Promotions in the Dentistry Industry

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Promotions in the Dentistry Industry

Major players in the general dentistry category with recent adverts include Coast Dental Services, Mydentist, American Dental Partners, and Aspen Dental Management. We have provided details of recent special offers, promotions, and/or advertising from each of these companies, as well as for companies identified in other requested categories.

General Dentistry

Coast Dental Services

  • Coast Dental Services is a full-service dental care company and is one of the biggest in the US.
  • The company generally markets itself as providing affordable and quality service.
  • Screenshots of some adverts by the company can be accessed here. One advert copy reads "friendly Dental Care: Close to work, close to home, close to you";
  • Some offers include "Coast Clear Aligners: Get the Smile you have always wanted for $1,999"; and "Save 70% on dental procedures by joining Coast Dental Annual membership program for $99/year".


  • Mydentist is a chain of dental clinics that provides general dentistry services and is headquartered in Oklahoma.
  • Mydentist markets its service as a quality service that is focused on the patient's needs.
  • A recent Mydentist video advert can be accessed here. The video emphasizes their professionalism and that the patient is made comfortable all through the pain-free procedure.
  • Some recent offers read "Fall in love with a new smile: You're invited to our free assessment event."

American Dental Partners

  • American Dental Partners is a dental service organization that caters to dentists and specialists and enables them to offer excellent service to patients and to run their business more efficiently.
  • The company ran a recent TV advert that informed people that they can sign up for the company's Dental Prescription plan for as low as $12 per month.
  • They also have a number of carton-character commercials targeted at children.

Aspen Dental Management

  • Aspen Dental Management provides full dental service to patients.
  • The company's marketing emphasizes its commitment to providing compassionate and comprehensive care to patients.
  • One of the company's recent adverts is a fun TV commercial that tries to portray dentists as heroes, not villains. They also emphasize the affordability of their service, stating that "going to get a cavity filled doesn’t have to traumatize your wallet."
  • They also recently launched a documentary-style campaign based on real stories from Aspen patients in other to inspire other people to seek important dental care. The stories emphasized how happy the dental care has made their life.
  • Aspen Dental adverts also read "No Insurance? Free patient exam and X-rays"; and "Flexible Hours and Payment Options".
  • Some of the company's offers include "30% off" on dental services and "Dentures starting at $399".


Affordable Dentures

  • Affordable Dentures is a denture and implants provider that has serviced over six million patients since the first office opened nearly 40 years ago.
  • The company emphasizes the affordability of its service in its adverts.
  • Some of the company's TV adverts can be accessed here and they include video ads advertising the company's offerings as affordable, timely, respectful of the patient, and comfortable.
  • Some of the adverts read "Get your smile back"; and "Life changing".
  • Some of the company's offers read "Free consult and X-ray"; and "Best price guarantee".

Western Dental & Orthodontics

  • Western Dental & Orthodontics is a chain of dental offices that is in over 250 locations in the US.
  • One of the company's TV commercials reads "A Mouthful of Care. Chew On. Western Dental." Anther reads "Bring Us Your Misaligned. Chew On. Western Dental."
  • The company emphasizes in its adverts that they provide care for all kinds of teeth and teeth condition and serve all ages. In addition, the company's add emphasizes that "they are priced for people, not pop stars".
  • Another of the company's advert portrays the company as having caring workers that have a good relationship with one another and are all about the patient's care and comfort.

Gentle Dental (InterDent)

Bright Now! Dental

  • Bright Now helps connects people to dentists, denture specialists, oral surgeons, and orthodontist close to them. It allows people to book the service online.
  • One of the company's adverts reads "dedicated to providing smiles for everyone."
  • One of the company's offers reads "free dental day".



NYC Dental Implants Center

Nobel Biocare

  • Nobel Biocare is a global dental implant manufacturer that provides dental practices with dental implants as well as peer-to-peer training and dedicated initiatives that will help dental practices grow.
  • One of the company's adverts reads "Beautiful teeth now".
  • Another of its ad reads "All-on-4 treatment concept — Original. Proven. Life Changing".

Pi Dental Center



Smile Direct Club

  • Smile Direct Club provides teeth aligners service and helps straighten teeth. They have over 300 shops across the US.
  • One of the company's advert reads "We can't coordinate your save the date, but we can straighten your smile by the big day." Another reads "Kick off your new grin".
  • The company has several TV commercials and one such TV commercial is tagged "Wedding Day", emphasizing the fact that they can help straighten the patient's smile on his/her wedding day.


  • Candid provides clear aligners with remote monitoring by an orthodontist.
  • A Candid advert reads "Straighter teeth in 6 months average." Another reads "65% less than the cost of braces".
  • Similar adverts read "All smiles, no hassles" and "The Easy Way to Straighten Your Teeth".
  • Candid also has several TV commercials and one such commercial is tagged "Sharon: Before and After Testimonial". The advert tells the story of someone that gave up her braces for Candid's aligners and how her teeth look better since she made the decision.
  • A similar TV commercial is named "We Flip for Straight Teeth Featuring Simone Biles".


Research Strategy

We have provided examples of adverts and offers from companies in the various requested categories (General Dentistry, Dentures, Implants, and Orthodontics). In each case, we focused on providing adverts from key companies in the sector in the last two years, where possible. Where there was no advert in the last two years, we expanded to search for older ads that are relevant. Although we prioritized companies that are focused or predominantly in each category, we have also provided some general dentistry companies that operate in a given category where we couldn't find enough companies with recent adverts in the category.