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Teaching Abroad: Pros and Cons China

Some advantages associated with teaching in China include friendly people, low cost of living, tourism, and learning the Mandarin language. In contrast, the disadvantages associated with teaching in China are communication difficulty, the difference in health standards, and difficulty in disciplining students.

Teaching in China — The Pros

1. People are friendly

2. Low Cost of Living

3. Traveling Asia

4. Learn a New Language

Teaching in China — The Cons

1. Difficulty in Communication

2. It is Hard to Discipline Students

3. The difference in Health Standards

4. People Stare at Abroad Teachers

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Teaching Abroad: Pros and Cons Qatar

Qatar is a popular teaching destination for qualified and experienced teachers globally. The benefits and drawbacks of teaching in Qatar are available below.

Pros of Teaching in Qatar

1. Earn and Save More

2. Valuable Life Experiences and Networks

  • There is a diverse expat community in Qatar. There are approximately 20,000 British and Irish citizens living in Qatar, and 130,000 individuals visit every year. Being a teacher provides an opportunity to learn from colleagues, students, and other people from other parts of the world.

3. Personal Development and Growth

4. Travel and Entertainment

Cons of Teaching in Qatar

1. Homesickness

  • It is very common that foreigners feel homesick within a few months of settling. There are some meet-up groups for expatriates to socialize and blend in. The following groups are for expats in Qatar: Qatar Quilt Guild, Qatar Professional Women’s Network, Indian Women's Association Qatar, and Qatar Expat Women.

2. Culture and Language

  • Qatar is an Islamic state, and the consumption of alcohol is restricted. While it is not a necessity, it is better to learn Arabic and the Qatari culture as this will broaden the window of opportunities. This adaptation will require time and effort.

3. Cost of living

  • The salary in Qatar is high, but there are costs that should be anticipated. For example, 90% of foodstuff in Qatar is imported, which makes it expensive. Qatari flat breads are affordable, however, meat and dairy products are expensive.

Additional Information

  • There are some desirable qualities for a foreign teacher in Qatar. These values include innovation, creativity, and ability to take risks. A video of foreign teachers at Qatar International School (QIS) can be viewed here.

Research Strategy

To determine the pros and cons of teaching in Qatar, we used the following sources to gather information: Go Overseas, Teachaway, Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), YouTube, Online Qatar and Real Gold Class (RGC). The results show that the benefits of teaching in Qatar include tax-free salary, networking, personal development, and entertainment activities. Living in Qatar also has drawbacks. For example, expatriates may experience homesickness. In addition, lack of knowledge of the local culture and language can limit an expatriate's opportunities. Furthermore, the cost of living in Qatar is high.