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Community Partnerships (1)

Coca Cola, Anthem, Whirlpool Corporation, General Electric, Truist Bank, Kellogg's, Xcel Energy, John Deere, UPS, Nationwide, Bank of America, and PepsiCo are 12 companies that have a demonstrated commitment to community partnerships. Details on each company are available in the attached spreadsheet.

Community Partnerships


Whirlpool Corporation

  • Through Whirlpool Foundation, Whirlpool Corporation partners with United Way to fund thousands of organizations and causes throughout the United States, with a focus on the social safety net to support the needs of communities in terms of health and wellness, and also assist in providing safe and affordable housing to foster youth and education development.
  • Marc Bitzer, the company's Chairman and CEO, is a member of United Way's Worldwide Board of Trustees through which Whirlpool Foundation invests in communities.

General Electric

  • General Electric, through its philanthropic arm, GE Foundation, is committed to leveraging its power to transform communities and develop the diverse workforce of the future.

Truist Bank

  • Through Truist Foundation, Truist Bank improves the quality of life of communities by partnering with innovative organizations and focusing on four main areas, which include leadership development, economic mobility, thriving communities, and educational equity.


  • In partnership with United Way, Kellogg's is strengthening communities via employee volunteerism and donations that make healthy foods available to children and families. It serves breakfast to children and families in need through its Kellogg's Breakfast for Better Days program


  • In collaboration with United Way, UPS has been building healthier communities across the US since 1982. Through The UPS Foundation, UPS employees volunteer, donate, and speak up every day "to make their communities better places to live and raise families."


  • Through the PepsiCo Foundation, PepsiCo is committed to building partnerships and programs that provide opportunities for underserved communities and people in the US and globally.

Research Strategy

Information on Nationwide's announcements about COVID-19 was not available. We searched through the company's press releases available on its website, as well as its social media posts on Facebook and Twitter. However, there was no announcement from the company regarding COVID-19. The only article on its page for press releases that mentioned COVID-19 was a report, not an announcement. A general search also did not reveal any announcements.
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Community Partnerships (2)

Some examples of companies that have a demonstrated commitment to community partnerships have been presented in rows 14-26 of the attached spreadsheet. These include Walmart, Amazon, Costco Wholesale, GAP as well as several others.
  • Walmart works to strengthen global communities through community giving and their retail operations, encouraging people to volunteer. In 2019, Walmart gave $24 million to their retail stores and distribution centers in order to promote growth in the communities. This was done in light of them transforming their community engagement initiative. The Walmart Foundation is focused on giving back to the community.
  • Amazon's focus revolves around ensuring that children and young people that are in less privileged and underserved can provide a better future for themselves. Amazon has also committed to the essential needs of their community under an initiative known as "Right Now Needs". This provides increased access to shelter, food, and other basic goods, specifically to combat hunger, homelessness, and disaster relief.
  • Costco is committed to supporting charities and community organizations in their areas. They are dedicated to helping children initiatives in the areas of education, welfare, and health. Charities they work with include Breakfast Club, Children's Miracle Network, and United Way. Costco also makes donations to registered Canadian charities.
  • GAP Inc. is focused on global sustainability and the advancement of people in the community. They aim to create additional opportunities for their workers, young adults, and women of their communities. GAP Inc. has partnered with several community-driven organizations including CARE International, Philanthropy New York, United Nations, and more.
  • Target aims to create opportunities for their team as well as facilitate economic growth and development with their operations. They have invested in their communities since 1946, partnering with brands and using their voice to unite communities. Target specifically works with organizations to create events that bring fun to their communities. They also provide grants to help with youth soccer programs and school support.
  • Disneyland Resort has partnered with many organizations geared towards the community, including Make A Wish Foundation, Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC), and more. Recently, CHOC Walk, which was held in the Disneyland Resort Park, was able to raise $1.7 million towards research, health care, and education at CHOC.
  • McDonald's helps communities through their Ronald McDonald House Charities programs and national scholarships. They have been involved in charity events, local initiatives, and youth sports in their communities. McDonald's holds several community events across the US every year.

Research Strategy:

We began by visiting social platforms and business pages to formulate this list. We also went through the websites of the different businesses to see their community involvement and partnerships. We also visited business journals and news websites in order to double check our results. We were able to get an idea of their community partnerships from their websites, which then pointed us to the websites of the mentioned initiatives.


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