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Innovative Startups Prospecting List - France

The hardware startup landscape in France has shown great potential over the past few years with companies making waves in the development of innovative vehicles, sensors, drones, medical smartwear, and systems that help both humans and the environment to progress. A list of 25 hardware startups based in France has been compiled and documented in the attached spreadsheet under the tab titled “Innovative Hardware Startups”.

Hardware Startups

  • 5th Dimension: This company develops smart glasses that enable the user to hear better. The company’s “eyeglasses for hearing” is developed with electromagnetic technology coupled with artificial intelligence.
  • AllWize: This company develops IoT solutions that include both hardware and software services, designed to enhance the quality of urban services in cities.
  • Syos: This company utilizes 3D printing to manufacture customized mouth-pieces for saxophone players. Syos was presented with the best innovation award by La Ville de Paris in 2018.
  • E-TakesCare: This company designs and manufactures innovative medical devices such as Tucky, the world’s first patch thermometer that is used for continuous and remote monitoring of kids’ temperature.
  • NodOn: This French company designs and manufactures energy-efficient devices for smart buildings and smart homes. NodOn’s product portfolio spreads across the following categories — lighting, heating, shutters and awnings, gates and garage doors, and sensors.
  • 3dRudder: This company designs and manufactures foot motion controllers for gaming, 3D, and VR applications. 3DRudder’s most recent product is the foot motion controller for PlayStation VR.
  • Azur Drones: This France-based company is considered to be an industrial leader in the drone-in-a-box system market. Azur Drones has created a fully-autonomous solution for security applications with drones. The company’s Skeyetech is Europe’s first done system that has been approved for flights without a remote pilot.
  • Withings: This company develops smart devices in the healthcare industry that help people take stronger control of their lives by making preventive health a priority.
  • iSketchnote: This company has developed a smart iPad cover that integrates a digitizing technology with a notebook. The device is designed specifically for artists, graphic designers, and animators. iSketchnote helps designers save their sketches both in physical and digital forms.
  • Isorg: This company provides hardware and software solutions for fingerprint matching applications. Isorg also provides complete solutions for image sensors and photodetectors for large areas.
  • Adveez: This company develops hardware and software solutions that improve the safety of people and goods, specifically in the airport sector. Adveez is currently working on spreading its reach into the healthcare safety management sector.
  • BiOceanOr: This company is a key player in the blue tech market and has developed the world’s first connected submarine weather station.
  • BLYYD: This logistics company has designed and manufactured a 100% electric park tractor that works on meeting the needs of retailers in terms of social, industrial, and environmental performance.
  • Bone 3D: This is a MedTech startup company that designs, develops, and distributes customized medical devices through 3D printing technology.
  • Blue Frog Robotics: This company has designed and developed the world’s first emotional robot called Buddy that provides dedicated services through autonomous behavior and emotional interactions.
  • Next4: This company provides a hardware solution for the improvement of visibility on sea containers. With the help of the latest technologies, Next4 has developed its advanced MVP product that helps track sea containers’ positions and thereby, avoid disasters.
  • Stimio: This company develops IoT hardware solutions for remote monitoring of mobile and fixed assets.
  • Aledia: This company designs and manufactures LED display technology on silicon wafers. The technology is based on the pioneering “3D architecture using gallium-nitride (GaN)-on-silicon nanowires (WireLED)”.
  • GreenSysTech: This company develops IoT hardware solutions for the monitoring of airport and urban waste flows.
  • Gyrolift: This company has developed an innovative mobility solution that combines the technology of a gyropod and a stabilized robotic modular seating system.
  • Helite: This company designs and manufactures airbag protection solutions for horseback riders and motorcyclists.
  • Hycco: This company manufactures cutting-edge composite components specifically for fuel cells. Hycco specializes in developing resilient bipolar and ultra-light plates for fuel cells.
  • InBolt: This company has developed a hardware tracking technology for physical industrial tools.

Research Strategy

We began our search by looking for pre-compiled lists of France-based hardware startups in industry-specific websites such as Silicon Public and Dragon Innovation, media websites such as Forbes, startup directories and databases such as Les Pepites Tech, global startup events such as Viva Technology and IFA, and company profiler websites such as Crunchbase. After a thorough search through these channels, we were able to find several lists of emerging hardware startups in Europe. Each company on these lists were then individually researched to ensure the selected 25 companies are hardware startups, located in France, have less than 200 and more than 20 employees, and do not have an IPO. The companies compiled in the attached spreadsheet specialize in various hardware technologies from sensors to smart vehicles.


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