Purchasing Flowers as a Gift

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Purchasing Flowers as a Gift

Freshness, variety, cost, quality, and convenience are some factors that consumers consider when purchasing flowers as gifts. Need to ascertain product condition (quality and freshness), personalized service and cost cuttings are some important benefits that influence consumers to buy flower from florist shops while convenience, timely deliveries, and consistent price range influence others to buy flowers online.


We leveraged industry publications and survey reports to gain insights about consumer behaviors when purchasing flowers as gifts. Even though the search was straightforward, we had to get creative in including sources and survey reports that could substantiate our findings. As such, we expanded our scope, ignoring the two source recency standard and included sources that are older than two years. Even so, we were keen only to include sources that are credible and that had trends that still apply today. We were able to identify such trends in purchase behaviors by comparing with recent sources. We picked on consumer patterns and behaviors that apply to the current floral consumption landscape.


Flowers are the most popular gifts for various occasions such as births days, Valentine’s Day, anniversary, mothers’ day, weddings and funerals among others. Flowers are relatively inexpensive compared to other gift types, versatile, charming and suitable for a variety of occasions. While the exercise of buying flowers as a gift may seem like an easy exercise, a lot of thought and considerations go into the process.

Factors to Consider When purchasing Flowers as Gifts.


Freshness is an important factor that influences individuals’ purchase decisions when buying flowers as a gift. To most consumers, perceive freshness of a flower equals good quality. Flowers as gifts are meant to spark a natural and pleasant feeling to the recipients. As such, the fresher the flower, the better the feeling of worthiness and satisfaction the receiver feels. It is for the same reason why most consumers decide on buying cut flowers.
Just as in the case of buying other items, availability of alternatives to choose from is a major influencing factor in buying flowers for gifts. In most cases, people dedicate their time to select the best flowers that they think would best suit the occasion and the person receiving the flower. As such, they appreciate a wide range of options from which they can choose.
According to a study a study conducted in Washington, pricing is one of the most common considerations when purchasing flowers for gifts. Most people in the process desire to strike a balance between getting the best flowers as gifts and staying within their budgets. Other studies indicate that certain age groups like the millennials, are less concerned about prices but rather on the quality and intended impression that will be created.

Gifts are intended to create positive impressions and ignite feelings of love affection, appreciation, and empathy among others. As such, better quality equals enhanced feelings. It is common for receivers of gifts to use the quality of gifts receives as a measure of the extent of love or friendship or bond between them and those who gift them. Therefore, most flower buyers have to consider the quality of flowers during purchase.

In the modern world, convenience shopping is a common trend. For a significant number of flower buyers, it is a worthy consideration especially in cases whereby time requirement is involved. Another instance where convenience is a consideration in purchasing flowers for gifts is when access to an outlet is a challenge or when the recipient resides in a different city/state.

Online Versus Florist Shops; Triggers


Need to Acertain Flower Condition: For a product like flowers, seeing before buying is essential to eliminate any risks of buying unwanted flowers. Florist shops allow consumers the opportunity to ascertain the quality and freshness of flowers before making the final decision to purchase.
Personalized Service :In florist shops, shoppers have the opportunity to request customized service such as how they want the flowers arranged, packaged and presented. In such places, they also have access to expert advice from professional florists on how they can best keep the flowers for freshness.

No Order Fees: For shoppers who do not want to incur extra costs on as delivery fees, florist shops are a cost-cutting alternative. Walking into shops does not involve additional costs unlike in online platforms where delivery fees are included.
Convenience (Anywhere, Anytime): Online florists offer individuals the opportunity to order for flowers anywhere at any time conveniently. It is advantageous to individuals who may not have florist shops near them or who have no time to spare visiting physical florist shops. Online deliveries are also convenient when the recipient resides in a different city.

Consistent Price range: Online platforms for ordering flowers have prices displayed against each set of flowers. Hence, consumers can budget with their money unlike in physical florist shops where one can find unexpected price ranges (sometimes not within their budgets).

Timely Deliveries: For individuals looking for the same-day delivery advantage, online platforms are a better option. For instance, when amidst a busy schedule forget important days like anniversaries or birthdays, he or she can quickly order flowers online and have them delivered promptly.