Cable and OTT Reality TV Show Market Research

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Cable and OTT Reality TV Show Market Research

Key Takeaways


The report below provides a market overview for reality TV in the US, including the percentage of reality TV shows on cable and OTT networks, growth/decline in popularity of reality shows for the past few years, most popular networks to watch on reality shows, most popular reality show, and a demographic style analysis regarding reality TV show consumption. Below is an in-depth overview of the research.

Percentage of Reality TV Shows on Cable TV and OTT Platforms

Growth/Decline in Popularity of Reality TV Shows in the Last 5 years

Most Popular Cable TV and OTT Platforms to Consume Reality TV Shows

NOTE: We chose the top platforms depending on consumers' preferability and the number of reality shows they have.

Most Popular Reality TV Shows

Demographic Analysis Regarding Reality TV Show Consumption in the US

The Percentage of Age Groups Watching Reality TV in the US

The Platforms Audiences Prefer to Watch Reality TV On (Based on Their Demographics)

  • This information is low in the public domain. However, according to Pew research in 2017:
  • NOTE: Our assumption here is that these figures remain the same when it comes to watching reality TV shows in the US.

Popular Reality TV Genres by Age Group

Research Strategy

To find the requested data regarding the cable and OTT reality TV show market in the US, we utilized various reputable sources in the public domain, including 1] News and media articles by Forbes, The New York Times, and others; 2] Industry sources, such as Morning Consult, 3] Reports published by various cable TV networks and OTT companies; 4] Movies and TV shows review sites like Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb; and 5] Sources that provide statistical information, including surveys, such as Statista. From these sources, we could find most of the required data. However, none of them could provide the most recent data about the percentage of shows categorized as reality TV on cable TV networks and OTT platforms and the popular reality TV genres by demographics. In addition, information on where different members of the viewing audience prefer to consume their content based on their demographics was unavailable in the public domain. This could be because there is no recent survey or study in the public domain regarding the 1] percentage of reality shows on various networks and streaming platforms; 2] Popular reality TV genres by demographics, and 3] Platforms audiences prefer to watch reality TV on based on their demographics. Therefore, we have provided the most relevant data regarding the missing information (To achieve this, we had to use data or sources that are more than two years old).

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