Endowment Committee in charge of the grant program considers several factors when selecting successful proposals. It prioritizes the project's impact on quilting, the project's compatibility with its organizational goals. It assesses the applicant's ability to carry out the project and the project's quality.
  • All interested applicants may do so by completing and submitting the application form before August 31, 2021.
  • The Endowment Committee does not award proposals geared towards "personal travel or mileage reimbursement, salaries or direct income to individuals with an exception for contract labor necessary for the execution of the submitted project, and purchase of capital items where the ownership benefits an individual rather than a group."

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