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Profile of Stephanie Miller, CEO of Intertrust N.V.

On December 2017, Intertrust N.V. announced that its board had nominated Stephanie D. Miller as the CEO of the company and a member of the management board. Ms. Miller, who is 49 years old, has over 15 years of international experience working in financial services. She has held executive roles in corporate and fund services businesses. Before joining Intertrust N.V., she was a Senior Vice President and Managing Director at SS&C Technologies, a financial services provider. She has also previously worked at J.P. Morgan’s and Citco Fund Services.

We did an extensive research on news covering her appointment, Miller's LinkedIn profile, and other credible news outlets to answer the question exhaustively. Some sources are older because we needed to get information on her past successes and failures in her profession.

Stephanie Miller's educational background

The only publicly available information on Ms. Miller's educational background concerns her bachelor's degree as indicated on her LinkedIn profile as follows:
Educational Background:
o City University of New York-Queens College
o Degree: Bachelor of Science (BS)
o Field Of Study: Accounting and Computer Science
o Dates attended: 1986 – 1990
o Activities and Societies: Member of Sigma Delta Tau

Stephanie Miller's professional background

Stephanie Miller's professional experience has mainly been in financial services companies. Before joining Intertrust, she worked at SS&C Technologies, which is a global financial services provider with 8,200 employees working in 85 offices all over the world. She has previously also worked as a managing director at J.P. Morgan’s and at Citco Fund Services.

Miller's LinkedIn profile provides an extensive list of companies where she has worked in and the years that she worked in those companies as follows:
-CEO at Intertrust Group
-Managing Director at SS&C Technologies
-Managing Director — Head of Global Fund Services at J.P. Morgan
-Managing Director / Management Team Member at Citco Fund Services
-Director at Credit Suisse First Boston
-Principal Consultant at Capco
-Vice President at CDC Capital Partners
-Vice President at FGIC/GE Capital

Stephanie Miller's successes and failures in her professional background

Miller's professional experience is going to play a big part in her new role as the CEO of Intertrust Group. Our extensive research did not bring up many failures in her professional life, but a number of successes have been highlighted. These are discussed below.

Global work experience

Miller has a huge experience in the financial services sector. Her experience spans across Asia, the US, and EMEA, with a strong emphasis on digitization when she worked at SS&C. She has also traveled to other countries like China, Europe and Australia in a bid to understand how the industry works. Miller headed SS$C which is a global company with 85 offices in many parts of the world. Miller also worked as a global head of investments at J.P. Morgan's. She will bring this global experience as she leads Intertrust in the years ahead.

Experience working in financial businesses

Miller has over 15 years experience running top fund administration businesses. Her track record includes meeting financial goals, and competence in handling regulators and compliance with financial matters. "Intertrust announced it has been approved to provide alternative investment fund management (AIFM) services from Luxembourg." Miller has a huge experience in alternative investment banking in her past professional roles. As the CEO at Intertrust, she is well positioned to guide the overall business strategy of the company.

Experience in building up companies

The Global Custodian names Miller as one of the legends stating that in her 10 years at Citco, she was able to build the company from the ground up. She was able to grow Citco from six to 100 people during the time she worked there. She can use this same experience to grow Intertrust into an even bigger company than it is now.

Experience in working through a crisis

Working through crisis became a major turning point in Miller's professional career. She worked at Citco through a period of financial crisis where she states, "I saw every fund administrator lose assets in 2008." She states that Citco stood by their clients through the credit crisis period.

Her leadership at that time of crisis is a factor that led to her landing the job at J.P. Morgan's. This is a great story of how a failure can be turned in to a great learning point. She can use this failure to ensure that Intertrust does not get into such a financial crisis during her tenure.

Recent media coverage on Stephanie Miller

All recent media coverage on Miller is to do with her recent appointment as CEO and board member of Intertrust. Below is a selection of news articles on this subject.

Title — Intertrust nominates Stephanie D. Miller as new CEO

Intertrust N.V. announced that their Supervisory Board had nominated Stephanie D. Miller as CEO of Intertrust and a member of the Management Board. This appointment was subject to the approval of the shareholder and regulatory. A shareholders meeting was to be convened on Friday 19 January 2018 to discuss the matter.

Title — Intertrust hires new CEO and launches Luxembourg AIFMD offering

Miller's new role at Intertrust started on 22 January 2018, and the position will last for four years.

Title — Intertrust appoints SS&C’s Stephanie Miller as CEO

Intertrust announced the appointment of "SS&C GlobeOp senior vice-president of sales implementation and strategy Stephanie Miller as its CEO. Miller joins the Dutch fund services this month after 19 months with SS&C, having joined the firm in March last year."

Title — Intertrust shareholders approve appointment of Stephanie D. Miller as member of Management Board and CEO

The EGM held by Intertrust's shareholders approved the appointment of Stephanie Miller as a member of the Management Board and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Intertrust.

Title — Intertrust nominates Stephanie D. Miller as new CEO

This article discusses the announcement that Stephanie D. Miller was nominated to be Intertrust's new CEO. The nomination was given by the Supervisory Board and the approval meeting was scheduled for January 19th, 2018. The outgoing CEO, David de Buck, will remain onboard to assist in the transition until May 17th, 2018.


Stephanie Miller who is the current CEO of Intertrust has a wide professional experience of over 15 years. Her education and professional experience make her well positioned to lead the company into a successful future.

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