Plantbase Organic Potassium Carbonate Sources

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Plantbase Organic Potassium Carbonate Sources

Key Takeaways


While we were unable to locate plant-based organic potassium carbonate sources in Kazakhstan or Europe, we provided the details from five plant-based organic potash producers in the world. Additionally, we included five inorganic potash producers from the requested regions in the attached spreadsheet as an example of the region's sources and our research strategy below.


  • Potassium Carbonate, also called Potash, was produced from the ashes of plants and vegetables, although since the 20th century most manufacturers in the industry extract it from potassium salts from mines or a chemical process with nepheline.
  • The top countries where potash is produced are Canada, Russia, Belarus, China, Germany, Israel, Jordan, Chile, Spain, the US, and Laos.
  • The top manufacturers in the world are UNID, Evonik, Armand Products, Runfeng industrial, GACL, Wentong Group, ACTH, Zhejiang Dayang, ASHTA, Hebei Xinjichemical, OPC, CCCL, Shanxi Leixin, and Shandong Lunan.
  • The Korean company, Nousbo Fertilizers, is one of the few around the world that produce plant-based organic potash.
  • Organic Potash Corp. is a Canadian company that produces organic potassium carbonate from waste cocoa husks.
  • GB Agro and Fertilizers Private Ltd. creates plant-based organic potash products in India since 2012. They distribute their products from Agro Dealers and IndiaMart.
  • AgriHusta by Agrichem Innovation Inc. is a US company that obtains Nitrate, soluble Calcium, Ammonium Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphate from the plants to create organic liquid Potassium fertilizers, like potassium carbonate or potash.

Research Strategy

For this research on plant-based organic potassium carbonate sources in the market, we leveraged the most reputable sources of information available in the public domain. Our sources included the companies' websites, directories of manufacturers and suppliers like EuroPages, IndiaMart, Amazon, Grow it Organically, and Green Markets; industry reports, analysis, and news like WBOC, BusinessWire, Research Gate, GlobeNewswire, Halogens, etc. We searched on global sources in English and, using online translators for local sources in the languages of our focused regions, like Russian, Spanish, German, French, Italian, etc.

We searched first for producers of plant-based organic potassium carbonate in Kazakhstan, then in Europe, and finally, in the rest of the world.

Then, we found that, even globally, the manufacturers of plant-based/organic potash were very few. We identified five worldwide sources of plant-based organic potash, but none in the preferred regions, and none had mining locations. The companies are Nousbo in Korea, Organic Potash Corporation in Canada, Jaipur Bio Fertilizers and GB Agro and Fertilizers Private Ltd. in India, and AgriHusta in the US.

During our research, we noticed that the information was limited because most industrial producers in the world, and the requested locations, make chemical potassium carbonate from salt mines as it is the most common production process.

Finally, as an added value, to understand the typical potash sources in Kazakhstan and Europe, we also included five inorganic potassium carbonate producers from these regions, besides the five organic producers already presented. We only found one potash manufacturer located in Kazakhstan, an Australian company named Kazakhstan Potash (KPC), with mines in Kazakhstan and China. We also added four producers of inorganic potassium carbonate in Europe, Belhim in Belarus, Vynova Group in different European countries, Evonik in Germany, and Altair Chimica in Italy. Most of these companies didn't have a mining location or production flow chart, either.

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