Providers of CEUs for Nurses

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Providers of CEUs for Nurses

The closest prospects that could be provided are, Medcom, Inc., CareerSmart Learning, Elite Healthcare, CEUFast, Inc., Lippincott Professional Development, and AffinityCE, which are all continuing nursing education providers that are nationally accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. While they all work with businesses or organizations that wish to provide continuing education courses to their audience or staff of nursing professionals, not all of them offer content licensing, and some just offer discounted group or corporate subscription rates. Only a few offer courses in video format or other visual formats such as webinars, and interactive slide presentations.

  • of AMN Healthcare, Inc. has a Group CE page where it indicates that it offers content licensing opportunities.
  • is one of the continuing nursing education providers accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) of the American Nurses Association. ANCC is "the only nurse credentialing organization to successfully achieve ISO 9001:2015 certification."
  • does not provide any pricing information for its content licensing options, but it says on its Group CE page that interested organizations may email for content licensing options or for further information on group continuing education rates.
  • offers online continuing nursing education courses for RNs, APRNs, LPNs, LVNs, and CNAs.
  • It offers over 150 continuing education courses, equivalent to over 450 total credit hours. Its curriculum includes state-required continuing nursing education courses and courses that can be used in all states.
  • Its continuing nursing education courses are categorized into CNA-specific courses, acute care, alternative therapies, assessment, case management, client modules, critical care/emergency care, critical thinking, diabetes, disaster preparedness, domestic violence, electronic health records, free courses, gerontology, hospice, infectious disease, leadership, legal aspects of nursing or risk management, maternal child or women's health, medication safety and administration, neonatal intensive care unit, oncology, operating room, pain management, pediatrics, pharmacology, population health, professional nursing topics, psych, Spanish for nurses, state-required, and stroke management.
  • is based in San Diego, California.
  • Courses appear to be presented in an interactive slide presentation format.

Medcom, Inc.

  • Medcom, Inc. does not explicitly state on its website that it offers content licensing, but its health education resource catalog for 2015-2016 shows that it does offer electronic content licenses, particularly perpetual licenses.
  • The perpetual license enables a site's users to access the program from any location.
  • Medcom, Inc. is one of the continuing nursing education providers accredited by the ANCC.
  • Medcom, Inc. charges a one-time fee per program and facility or site. For the year 2015-2016, this one-time fee was USD 450. Interested organizations may email or call 800-877-1443 for further information.

CareerSmart Learning

  • CareerSmart Learning offers continuing education courses for RNs, LVNs, and LPNs in all states and CNAs in Florida.
  • CareerSmart Learning is one of the continuing nursing education providers accredited by the ANCC. It is nationally accredited with distinction.
  • It does not say that it offers content licensing, but it says it offers discounted group rates to organizations that wish to offer continuing education courses to its nursing professionals. It says it can help organizations offer state-mandated training and continuing education to their nursing staff.
  • Rates are on a subscription basis.
  • CareerSmart Learning provides online and live seminar courses. These courses are interactive, self-directed, content-rich, and accessible 24/7 from any location with internet access. Each course appears to be accompanied by a YouTube video.
  • The courses were designed with the following values in mind: contemporary adult learning theories, academic course content standards, evidence-based content, edutainment, innovation, flexibility, accessibility, user-friendliness, and learner satisfaction.
  • CareerSmart Learning is based in Brea, California.

Elite Healthcare

  • Elite Healthcare does not say on its website that it offers content licensing. However, it has a page on its website, labeled Elite Healthcare Partner Solutions, where it indicates that it offers solutions to organizations and that it has three brands, namely Advance Healthcare Network, Elite Learning, and Western Schools.
  • According to this page, "Elite Healthcare offers courses across 24 professions to help healthcare professionals stay in compliance in 50 states." Nurses and CNAs are among the healthcare professionals that it helps.
  • Elite Healthcare is one of the continuing nursing education providers accredited by the ANCC.
  • To view courses, an individual must first select his or her state. Most of Elite Healthcare's courses are in webinar or online format.
  • Elite Healthcare has more than 2,000 credit hours in its library. It offers continuing education courses in the following specialties: abuse, addiction, adult health, advanced practice pharmacology, COVID-19, cancer, cardiovascular, case management, community care, critical care, diabetes, documentation, emergency care, end-of-life care, geriatrics, holistic or integrative care, home care, hospice care, infectious disease, informatics, leadership, maternal/newborn, mental health, neonatal, nursing leadership, oncology, pain management, palliative care, pediatrics, perioperative, pharmacology, professional development, safety and quality, stroke, trauma, violence, women's health, and wound and ostomy.
  • Organizations can select the courses they want and build their own curriculum.
  • About the pricing, Elite Healthcare only says that it can give discounted rates to organizations that purchase multiple accounts. Interested organizations need to fill out a Contact Us form in case they need more details.
  • Elite Healthcare is based in Ormond Beach, Florida.

CEUFast, Inc.

  • CEUFast, Inc., a provider of continuing education courses for CNAs, ARNPs, LPNs, LVNs, and RNs, does not explicitly say that it offers content licensing, but it indicates on its website that it offers organization accounts.
  • CEUFast, Inc. is one of the continuing nursing education providers accredited by the ANCC.
  • It has a collection of more than 180 courses that are equivalent to almost 300 contact hours in total. Its collection includes state-required courses and courses that can be used in all states. Courses, unfortunately, are not video-based.
  • Course topics are categorized into advanced pharmacology, practicing nursing effectively, preserving safety, prioritizing people, promoting professionalism and trust, critical care or emergency care, critical thinking, cultural competency, diabetes, domestic violence, ethics, autonomous practice renewal, autonomous practice — differential diagnosis, autonomous practice — pharmacology, geriatrics, home care, homeland security, hospice/palliative care, infection control, legal and regulatory, LPN IV series, management, medical surgical, neurology, obstetrics/gynecology, opioid or controlled substances, pain management, pediatrics, perioperative, pharmacology, psychiatric, rehabilitation, and wound care.
  • About the pricing, CEUFast, Inc. only says that it will give discounted rates to organizations buying at least 20 subscriptions.
  • CEUFast, Inc. is based in Lake City, Florida.

Lippincott Profesional Development

  • Lippincott Professional Development offers CEConnection, which it claims is the biggest online collection of continuing education activities for the nursing profession. Lippincott claims CEConnection has over 1,300 continuing education courses.
  • Lippincott does not say if it offers content licensing, but to organizations that wish to buy unlimited continuing education activities for their nurses, it offers CEConnection Accounts for Staff Development.
  • Lippincott Professional Development is one of the continuing nursing education providers accredited by the ANCC.
  • Courses or activities on CEConnection can be filtered by clinical category, collection, journal, specialty, or topic. They include both courses that can be used in all states and courses that are specific to certain states. Courses for various practice settings, including critical care, acute care, home care, rehabilitation, and long-term care, are available.
  • Lippincott does not say anything about the formats of these courses (e.g., whether the courses are in text or video format or a combination of the two).
  • For organizational or corporate accounts, Lippincott offers annual rates of as low as USD 39 per user. Lippincott does not charge any setup fee.
  • Lippincott Professional Development is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


  • AffinityCE develops continuing education activity accreditation for nurses and nurse practitioners, among other health care professionals. It has over 25 years of experience developing continuing education programs for health care professionals.
  • It does not say that it offers content licensing, but it says it offers joint providership where it can provide continuing education for an organization's audience or work with an organization to supplement its accreditation.
  • It does not say anything about its curriculum or the format of its courses because it does not directly offer courses to health care professionals. It targets organizations or businesses that wish to offer their staff or employees a continuing education program. It offers customized solutions to these businesses or organizations.
  • AffinityCE is one of the continuing nursing education providers nationally accredited by the ANCC.
  • AffinityCE says it can provide multi-format access and support, content hosting and linkage, progress tracking, and a CME-compliant platform, among other things.
  • It does not share any pricing information. Instead, it encourages interested organizations to request for a demonstration of how it can help them with their continuing education processes.
  • AffinityCE is based in Potomac, Maryland.

Research Strategy

Since we could not readily locate the desired information in the public domain, and it is important for the providers to be accredited, we decided to look for lists of nationally accredited continuing nursing education providers. We came across one from ANCC, a leading credentialing organization that accredits continuing nursing education providers. A list of individuals who are accredited to develop continuing nursing education programs does not appear to be available. Credentialing organizations such as the ANCC seem to accredit only organizations, not individuals.

To identify providers that satisfy the predefined requirements, we checked the websites of the providers in ANCC's list. We initially looked for providers that offer content licensing, but seeing that such providers are scarce, we expanded our research to include providers that offer joint providership services or provide group, organizational, or corporate accounts. Providers that offer video-based courses are also few, so the list presented above is a mix of providers that offer courses in more engaging formats, such as videos, webinars, and interactive slide presentations, and providers that offer courses in text-based formats. Pricing information is provided where possible.

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