Public-Private Partnership Researchers

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Public-Private Partnership Researchers - Part 1

Leading US-based researchers on Public-Private Partnerships include Raymond E. Levitt, Eric J. Boyer, Michael Overton, Robert Glenn Richey. Jr, Michael J. Garvin, Robert L. Bland, R. Richard Geddes, and Sylvia Brady. More details about the researchers are presented below.

Raymond E. Levitt

  • Dr. Raymond Levitt is a researcher and an Emeritus professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford university.

Eric J. Boyer

  • Eric J. Boyer is a researcher with interests in PPP. He is an assistant professor in the "Master of Public Administration Program at the University of Texas at El Paso".
  • Eric's website can be found here.

Michael Overton

Robert Glenn Richey. Jr

Michael J. Garvin

  • Michael J. Garvin has particular research interests in Public Private Partnerships. He is an associate professor at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.
  • Michael has co-authored several publications including "The Forest and the Trees: A Systems Map of Governance Interdependencies in the Shaping Phase of Road Public–Private Partnerships" and "Contractual risk sharing mechanisms in US highway PPP projects".

Robert L. Bland

  • Robert L. Bland is a professor at the University of North Texas and a fellow in the "National Academy of Public Administration".
  • Robert has research interests in Public-Private Partnerships and his publications include "Assessing the contributions of collaborators in public–private partnerships: Evidence from tax increment financing".

R. Richard Geddes

  • Richard is a professor in the "Department of Policy Analysis and Management at Cornell University". He also founded Cornell University's Cornell Program in Infrastructure Policy where he also serves as the director.
  • He has interests in PPP and has authored several publications in this field including"The Use of PPP Arrangements in Street Lighting: A Win‐Win Option?" and "Revenue-risk-sharing approaches for public-private partnership provision of highway facilities".

Sylvia Brady

  • Among her publications, she has co-autored "The global infrastructure public-private partnership and the extra-territorial politics of collective provision: The case of regional rail transit in Denver, USA" and "The changing role of public-private partnerships in urban transportation: A case study of the rise of P3s in Denver, CO.".

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Public-Private Partnership Researchers - Part 2

Leading US-based researchers on Public-Private Partnerships include Anne Schneider, Qingbin Cui, Amekudzi-Kennedy, Dr. Albert Link, Austen D. Givens, Dr. Ahmed M. Abdel Aziz, Michael Reich, and James Fraser.

Anne Schneider

  • She is the author of many PPP publications, and “Public-private partnerships in the US prison system” is one of her well-known publications.
  • The LinkedIn profile of Anne Schneider is available here.

Qingbin Cui

  • The website of Cui is available here.

Adjo A. Amekudzi-Kennedy

  • Adjo A. Amekudzi-Kennedy is a researcher, associate chair for global engineering leadership and entrepreneurship, and Professor of Transportation Systems Engineering and Sustainable Communities at Georgia Institute of Technology.
  • She has co-authored several PPP publications including, "The state of the practice of value for money analysis in comparing public-private partnerships to traditional procurements" and "Value for money analysis in US transportation public-private partnerships."
  • The LinkedIn profile of Amekudzi-Kennedy is available here.

Dr. Albert Link

  • Dr. Albert Link does not have a website or a Linked account.

Austen D. Givens

  • The LinkedIn profile of Austen D. Givens is available here.

Dr. Ahmed M. Abdel Aziz

  • The LinkedIn profile of Dr. Aziz is available here.

Michael Reich

  • The LinkedIn profile of Michael Reich is available here.

James Fraser

  • He has co-authored several PPP publications and, "The role of public, private, non-profit and community sectors in shaping mixed-income housing outcomes in the US" is one of his well-known publications.
  • The website of Fraser is available here.

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