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Public Speaking Related Trainings/Workshops

Five additional high-quality public speaking related trainings/workshops held in the United States from April to July are the Public Speaking Workshop (advanced), Public Speaking Mastery (held in April and May), Public Speaking (part two), and The Secrets of Powerful Speaking. On the attached spreadsheet in rows 22-31 and columns A-G, the requested information can be found. Below is an overview of the trainings/workshops and additional related workshops.

Public Speaking related Trainings/Workshops

1. Public Speaking Part two

  • Description: This advanced public speaking course uses skills developed by actors to overcome stage fright, develop a strong stage presence, and develop a commanding voice.
  • Reason for inclusion: The course is for any business professional who interacts publicly, gives presentations to investors, leads work group meetings, pitches ideas or represents their company in social events. Participants will be trained by Dr. Rebecca Johannsen who is one of the highest rated instructors at the UC San Diego Rady School of Management's Centre for Executive Education.

2. Public Speaking Workshop, Advanced

  • Description: The workshop covers effective public speaking techniques and people will be coached through a speech they have prepared while receiving personalized critiques.
  • Reason for inclusion: The Advanced Public Speaking Workshop will be given by John Shosky who has been a professional speechwriter, consultant, coach, and trainer for thirty years and has written almost 3,000 speeches for government officials, political candidates, and public interest advocates.

3. Public Speaking Mastery

  • Description: The course will be held in April and May and will help attendees will learn how to use a fail-proof outline, to research and to organize their presentations.
  • Reason for inclusion: The course helps participants with public-speaking fears and enables them to confidently and enthusiastically communicate their ideas.

4. The Secrets of Powerful Public Speaking:

  • Description: The workshop focuses on the use of different influencing styles and how to handle objections and difficult questions.
  • Reason for inclusion: The course is provided by Confident Speaker and will help attendees combat nerves & distractions and use different influencing styles to achieve their objectives to have maximum impact on public.

Other Findings:

  • Presentation Skills Training: The training provides compelling communication skills which are essential for career advancement. This Presentation Skills seminar addresses critical verbal and non-verbal skills.
  • Executive Presentations & Public Speaking: The attendees will learn strategies in leading meetings and presentations.
  • Premier Presentation Skills Training - Public Speaking: The training will help learn critical presentation skills, including verbal and non-verbal techniques used by the most persuasive communicators.
  • Public Speaking Class: The one-day intensive advanced public speaking training course will give attendees the skills to be more effective speakers, communicators, and leaders.
  • Public Speaking Class: The training will be held in April and will give attendees the skills for successful speaking.

Research Strategy

Our first strategy was to look for information on event management and ticketing websites that list events on their website (such as Eventbrite). This helped us to find two events matching the criteria. There were more advanced public training courses listed on this website, however, the courses were either already included in the previous request or did not fall within the date range required. We took this approach as sites such as Eventbrite are event management and ticketing websites and allow users to browse, create, and promote local events.

Our second strategy was to look for organizations providing public speaking courses (such as the Institute of Public Speaking, Effective Presentations, Buckley School of Public Speaking, among others) and see if they are providing advanced public speaking courses in the months of April to July. The sites listed public speaking courses and workshops to be conducted by them, however, there were no advanced courses mentioned on their websites. Most of the courses were for beginners. We took this approach as these institutes provide high class international public speaking & leadership training courses and workshops and we expected that they would conduct advanced public speaking courses from April to July 2019 in United States.

Our third strategy was to look articles written about upcoming places to learn public speaking (such as those written by Study USA and Feedspot, among others) and see if they mentioned any advanced courses. This strategy did not provide the required information as the articles were written about free public speaking courses, fundamental public speaking courses for beginners, etc. We also checked on community sites of professional, independent, or amateur public speakers and trainers who would like to be found by companies, event organizers and schools (such as Speker Hub), but there were no advanced courses found. We took this approach as people in these communities write and give opinions on courses of different institutes and make mention of the various courses available.

As most of the advanced public courses were already presented in the previous request, we have presented only five additional high-quality public speaking related trainings/workshops held in the United States in April, May, June or July.