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From research, Emmanuel Marques seems to be an ardent believer in the philosophy of charity, philanthropy and giving to noble causes as evident from his involvement and active participation in various fundraising events and charity donations over the past years. An example of a quote from Marques on Steven Feuling (an executive from Carat) is "he is someone you can count on to make things happen and get the best level of service and deliverables." A detailed look at the key findings follows below.


  • Emmanuel Marques seems to be a passionate believer in the philosophy of charity, philanthropy and giving to noble causes as seen in his involvement and active participation in various fundraising events and charity donations over the past years.
  • As per his Facebook profile, he has been an active participant in various fundraising events such as "Fundraiser for Covenant House California (2019), Fundraiser for Angelman Syndrome Foundation (2019), Fundraiser for Parkinson's Foundation (2019), Fundraiser for National Kidney Foundation (2018), Fundraiser for March For Our Lives (2018), and Fundraiser for Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (2018, 2017 & 2016)."
  • Additionally, as extrapolated from his Instagram profile, Marques seems to have a penchant for nature, a belief in the philosophy of being close to nature, and he leads a healthy lifestyle. This is corroborated by the fact that most of his posts on Instagram are about nature and natural scenes and mentions of him taking morning walks along the beach.



We were only able to extrapolate a few philosophies of Emmanuel Marques from his social media accounts. Consequently, we were unable to complete a list of 7-10 philosophies/frequently used quotes from him because of the unavailability of relevant information in the public domain. All of the information found was centered around his professional experience and activities and the updates that he posts regularly about Disney Park & Resorts. The primary reason for the unavailability of relevant information is the very limited engagement of Emmanuel Marques on the public front. There were no public speaking engagements or interviews in the capacity of a senior executive that could be located in relation to Emmanuel Marques and most of his social media updates on Twitter and LinkedIn and his personal blog were centered around updates about his company and featured industry articles. Our research strategies follow below.
Our first strategy was to scour through Marques' social media profiles across various platforms and see if he had provided any quotes or any insights around his life philosophies. Social media is a good sources because people and leaders post their thoughts, opinions, viewpoints and philosophies on social networks. We were able to find his presence across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn. However, no relevant information could be located from these accounts. Almost all of his posts on Twitter were centered around updates from his current company Disney Parks, its upcoming events and new launches. Similarly, his LinkedIn account had a few industry articles posted that he found interesting and his Facebook account had mentions of his fundraising contributions.
Our second strategy was to search through the current and past employer websites to search for any pertinent quotes/insights around the philosophies of Emmanuel Marques. Since he belongs to the senior leadership cadre as a VP and has held senior leadership positions such as Director, and European Head in his past employments, the idea was to check if there is any information around any quotes or insights about his philosophies in any of his past or current company positions or on the company websites. Normally, companies do post profile information and quotes from their senior leadership in their annual reports/websites and hence, we tried to leverage this research path. However, no useful information could be garnered from this research strategy as his current employer (Disney Park) had posted information only around its C-suite leadership and there was no information from any of his past job position.

Our third strategy was to scour through credible databases such as Crunchbase, Pipl, and Wink, various media articles from Forbes, Businesswire, Bloomberg, and Live Mint, his blog, various blogs, and magazines where CEO/senior management interviews are published such as the CEO Magazine, Performance Magazine, and various marketing and advertising blogs such as Adweek, and Adage. All these are potential sources where senior marketing and advertising corporate leaders are quoted and hence the idea was to check if Emmanuel Marques has any mention across any of these sources. However, no relevant information could be located. The only available information was a couple of articles from Adweek that quoted him for his views about other executives were. Also, his own blog just featured a couple of articles on the updates from Disney Park.

Our fourth strategy was to try and triangulate the required information. For this, we primarily leveraged his various social media accounts and the posts therein as they are the only most comprehensive publicly available account of his activities and interests. While these accounts had no information as highlighted above, we tried to analyze any trend/specific pattern/theme in his various posts based on which we were able to triangulate some pertinent information. This strategy proved partially successful as all of his Facebook posts were centered around his charity and fundraising contributions. Similarly, most of his Instagram posts were based on nature and his healthy engagements based on which we were able to triangulate that he believes in the philosophy of being close to nature and lead a healthy lifestyle. However, no other triangulation from any other social media accounts could be made as the posts there were random and had no fixed theme/pattern. We have also highlighted a few quotes that he seems to like because he has pinned them on his Pinterest profile.

Our fifth strategy was to expand the research scope beyond the standard two-year time period. The idea was to check if any useful quotes or information around Emmanuel Marques' philosophy from the past could be located. While we were able to locate one of his quotes about an executive from 2014, no other information or quotes from him could be located even from the past.