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EZOPS is a technology company working to provide machine learning solutions to financial companies. The company has had very little marketing or press interaction over the last 12 months and has not run any online or TV marketing campaigns since their founding in 2014. Details of the company are provided below.


  • EZOPS is a technology company that offers Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to companies looking to solve data control, reconciliation, automation, and reporting problems. Their platform uses machine learning and intelligence process automation.
  • The company was founded on March 1, 2014, by Bikramjit Singh, Dutt Chintalapati, and Saravanan Srinivasan and now has 11-50 employees.
  • The company founders came from a finance background and realized that big businesses had too much data to process and not enough solutions to manage it.
  • The company website has approximately 2,204 views per month.
  • EZOPS is a private company that has one trademark in advertising.


  • On the company website, they mention customers vaguely and don't actually name any clients.
  • EZOPS is targeting the Finance market, specifically "banks, hedge funds, asset managers, fund administrators and custodians."


  • On the company website, the only "marketing" the company does is describing their offerings and services. They have one testimonial from an anonymous bank.
  • The company has two quotes that could be considered their "tagline" which are as follows:
  • The company does not appear to have a Marketing Director according to the leadership executives list on their website.
  • EZOPS uses very little marketing tactics and channels. According to iSpotTV and Moat, there has never been any TV advertising or online creatives made.
  • The company last posted on their Facebook page in September 2018.
  • The only press in the last 12 months is from news sources reporting partnerships and leases.
  • The last marketing post on Twitter was in February 2019, which promoted #docker, however, there is little explanation of what that is except that it would help with "Dev and R&D."



In order to determine what clients EZOPS serves, we began our search by scouring the company website for any mention of customers or clients. After scouring the company website, company databases such as Crunchbase, website traffic databases like SimilarWeb, and press releases, we were only able to find that the company's customers are from the Finance sector and include "Top Global Banks." No other information was found regarding who the company's clients are.