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Company Analysis - Jockey International: Recent Projects and Initiatives

The recent projects and initiatives conducted by Jockey International in the last two years include the implementation of a new data analytics strategy, a new pop-up store, and the Show'Em digital and social media campaign.

Data Analysis Innovation

  • Jockey International has been a leader in the underwear industry for 140 years. The company's secret to staying relevant is its drive to innovate.
  • In 2017, Jockey once again demonstrated this ability by focusing its efforts on a new strategy for digital marketing.
  • Jockey decided to pay special attentionto the way they manage data, how they collect it, the type of data that they are collecting, whether the data is provided real-time or not, and in having the necessary tools to analyze this data.
  • Through this initiative, they restructured their data collection process in a form that allowed them to analyze and make decisions based on this analysis, which benefited the company by helping them understand their clients.
  • They were also able to use this new knowledge to generate new ideas, new loyalty programs, new products, and improve customer retention.
  • After analyzing their data, they created their recent subscription program, which exceeded the customers' expectations. Then Jockey International keeps them engaged through email marketing.
  • Tim McCue, VP of e-commerce and Digital Marketing at Jockey, led this initiative and explained how changing their approach to data management brought new opportunities to the company in Bluecore's Data Activation and Accessibility Summit.

Pop-Up Store

  • In September 2019, Jockey International announced its latest project, the opening of a pop-up store in Roosevelt Field.
  • The store will be open from September 2019 to January 2020 using Simon's turnkey retail platform.
  • This pop-up store will have a size of 1,700-square-foot and will have the brand's new contemporary collection of undergarments for men and women, sleepwear, activewear, and loungewear. It will also have an underwear bar.
  • With this project, Jockey International seeks to test the customers' reactions to these new products and understand them better.
  • They also expect that this initiative will drive footfall to the company, improving the physical presence of the brand, and helping them increase their profits while developing an omnichannel strategy that attracts them to their physical and digital channels.
  • Tim McCue is in charge of the company's digital technology, digital marketing, and e-commerce, which will benefit from it and work directly with the pop-up store's marketing.

Show'Em Campaign

  • Since April 2017, Jockey International has been working on the Show'Em project.
  • Show'Em is an inspirational campaign that works with different celebrities and athletes named "Heroes" who have had an inspirational success story, including Michaela DePrince, Victoria Arlem, Remi Adeleke, Zach Skow, and Bubba and Angie Watson.
  • In September 2019, they announced Victoria Arlem as their new hero.
  • The campaign portrays the athlete's inspirational story as a Paralympic gold medalist and features her wearing the company's products.
  • The campaign runs through digital and social media using the hashtag #ShowEm, and on national print ads in different magazines like InStyle, Elle, and Women's Health, among others.
  • Through this campaign, Jockey confirms its position as a family supportive brand and wants to inspire its audience with the brand's values: courage, family, hope, and authenticity.
  • As a business, the initiative will create exposure towards the brand and increase its presence by using social media and digital channels to drive a conversation about the topic and inspire people to post their hero stories.
  • Tim McCue is in charge of the company's digital marketing, which is the channel through which the campaign is running.

Conversation Starter Points

  • Tim McCue had active participation in the company's data analysis strategy in the last two years. His exposition of the strategy in Bluecore's Summit would be a conversation starter point, as well as the results this initiative brought to Jockey International.
  • As part of his personal projects, Tim McCue has been part of the panel of the Technology Executives Club, and its Annual Technology Innovation and Leadership Summit.
    • This panel took place in August 2019 and focused on how implementing Cloud and Digital technologies impacts a business.
    • His participation in the Summit was on the topic "Replacing the Legacy — strategies for getting out of Technical Debt and Replacing your older technology and application stacks" on which he referred to his work on Jockey International. His participation in the Summit and the Technology Executives Club would be a conversation starter point.
  • In the past two years, Jockey International has led a successful digital and social marketing campaign called Show'Em. Although his participation has not been made public, as leader of the digital technology, digital marketing strategy, and e-commerce of the company he is a part of the initiative. His role in the campaign and the impact it has had on the company's e-commerce would be a conversation starter point.