Whole Foods Biographical Backgrounds

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Whole Foods: Jackie Coffey

Over the years, Jackie Coffey has mostly worked with advertising and media agencies; Whole Foods is the first non-traditional marketing agency she will work for. In 2016, Jackie Coffey was a panelist at MediaPost Programmatic Insider Summit on the topic, "Programmatic Video: Building the Shareable Story."


  • Jackie Coffey has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Union College in New York.
  • She has also attended the Boston Latin School (BLS) "a six-year college preparatory school which provides a rigorous academic program in the classical tradition."
  • Jackie Coffey has DoubleClick Bid Manager and DoubleClick Search certifications, as well as a Google AdWords certification from Google.


  • Jackie Coffey currently works at Whole Foods where she currently holds the title director, media and channel marketing; a role she was appointed to in July 2019. Prior to this role, she served as the company's director, global media between April 2018 to July 2019.
  • Before joining Whole Foods, Jackie Coffey was the director of performance marketing at Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners (BSSP), a post she held for two years and seven months between 2015 and 2018.
  • She has also held the title of digital media supervisor at both Hill Holiday and GSD&; that was her role at GSD&M before transitioning to an associate digital director role.
  • Other roles she has held in the past include digital media partner at Hill Holiday and One to One Interactive, as well as working as a communications intern and account coordinator for Bally and Harger Howe & Walsh, respectively.
  • The summary of her professional experience is that over the years, she has mostly worked with advertising and media agencies; Whole Foods is the first non-traditional marketing agency she will work for.


  • Jackie Coffey's LinkedIn shows that the skills she has been most endorsed by other LinkedIn users include digital media (21), digital strategy (20), digital marketing (10), mobile marketing (9), interactive marketing (7), mobile marketing (6), marketing strategy (6), media planning (5), integrated marketing (5), and online advertising (5). These skills suggest that these are the core focus areas she is professionally interested in.
  • In 2016, Jackie Coffey was a panelist at MediaPost Programmatic Insider Summit on the topic, "Programmatic Video: Building the Shareable Story."
  • Also in 2016, she was on a panel discussing "After Media: The Rise of the Outcome-Based Agency" at OMMA San Francisco.
  • The interests she follows on LinkedIn range from big tech companies such as Oracle to major marketing agencies such as Ogilvy. Jackie Coffey also follows groups that include other marketing professionals such as ThoseinMedia, IAB Mobile, Programmatic Media Buying and trading, and Search Engine Land.


  • The only social media profile she has is on LinkedIn where she has over 500 connections. We found no evidence of her presence on other social media channels.


We commenced our research by searching for precompiled biographies or profiles on Jackie Coffey either through her workplace, personal website, or third-parties. However, we found no precompiled profile across these sources. Our attempts included using the Internet Archive tool to see if each company she had worked for in the past published a profile on her, especially those she had relatively senior roles at. The BSSP archived website for 2017 and 2018 did not have any page for company staff or leaders. On the other hand, while Hill Holiday covers its leadership on the "About Us" page and a link to their profiles; the role Jackie Coffey held while there was not included.

On her LinkedIn page, we also found two events in 2016 that she was a panelist and tried to see if the event organizers published a profile or biography about her. However, the only profiles on the event website were for general and keynote speakers. For the second event, we were only able to find a news post on some of the things she shared on the panel, how her "agency redesigned incentive-based compensation to benefit clients."

Next, we conducted a press search to see if companies that hired her announced so in the press or if any news regarding her philanthropic endeavors were detailed in the press. We only found two news reports about her new role at Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners (BSSP). These reports only reinforced details that are on her LinkedIn profile.

While searching for her profile on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we found that many people have the term "Jackie Coffey" in their handle or profile. Fortunately, we found her picture in one of the press releases announcing her new role at BSSP, which we used to compare with all the social media profiles we found with "Jackie Coffey" as name or handle across the popular social media channels. However, none of the profile pictures matched the picture we found. We have therefore concluded that she is not present on these social media channels. These social media profiles would have helped understand her personal interests.

To know if she had published any book we searched through Amazon and Goodreads, but a search of her name on these sites did not return any viable result.

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Whole Foods: Randyn Tenery

Randyn Tenery, the team leader at global media at Whole Foods Market, has a degree in advertising from The University of Texas at Austin. He has LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts on social media.


  • Randyn Tenery is team leader, global media at Whole Foods Market, Austin, Texas and has held the position for almost two years.
  • Prior to that, he was the company's senior digital media program leader.
  • Before joining Whole Foods Market, Randyn worked with LatinWorks for almost three years.
  • He held several positions at LatinWorks, including Associate Media Director, Media Strategy Supervisor, and Senior Media Planner.
  • After graduating from The University of Texas at Austin in 2007 with a degree in Advertising, Randyn started his professional career at The Richards Group as a Media Planner.


  • Randyn does not have any books or publications.


  • Randyn's professional interests include media planning, integrated marketing, media buying, mobile advertising, social media marketing, mobile advertising, and media strategy.
  • His personal interests include movies like the Ocean's Trilogy, Best of Chris Farley Will Ferrel, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, and Out Cold; TV shows like How I Met Your MOM, Rules of Engagement, Lost, and The Office; artists like Willie Nelson, the Spazmatics, Jamestown Revival, and David Ramirez; books like the Bible and Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith; athletes like Brian Robison and Chris Ogbonnaya; and Figure 8 Coffee Purveyors coffee shop.



  • Randyn got married to Katie Johnson in 2013.
  • Randyn's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Tenery, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at Plainview Country Club in 2004.
  • Randyn participated in the UIL track championships at the University of Texas in 2003. He took part in the men's 300 Meter Hurdles and the men's 4x400 meter Relay events.


To search for book and publication titles by Randyn Tenery, we started by exploring his social media platforms for relevant information. However, there was no reference to any book or publication authored by him. We also checked if he has a personal website or blog, but found none.

Next, we searched through the database of Goodreads to check if he was mentioned as one of the authors, but his name is not on the platform.

We then scoured through Amazon to see if he has any book on sale, but there is no book or publication linked to him.

To search for information on his professional and personal interests, we searched through the website of Whole Foods Market. However, there was no mention of his name on the website. His name was not also listed among the leadership team. His ZoomInfo profile did not provide any relevant information as well.

A thorough search on the public domain for any interviews, articles or profiles from any of the companies he worked for and his university did not yield any relevant result. We therefore obtained information on his professional and personal interests from his social media platforms.

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Whole Foods: Jenna Wilcox

Jenna Wilcox is the current Media Manager at Whole Foods Market. She is an alumnus of the University of Texas and currently resides in Austin, Texas.


  • Wilcox has worked at Whole Foods Market for just over six years.
  • She has been in her current role as Media Manager, Global Paid Media since June 2019.
  • Before she started in her current role, she was a Corporate Communications Specialist for four years, a Public Relations Specialist for one year, and a Public Relations Intern for ten months at Whole Foods Market.
  • Wilcox completed a six-month internship in Digital Media at Cohn & Wolfe before starting at Whole Foods Market.
  • In 2013 Wilcox completed a three-month internship at Capital & Sports Media in Public Relations.



  • Wilcox has not published any articles or books.


  • Wilcox lists her professional interests on LinkedIn as including media planning, social media marketing, digital media, event planning, social networking, media research and development, and public relations.


  • In 2012 Wilcox spent five months volunteering as a mentor at the Zavala Elementary School After School Program.
  • While attending the University of Texas, Wilcox became a member of Pi Beta Phi.
  • Wilcox has won a Digital Media Award and Queens of Media Budget Award. She was also awarded the Best Project in Advanced Media Strategies at the University of Texas.


We searched a range of professional sites such as LinkedIn to obtain Wilcox's work experience and professional interests. These sites also provided information regarding her education at the University of Texas. No details regarding social media accounts or personal interests were available.

To ascertain details of Wilcox's social media accounts and personal interests, we extensively searched Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. On each of these platforms, there were a number of people with similar names. In an attempt to find the correct accounts, we used a range of details obtained from Wilcox's professional information, including school, fraternity, place of residence, and workplace, all to no avail. We used the photo provided on Wilcox's LinkedIn profile and attempted to match it to profile pictures on each of the social media platforms. Finally, we located the Whole Food social media pages and scanned the comments, retweets, and followers. We hoped that given Wilcox is the Media Manager, she may have a presence on the company's social media pages that would allow us to identify her personal accounts. Unfortunately, this was unsuccessful, so we were unable to determine if Wilcox is active on social media. Normally we would scan social media accounts to determine a person's interests. Given we were unable to locate Wilcox's social media accounts, this was not possible.

Given that Wilcox attended the University of Texas and was a member of Pi Beta Phi, we searched the alumni records of each of these institutions to attempt to ascertain her personal interests and social media presence. The alumni records are not publicly available, and there was no information available publicly regarding Wilcox at either of these institutions.

Often companies include a biography of key employees on their websites, which can include details regarding their personal interests and social media presence. Unfortunately, Whole Foods does not include details regarding key employees on its website.

We extensively scanned a range of industry publications, press releases, and media articles to attempt to find any interviews of stories regarding Wilcox. While there were a range of articles concerning Whole Foods, we were only able to find one story press release that mentioned Wilcox, whereby she provided details of a local industry awards event.

Finally, we searched a range of Austin, Texas community pages. We thought that if Wilcox was an active member of her local community, these pages could provide us with information regarding her personal interests or social media presence. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in this approach and could find no mention of Wilcox on a range of community or sporting pages in Austin, Texas.