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Public Speaking Related Trainings/Workshops - United States

The list of 20 public speaking related training and workshops from April to June 2019 are presented in the attached spreadsheet. The brief description about the same can be found below.

Projecting Credibility and Confidence - Speech Skills: $795

The workshop uses a mixture of tailored curriculum, practical skill building and precise feedback to increase the participant's awareness of their personal presentation style while at the same time giving them a tangible action plan on how to improve.

Boston One Day Public Speaking Class - Institute of Public Speaking: $499

This one day intensive public speaking training course gives the participants the fundamentals of becoming an effective communicator, speaker and leader. Participants will be given training on how to use their voice, body language and unique personal style to communicate effectively.

Executive Speaker - Buckley School: $3,500

The one-on-one training program offers intensive public speaking and presentation skills coaching. The program provides immediate feedback and address impromptu speaking, formal speeches, and business presentations.

Presentation and Public Speaking Training - Fathom Training: $995

The program aids in building powerful messaging for internal and external clients. The workshop is highly interactive in nature and focuses on audience styles, presentation structuring, message delivery, visual aids utilization, and handling audience questions tactfully.

Public Speaking Classes - Discovery Center: $75

The program teaches techniques to increase speaking confidence in the workplace or in social situations. It also provides interactive impromptu speech exercises and overcome communication obstacles. The workshop also provides techniques to reduce feelings of nervousness.

Effective Presentations - Training Connection: $350

The workshop aims to set objectives and plan for a successful presentation. It enables to analyze and capture audience's attention. The program also teaches tonality modulation, non-verbal communication techniques, and audience persuasion.

Public Speaking - NOSIRI: $955

The program by Dr. Nosiri enables to the participants to overcome performance anxieties and gain confidence to speak before any audience. It is the only program that utilizes acting, visual interaction, self-esteem methodology to impart great speaking skills.

Denver Presentation Skills Training - Effective Presentations: $1495

The hands-on training program helps to master critical presentation skills, verbal and non-verbal techniques, and overcome fear. The participants are required to deliver a number of short, videotaped presentations, which are critiqued by a Nationally Certified Trainer.

Effective Presenters 2 - Mission Critical Training: $450

The face-to-face interaction workshop develops presentation and audience management skills. The program provides enhanced PowerPoint presentation development and delivery techniques. It also allows you to retake the entire class within 6 months as a refresher course.

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills - Boston Speaks: $297

The 4-hour boot camp provides intensive training for delivering public speeches with confidence. The program aims to deliver persuasive speech with an optimized mindset, body language, and vocal variations.

Presentation Skills Workshop - AMA: $1,245

The aim of the 1-day workshop is to develop key presentation skills. It teaches how to present ideas with conviction, control, and poise. The program also provides expert guidance to handle challenging situations by voice tonality and dramatization.

Refining Your Public Speaking and Presentation Skills - General Assembly: $90

The program focuses on delivering the best presentation skills under pressure. It aims to successfully address large groups with leadership skills. The 8-person class provides opportunity to effectively articulate personal public-speaking goals.

Public Speaking: Mastering Confidence & Power - General Assembly: $50

The program teaches how to release nervousness and address more confidence and quickly. It also teaches how to modulate hands on stage.

Fearless Presentations - The Leaders Institute: $1,395

The training is aimed at helping participants to reduce public speaking fear and anxiety quickly and start to present in public with confidence and poise. The training also helps people to be more persuasive in two days.

Presenting with Impact - Exec-Comm: $895

Presenting with Impact program helps to successfully manage presence, information, and audience during a presentation. The program teaches to deliver with compelling visuals and organize a presentation quickly.

Panic Clinic For Public Speaking - Talkpower Inc: $719

The program helps to develop skills like body language, eye contact, and voice projection. The aim of the workshop is to teach how to deliver a clear, concise, and effective presentation. The course requires participants to be in the ESL Placement Test levels of 7-10 to take this course.

Public Speaking Mastery - Dale Carnegie: $1,895

The 2-day program covers 9 modules and includes sophisticated techniques like voice modulation, attention focusing, idea pyramids, and audience persuasion. The program aims to turn public speaking phobia into polished professional delivery.

Presenting with Impact - Exec-Comm: $895

The program helps to successfully manage presence, information, and audience during a business presentation. It aims to teach how to quickly organize a presentation with compelling visuals for the greatest audience impact.

The Executive Speaker - Speech Works: $1,400

This is an intensive 2-day workshop that covers a wide range of settings where professionals are required to communicate effectively, from impromptu speaking to formal presentations. The training provides skills in persuading and connecting with the audience in order to be recognized as great leader.

Public Speaking Workshop, Advanced - Leadership Institute: $125

The advanced workshop is aimed at political strategists, advocates, and policy experts. The program also teaches appropriate dressing, gestures, and appearance. It also provides a recorded feedback of delivered presentation 1-2 weeks after the program.

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  • "Intensive public speaking training and presentation skills coaching with on-your-feet work, immediate feedback, and individualized instruction"
  • "Exercises that address impromptu speaking, formal speeches, and PowerPoint presentations "
  • "Practice handling tough questions and thinking on your feet, through television interview and press conference simulations led by our media training pros"
  • "Video of your exercises–so that you can see your progress and continue improving"
  • "April 10-12, 2019 (1 seat left) June 19-21, 2019 (No seats left*)"
  • "Our public speaking and presentation skills workshop is personalized to each participant’s skill level. Two instructors help students grasp the concepts through 8-10 videotaped presentations. One-on-one feedback and coaching is provided to help students build and practice the new skills."
  • "This workshop is highly interactive that focuses on audience styles, structuring the message, delivery skills, using visual aids and handling audience questions. The workshop is proven to assist those who must deliver executive level presentations, sales presentations and technical presentations."
  • " It is the most intensive presentation skills training course on the market and yields proven results. This workshop will help build a participants selling skills as well as those needed to inform and motivate any audience."
  • "Date And Time Thu, Apr 25, 2019, 9:00 AM – Fri, Apr 26, 2019, 5:00 PM CDT"
  • "Speak Easy Nation instructors have experience competing in college and public speaking competitions, humorous and impromptu speaking, and professional corporate training environments. Small class sizes and condensed training material help students rapidly learn techniques to gain confidence and apply the material to their unique situation."
  • "How to be persuasive Using different tonality for effect Overcome fear of public speaking"
  • "The Loop, Downtown/Loop 230 W Monroe St Ste 610 Btwn S Franklin & Wells Streets Chicago, Illinois 60606"
  • "Location: Near North Side, Downtown/Loop 222 W Merchandise Mart Plaza Ste 1230 Chicago, Illinois 60654 (Map)"
  • "Price: $995 $895.50 11 seats left Start Date: Thu, May 16, 9:00am - 5:00pm"
  • "You will acquire skills through extensive video recording, group exercises, and instructor coaching. A typical half-hour includes 10 minutes of instructor briefing and 20 minutes of practice and skill building. After the seminar, you will receive access to ECLearn, an online resource."
  • "2 Days - Tues. April 2nd & April 9th 4HR Tues. 9am-1pm & Tues. 9am-1pm - cost $ A New Client Assessment (cost $53) is required for enrollment. "
  • "NOSIRI provides public speaking courses, classes, presentation skills training workshop programs in Washington DC and Maryland, as well as, tailored 1-on-1 sessions and online lessons. "
  • "Powerful Hands-On Training! ✓ Conquer your fear of public speaking ✓ Radiate confidence and poise in any venue ✓ Compel others with your thoughts and ideas"
  • "In this 1-day seminar, you’ll learn to communicate effectively and persuasively and become comfortable with your own style. Develop key presentation skills and learn how to present your ideas with conviction, control, and poise—and without fear. Plus receive expert advice on how to handle especially challenging situations. Best of all, you’ll gain confidence by making presentations."