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Profile: Library of Congress Fellowship

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This research presents an overview of Arturo G Pacho, Daniel Akaka, Mike Honda, Daniel Inouye, Doris Matsui, Norma Mineta, David Wu, Betty Lee Sung, Carlene Sobrino Bonnivier, Christine Toy Johnson, and Dori Jones Yang. In order to provide adequate information for these individuals, the research team needed to access historical records of these individuals. As such, some sources that have been used are older than the two-year limit of the recency benchmark. Additional insight into the research paths taken has been presented in the Research Strategy section at the end of this report.

#1. Daniel Akaka (congress)

#2. Mike Honda (congress)

#3. Daniel Inouye (Congress)

#4. Doris Matsui (Congress)

#5. Norma Mineta (congress)

#6. David Wu (congress)

#7. Betty Lee Sung (author sociologist)

#8. Carlene Sobrino Bonnivier (playwright/author)

  • Although she is from the Philippines, she was born in California, USA. She has traveled across Asia as a journalist and has worked as a writer for several years.
  • Some of her notable achievements include writing two widely known books: "Seeking Thirst (Firstfruits, 2003)" and the novel "Autobiography of a Stranger (1990)" She has also been a writer at various venues such as Our Own Voice. She has produced short stories, poetry, and reviews.
  • An extensive search of the public domain did not provide extensive information into Carlene Sobrino Bonnivier. Although the source is old, the information availed here is the most recent publicly available information available on this author. Thorough searches through social platforms, profile platforms such as LinkedIn, and other scholarly information only presented her as a list of contributors to various writings. For this reason, the research team has presented the information available and provided this summary for additional insight into data availability.

#9. Christine Toy Johnson (playwright)

  • Christine Toy Johnson is a playwright, actor, and advocate for inclusion based in New York, US. She has won various awards and has been a pioneer in her field. Her specialties include "acting, singing, playwriting, libretto and lyric writing, television writing, screenwriting, content management, film production, grant writing, logistics, Macromedia director, materials management, negotiation, organizational skills, press releases, production, research, and storyboarding."
  • Her first theater film was titled "The New Deal" and she wrote several after that. Johnson's professional experience includes broadway, off-broadway, regional, concerts/cabaret, education, TV/film, and tours. She has taken on the role of theatrical lyricist, book writer/liberalist, and singer/songwriter. She has been tremendously successful and has a net worth of $20 million.
  • Her official website provides an overview of all the work she has done in the past and provides additional insight into how she is breaking barriers and walls. She provides a preview of various demos that she has done for TV shows. Examples here include Law and Order, Special Victims Unit; The Speed of Life, Royal Pains, among others. She also presents other videos that she has done and a scrapbook page that showcases some photos.

#10. Dori Jones Yang

  • Dori Jones Yang is an award-winning journalist, speaker, and renowned author.
  • Her website showcases eight books, a list of her speaking engagements and an option to book her, and a blog page that offers insights into the different topics that she is passionate about.
  • One key area that is notable in her writing is the concept of cross-cultural understanding. She believes that this is the key to harboring peace between nations. She addresses the struggles of Chinese children immersed in an American setting and the struggles that they would typically face.
  • Dori Jones Yang has worked as a foreign correspondent in Asia with the purpose of bridging cultures. Although she grew up in Ohio from the age of seven, she had the opportunity of traveling to France, which sparked her interest in bridging the gap between various cultures and generations. She worked for a newspaper in her hometown and later decided to go teach English in Singapore. She had the opportunity to understand the culture deeper and also studied the Chinese culture deeper.

Research Strategy

To address the profiles of these individuals, the research team has had to use sources that are older than the research team's recency benchmark: two years. When gathering the history of these individuals and their achievements, we began by searching for their profiles on sites such as LinkedIn, in order to determine their achievements. However, most of these individuals did not have a LinkedIn account. For this reason, we opted to search through service records, for those that hold or have held public office. For those that did not serve in public office, we conducted a search for self-published or autobiography information. The research team was able to identify personal websites for some, where they showcase their works and provide a bio of their achievements.

For those that we were unable to identify such sources, we provided information presented on sites that have showcased their works. Although these platforms may not provide conclusive information, we have presented what we have found and provided additional insight into our research attempts. Additionally, despite all our research attempts, the research team was unable to provide the date of birth or age of the last three individuals. All the sources that provided insights into these individuals did not present this data.

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