Pulaski, VA Sentiment

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Water and Wastewater systems of the city of Pulaski, Virginia.

A thorough review of local news sources, city and county services, as well as social media accounts have turned up limited comments and feedback on the water condition and infrastructure of Pulaski, Virginia. Apart from city ordinances publishing the increased rate for water, there are little records to indicate the stance that local government has on water issues.

Social Media

Website for town hearing comments referenced in ordinance
Review of social media accounts found such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Only Facebook offered an account of water issues. The comments from the public on any water related issue are reported below, as far back as 2013.

"Chadwick Byrd reviewed Town of Pulaski —1 star
The town shop is a joke my grandparents have dealt with a faulty drain system for years but the one down the road has been fixed properly."

"Sue Davidson reviewed Town of Pulaski —4 star
Public Works you rock!!! Thank you for getting new water line in."

"Eleanor Crouse reviewed Town of Pulaski —2 star
I think it sucks that my neighborhood has been without water all day. I made a call and was told "you'll have water within the hour" that was over 2 hours ago. Be late paying the bill....fast cut off. Some households have more then one person in the house with no way to shower or flush the commode. In this heat it really sucks and the town could have given out water! #HighlandTerrace"

"Samuel R. Conrad reviewed Town of Pulaski —1 star

I am IRATE about the Sewage story that broke on the front page of the Roanoke Times today. And that it's being glossed over is just the latest in a string of disappointments given to the denizens of the county by the administrators of the Town.

Tell me- who's going to come swim at the lake or buy boats or go camping or fishing once a wider audience discovers that Claytor has become the county cesspool. It's inexcusable, frankly, and will continue to be until more than just two heads roll. So much for the Clean Water Act!"

"Mary Patton reviewed Town of Pulaski —4 star
I would like to thank all the town shop guys who tore up my road. I mean that in a good way, because now I have awesome water pressure. Before I only had like 7lbs of pressure. Now I know I have way more than that. U guys are great!!!! Thanks again to the town shop guys!!!!! Whoop whoop!!

"Donna Travis reviewed Town of Pulaski
Definitely somebody needs to give an update on the water situation for the town. I can't find anything online."

"James Vaught reviewed Town of Pulaski.
Should we all have good water pressure by now ?? Because we don't."

"Linda Bradbury reviewed Town of Pulaski.
Can we shower (very fast one) using reg water or is that unsafe?"

"Jason Collins reviewed Town of Pulaski.
Info about boiling water: http://www.vdh.virginia.gov/ODW/BoilingWaterFAQ.htm"

"Debby Brown Clark reviewed Town of Pulaski.
Had water yesterday, nothing today. Any idea when we can expect water in town of Pulaski?"

Minutes, Ordinances, & Resolutions

The county and city's own government page were scanned for pertinent articles regarding feedback. Unfortunately all that was available were ordinances and contact info or phone numbers for the public. We did find cases of public hearings regarding the price increase for water services as mentioned in this 2017 ordinance, but no electronic record or documentation was found of the hearing.


We only found one water related article regarding Pulaski. In July 2017, a boil notice was lifted. There were no comments or quotations about the initial ban from public or government officials.

No additional news pieces, press releases, or public statements were found on the topic.


Unfortunately there was only one source that offered a look at the public's reaction to water sources and infrastructure which was the City of Pulaski's Facebook page. A thorough search for local news sources, local government, county wide government, social media, and published governmental documentation revealed little in terms of opinion for the water systems. There is potentially documentation of public hearings or recorded concerns that are taken in directly by the department, but not available online.