Purchase Motivations: Woman Ages 45-60

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Purchase Motivations: Woman Ages 45-60

Online presence of the supplement, exposure to advertising, and social media are the major motivating factors for women ages 45-60 to choose and buy health products such as supplements.

General reasons that motivate dietary supplement intake

1. LifeStyle

  • Lifestyle changes motivate less than 10% of dietary supplement users to take vitamins & minerals and herbal supplements.
  • Exercise habits have a significant relationship with supplement use. 56% of those who do high-impact exercise and 54% of those who do moderate exercise take supplements.
  • Performance and energy boost is the motivating factor of more than 20% of the vitamins & minerals and herbal users.

2. Doctors recommendation

3. Personal belief

  • A personal belief that dietary supplements will improve overall health and wellness is the major factor that motivates the buyers of dietary supplements.
  • Over 60% of vitamin and mineral takers believe that these supplements improve their overall health and wellness.

Motivating Factors of women ages 45-60 to choose health products and supplements

online presence


  • Television advertising is one of the major motivating factors that fuel the intake of supplements for women of age 45-60.
  • Exposure from zero to the mean number of ads increases the consumption of vitamin supplement by 2% in printed ad forms; whereas it is 1.4% in exposure to television ads.
  • When there is a 100% increase in exposure of printed ads, probability of antioxidants consumption increases by 2.5 percentage points and Vitamin B consumption increases by 4.16 percentage points.
  • Broadcast TV is the biggest source of entertainment for Gen X, and they’re most likely to know about new brands via TV ads.
  • According to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) survey, adults age 45 and older spend more time watching TV than their younger counterparts (45-54 spend 2.64 hours and 55-64 spend 3.24 hours) and women spend 2.5 hours per day watching TV.

Impact of social media

Useful findings

Research Strategy

To find the purchase motivations of women age 45 to 60 when it comes to buying health products such as supplements, we began our research by going through studies and surveys, such as in Research Gate, in the hopes of getting precompiled information. We also included specific websites, such as JAMA, BMC Complementary, Alternative Medicine, and press releases from academic journals focused on health products, supplements, and other products. However, most of the information we found were on general reasons to buy or take supplements rather than motivations to buy/choose a product over another. From the same reports, we were able to extract benefits or factors that play a major role in purchasing health supplements, such as online presence, advertisements, and impact from social media, but unfortunately these sources do not specifically focus on women of age 45 to 60.

With these listed factors that impact purchasing health supplements, we attempted to triangulate the motivators for women ages 45-60 to buy health products and supplements. Hence, we directed our research for consumer trends of the desired demographic. The focus was mainly on Gen X and baby boomers. With this strategy, we found several sources that support our first finding that online presence, ads, and social media play a major role in health supplement purchases.

According to the Rakuten Intelligene report, e-commerce plays a major role in sales of health supplements and the majority of buyers are women, and KPMG's report suggests that Gen X and baby boomers are attracted towards online purchasing, from which we triangulated that online presence of a health product is a motivating factor for purchase among women of 45-60 years old.

A study from the US National Library of Medicine states that television advertising increases the sales of vitamin supplements. From Gen X and Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, we confirmed that women of the desired age group spend a significant amount of time watching television and Gen X find new products from advertisements. From these information, we were able to triangulate that television advertising is a motivational factor to buy a health product for women of the focused age group.

According to a Forbes article, social media plays a positive impact on the marketing of health products. A Gen X and social media reports suggest that Gen X and baby boomers spend time on social media for researching a brand before purchasing; however, the reports were not specific on the gender of the group. But since a dietary supplement report states that majority of supplement buyers are women, from which we assumed that among Gen X and baby boomers that use social media to make decisions on choosing brand, those who research on health supplements are women and triangulated that the impact of social media is one of the major motivating factors for women of age 45-65 to purchase a health product/supplement.