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Faizcy H. Credibility

Two articles or publications Faizcy H. has been mentioned in include "Faizcy Anthony Hope Lumley - Fernham - IT Professional" and "Homeowners advised to carry out energy audit."

Articles/Publications Mentioning Faizcy H.

1) "Faizcy Anthony Hope Lumley - Fernham - IT Professional"

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  • This article provides a detailed description of Faizcy H., whose full name is Faizcy Anthony Hope Lumley. It briefly covers Faizcy's profession (IT professional) and mentions the individual's place of origin, date of birth, and nationality, Additionally, the article published by Check Company lists Faizcy's former company appointments.
  • The article only has one company appointment listed, which is the person's stint at Energy Tariff LTD.

2) "Homeowners advised to carry out energy audit"

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  • This article from Big Green Smile focuses on a suggestion from Faizcy H. that consumers that desire to reside in a "green home" conduct an audit of their property. Faizcy advises them to allocate about ten minutes of their time to observe the amount of energy that is consumed by their household appliances.
  • Faizcy claims that the results may encourage individuals to "invest in energy-saving alternatives or even change their supplier."

Additional Insights

  • Faizcy is also the gallery director for private clients.
  • Faizcy H. attended The London College of Music & Arts where the individual obtained a degree in Media, the Arts and Advertising from 1999-2002.
  • In 2002, Faizcy H. served as the president of The Artists Academy at The London College of Music.
  • In 2001, Faizcy was given the Captain of The Year award for a sports team at The London College of Music.
  • Lumley’s Fine Art was established chiefly as a private client in 1952 that helps in providing clients with art pieces that fit their preferences. It also provides assistance with philanthropy and estate planning, as well as loan arrangements to various museums.
  • In 2018, Faizcy filed for bankruptcy in Central London's county court, and the order was issued in 2019.

Research Strategy:

Throughout our research, we were only able to locate a total of two articles or publications that have mentioned Faizcy H. The research strategies that we employed to find this information is available below.

Our research began by searching for relevant news articles using news search websites like News Lookup, Northern Light (Source 3), among others. The idea here was to use the search option available on these sites to look for suitable news articles discussing Faizcy H. This strategy did not work as there were no relevant articles or publications available. We believed this strategy would work as these sites serve as news search engines that present news sources with headlines and details.

Next, we searched for information on the company website of Lumleys Fine Art. We wanted to see if it included any links to articles/publications. However, none were available. We believed this strategy would work as companies often provide
links to their media appearances in the news section and about us page.

Finally, we scoured for sites that publish information on the art industry like Art UK, UK Artists Online, Art Monthly, etc. We aimed to see if the sites published any news about Faizcy H. This strategy was not fruitful as there were no relevant sources available. We believed this strategy would work as these sites typically publish information on the art industry and could have published articles on Faizcy H.

Due to the lack of available information, we concluded that there are just two available articles directly mentioning Faizcy H. in the public domain.
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Fiazcy H. Reach

The reach of Faizcy H. via social media is limited. Other than a fairly developed LinkedIn profile, his only presence on social media is a minimally-curated Facebook page. While there were no art-related interviews available, Faizcy did do an interview in 2009 for an innovation in green technology.

Faizcy H. Social Media

  • Faizcy has 500+ connections and one recommendation on LinkedIn.
  • Faizcy has 0 friends on Facebook.

Lumley's Fine Art Social Media

  • Lumley's Fine Art (LFA) has 7 followers on LinkedIn.
  • Though the company has no posts, they have 11 followers on Instagram.

Faizcy H. Interview

  • In 2009, Faizcy created an energy calculator that allowed homeowners to calculate the energy costs of their home appliances. He gave an interview to the Swindon Advertiser that can be found here. In it, he explained how the idea for an energy efficiency calculator came to him when he was looking into buying a fridge.
  • He realized there was no existing tool, and so he developed this calculator which collected data from 10,000 appliances, benefiting 1,000 people per day. The technology was eventually bought by the Government's Energy Saving Trust.

Research Strategy

Although we located his LinkedIn account and a personal Facebook account, a direct search of Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Google Plus, and Reddit yielded no results for any kind of account tied to Faizcy H. We searched the same websites and Facebook for any profile connected to Lumley's Fine Art and were only able to locate a LinkedIn profile and an Instagram profile.

In order to locate interviews that Faizcy H. gave, your research team started with a direct search of his LinkedIn profile and LFA's website and social media profiles to see if he had any of the articles linked. His profile led us to an interview for a technology innovation in 2009. However, there were no other art related publications found there. Then, we tried to locate the information indirectly by searching British arts publications such as BB Publications, The Art Newspaper, and Art Review for any articles related to Faizcy or LFA. This search proved unsuccessful. Lastly, we tried to locate any information about art related achievements or publications regarding Faizcy or LFA by searching through UK Fine Arts Professional Associations such as The Fine Arts Society and the Arts Society. Ultimately, we were unable to find any more interviews.