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Robert Painter

Information about Robert Painter's professional background and resume is publicly available through trusted media sites and social media networks like LinkedIn. He is quoted in multiple publications regarding his opinions about the fields of marketing and technology. However, there are no publicly available quotes attributed to Mr. Painter that aren't related to his field. He hasn't commented on any social issues or mentioned his hobbies. Personal information about Mr. Painter's interests and family life is not publicly available.


  • Robert Painter has worked at Cognizant for 10 years and has an MBA from Duke University.
  • Mr. Painter has a LinkedIn account, but doesn't participate in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram.
  • He is a member of the Global Advisory Board, which "provide[s] counsel and input in shaping and growing the Global EFFIE Awards."


  • Robert Painter is the Senior Vice President (SVP) of Corporate Marketing at Cognizant.
  • He earned a B.S. in finance and economics from Darla Moore School of Business in 1987, which means Mr. Painter is approximately 54 years old. He graduated from Duke University in 2000 with an MBA.
  • An assortment of images is included in the attached Google Doc as requested.


  • Mr. Painter has been the SVP of Corporate Marketing at Cognizant since January 2017. He was the Vice President (VP) of Corporate Marketing from August 2009 until January 2017.
  • As per his LinkedIn profile, Mr. Painter's job requires leading a corporate marketing team that works with businesses to strategize branding, market products, and more.
  • Before working at Cognizant, Mr. Painter worked at IBM for 14 years. He was the VP of Marketing from January 2003 until March 2009 and the VP of Integrated Marketing and Communications from 1999 until 2003. Mr. Painter was the Director of E-Marketing in 1998 and 1999, as well as Program Director of Brand & Olympic Marketing between 1995 and 1998.
  • Mr. Painter began his career as a senior account manager with the Interpublic Group of Companies, which is an advertising agency based in New York City. He worked there from 1987 until 1995.
  • Mr. Painter is a member of the Global Advisory Board, which is "comprised of top marketers from major international corporations from IBM to McDonald's."
  • His team won the Web Marketing Association's 2014 Web Award for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development.
  • He participated in a BrandConnect:12 discussion as a panelist in 2012.
  • Mr. Painter was a Global Effie judge in 2007. According to US Campaign, "Global Effie judges are the cream of the marketing and agency worlds. They have a realistic perspective on what is achievable, and they show unanimity in their reaction to the work they review."


  • PR Week, 2014: "For so long, technology was the back-office value proposition. Now we’re seeing technology playing much more of a front-office role. It’s driving value for the company like never before. Whether you’re a CMO or on the business side, you must be thinking about how tech plays in your value proposition."
  • PR Week, 2014: "More than ever, clients and prospects need information, particularly with so many new technologies available. But more than information, people want a fresh perspective and they want to be able to find your point of view quickly."
  • PR Week, 2014: "Every message has to add some value and mirror back up to the client. Here’s what you’re going through, here’s how we can help, or here’s how you should think about this. Having that insight in the b-to-b space is irreplaceable."
  • Best Global Brands, 2012: "Branding in technology services is one of the most challenging marketing jobs that you can imagine. It all comes down to a simple term: relevance. We don’t wake up and say, 'How do we make the brand better?’ We say, 'Are we being as relevant to our clients as possible?"
  • US Campaign, 2008: "Some of the best global [campaign] work extended far beyond broadcast."


  • Robert Painter has a LinkedIn account, but no Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram accounts.


We searched extensively through trusted media sites, social media networks, publicly available interviews, and the Cognizant corporate website to compile the requested information about Robert Painter. The only information not found using this strategy was details about Mr. Painter's social interests and hobbies, humorous or sports-related likes, marital status, and family details. We then expanded our search to include possible aliases like "Bob Painter" or "Rob Painter." After an exhaustive search through media sites and social networks, personal information about Mr. Painter's hobbies, interests, and family was still not publicly available. We then consulted people search sites like Relationship Science, Spoke, ZoomInfo, and LeadFerret with no results.
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Scott Lawrence

Scott Lawrence is an accomplished advertising executive with a decade of experience in his field. Mr. Lawrence is currently the Director of Global Advertising and Program Marketing for Cognizant Technology Solutions. Mr. Lawrence’s online footprint entirely consists of his LinkedIn profile.



  • Scott Lawrence is currently the Director of Global Advertising and Program Marketing for Cognizant Technology Solutions; Mr. Lawrence has been the director since December 2014. Mr. Lawrence is 40 years old and has 10 years of experience as a marketing and advertising executive with numerous Fortune 500 brands. Mr. Lawrence's experience includes both product and consumer brand platforms with a focus on digital media.
  • Mr. Lawrence earned his B.S. in Communications from Boston University in 2002. Mr. Lawrence later earned his Masters in Business Administration from Fordham University in 2011.



  • Mr. Lawrence created one-minute bumpers for Fine Living Network as part of his role with Concentric Entertainment.
  • During Mr. Lawrence’s time at DraftFCB, he worked with Qwest Communications on the launch of its new brand platform that led to a 140% increase in client billings.
  • During Mr. Lawrence’s first stint with Atmosphere BBDO, he worked with Citi on the formation of its 2010 digital advertising strategy. Mr. Lawrence also worked with the NFL on its 2007 interactive advertising campaigns.
  • During Mr. Lawrence’s time with TribalDDB, he worked with Exxon to help create its and Mobile Fuel’s first U.S.-based loyalty website.
  • During Mr. Lawrence’s second period with Atmosphere BBDO, he collaborated with Cognizant on a new brand platform launch and website redesign that resulted in an 89% increase in brand awareness among the target audience.


  • Mr. Lawrence collaborates across teams involved with various aspects of advertising (e.g., direct advertising, search engine optimization, website copy, in-store displays, and others). Mr. Lawrence is also responsible for the budget, website and app builds, strategy, analytics, and executing creative campaigns.



Our inquiry into Scott Lawrence primarily utilized his LinkedIn profile. We were unable to find any other social media profiles despite a search across all platforms. A notable consequence of this definitive lack of social media presence is a lack of photographic data.

We began our investigation into Mr. Lawrence’s social media presence with direct searches on all social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, and others). Though there were many entries for a Scott Lawrence, none of the identified individuals matched the one in this request. As an alternative to social media, we inquired into the websites of Mr. Lawrence’s former employers. However, none of those sites yielded any public information concerning this Scott Lawrence.

Our next and final step was to expand our search to media publications (e.g., The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and others). These searches did not yield any information. General inquiries for him in other databases brought up little useful data beyond what we have presented here. We made a very basic inquiry into photo databases to determine if any pictures could be found (using what little information was available). This avenue yielded no results.

As best we can determine, Scott Lawrence does not have a publicly available online presence.
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Lynn La Cascia

Lynne LaCascia currently holds the position of Global Head of Brand Narrative and Global Corporate Marketing leader at Cognizant since September 2014. Ms. LaCascia currently lives in New York. Based on several of her social media pictures and posts, she seems to be single. She is also interested in arts and designs. Some of her pictures are pasted on this linked document.


The following are the details of Lynne LaCascia's profile based on publicly available information about her.


  • Lynne LaCascia is currently the Global Head of Brand Narrative and Global Corporate Marketing leader at Cognizant since September 2014.
  • She is also part of the Senior Leadership Team of the company. The team has around 700 members.
  • Her job responsibility includes building the Cognizant brand by being true to their growing capabilities that are unique and applicable to the rapidly-changing market.
  • She is also in-charge of delivering the company's top-level messages in impactful scenarios, assets, and other endeavors. These include worldwide campaigns, consolidated marketing initiatives, and channels.
  • She also delivers explanations on future technologies such as AI, blockchain, and automation in easily understood terms in order to capture the target audience's interest.


  • Ms. LaCascia currently lives in New York.
  • Based on several of her social media profiles, she seems to be single as she is typically in the company of her female friends.
  • Furthermore, there are no male figures or children's images in her publicly available pictures that can be inferred as having a close relationship with her.
  • Also, when referring to family relationships, she only shared a picture with her sister. There are no other pictures that mentioned having someone else such as a husband and kids as members of her family.
  • She also shared an article on tips for single women.



  • Ms. LaCascia is approximately 47 years of age if she started going to high school 32 years ago in 1987 as a fourteen-year old.
  • We based this on the age when teenagers typically start their high school education.




  • Ms. LaCascia's accomplishments as a leader include managing teams that contributed to the establishment of the strategic direction of over 75 Fortune 500 companies.
  • In Interbrand, she was the leader of the Verbal Identity team that has around 30 members and around $5 million in annual revenues.
  • She has helped over 30 clients within just a span of 18 months. Her clientele involves prominent firms in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and others.
  • She has also contributed to the growth of the Heartbeat Digital company from five to twenty-five employees.
  • She was able to seal the deal for more than "$4 billion worth of fixed income project finance transactions" for huge companies such as the government of the U.S. Virgin Islands and the NY Metropolitan Transportation Authority.
  • Ms. LaCascia was also a member of the team that worked with Wall Street for its "negotiated underwriting volume."




i. Outlook on IT services, including digital, technology, consulting, and operations services:

  • "Here's to what we can do together in the next 25 years, @Cognizant #happyanniversary #technology #progress #wef19"
  • "Why serve one to many when you can serve one-to-one? #AI @Malcolm_M_Frank @Cognizant #SXSW"

ii. Personal and Professional Vision

  • "I’m a marketing executive with an aptitude for strategy, a hunger for big ideas and a passion for bringing them to life to produce business results. I find the essence of complex businesses, products and technologies and connect it to their markets, driving association, consideration and credibility of evolving capabilities; enhancing understanding and memorability of abstract strategies; and engaging teams in living values and achieving objectives."

iii. Family and Background

iv. Goals and Objectives for Marketing and Company

  • "My eyes are always open for brands to partner with—and talented people to do more with together than I can alone. "

v. Something Quirky about the Person

vi. Opinion on Emerging Technology

  • Ms. LaCascia is referring to herself in third person in the first sentence of this quote: "She doesn't work every weekend, but when she does, she prefers to study blockchain...My inner student thrills and my imagination is up to warp speed. Prepare to have your ear talked off when we next meet at that proverbial cocktail party. "

vii. Opinion on Social Issues

  • "‘No name is free of all negative associations in all geographies and languages, and any can fall prey to unrelated news or conversation that happens after launch. Further, news and topics like ISIS generally die down over time. So while it’s always a good idea for brands like Isis Wallet to communicate about what value and experience it offers its customers, it’s unlikely anyone would assume affiliation or mistake one entity for the other even without that communication."

viii. Thought Leadership Pieces

  • Ms. LaCascia shared a presentation deck about blockchain as a panel entry for the SXSW 2017 convention.
  • Aside from this, there are no other articles, books, or reports found that she authored or co-authored.



  • Ms. LaCascia's humorous likes revolve around quirky artistic designs like the one found in her Facebook cover photo.
  • She is also fond of humorous film topics such as the movie about endless tickling that she posted on her Facebook page.
  • As featured in several photos in her Facebook page, Ms. LaCascia seem to prefer going on hiking trips and running marathons.


The following are the links to her social media accounts:


We searched for the requested information in various sources such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other related sites. Based on this search, we found most of the information requested. However, some of the information required such as the quotes from Ms. LaCascia were not fully available in the sources that we searched. There was also some outdated information about the person. Nevertheless, we have included the outdated quote to help in giving some additional perspective.
We then scoured through Cognizant's website and publications such as Fortune, Forbes, and others. We also went through sources such as Adage, eMarketer, and other similar sources to determine if there are featured interviews on Ms. LaCascia. However, we found only a limited amount of data on Ms. LaCascia.
We also went through several marketing research and scholarly sites such as Event Marketer, Chief Marketer, HBR, Google books, Amazon books, NCBI, and other sources to determine if there are documents that Ms. LaCascia has authored or if there are articles about her. Based on this search, we were not able to find books, articles, or documents that involve Ms. LaCascia. What we found were marketing articles and books involving other authors.

The reason why some information is not full available could be due to the private and confidential nature of the information which Ms. LaCascia possibly wanted to keep away from the public eye.
Given the lack of information in some areas, we have presented in the section above several findings that we discovered about Ms. LaCascia based on our search strategies.
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Ed Abrams

Here are a few of the requested details on Ed Abrams. He is married with two daughters and he used to work in marketing at IBM for 19 years prior to being hired at Cognizant in December 2017. More details on Abrams can be found below.


  • Title — He has been Vice President Marketing at Cognizant since December 2017.
  • Education — Abrams attended the University at Buffalo between 1979 and 1983. He graduated with a B.A. in Marketing/Communications.
  • Bio —He is a self-proclaimed marketing professional who, “believes that content-based marketing delivered through today's digital channels is the way to drive success in B2B.” He also says that when he is not busy, he spends time with his wife, two daughters, and his dog.


  • VP of Marketing: Samsung Electronics America — August 2014 to November 2017
  • IBM: VP of Marketing Software Middleware Group — October 2013 to August 2014
  • IBM: VP Marketing General Business — February 2008 to October 2013



  • Abram’s top goal is to develop and implement a marketing plan that increases brand awareness.


  • There were no career accomplishments found.


  • No information found states he was a member of any board committees.


  • There were no awards or accolades found



  • “It's all about being relevant and designing the right kind of programmatic approaches that drive conversation, engagement, and self-discovery.
  • “When I am not busy thinking about new ways to drive consideration and demand I am busy being the dad of two teenage girls and a crazy dog. No wonder my wife thinks I spend too much time at the office!”
  • “Vice President of Global Marketing at Cognizant. Passionate about our Digital future. Enjoy embarrassing my children.”
  • “A fellow word geek beautifully analyzes three personally pet-peevish buzzphrases often used in tech marketing: digital transformation, scale, and innovation.”
  • “Regardless of your industry, sustained, scalable, digital success is within reach.”



  • Interest — According to his LinkedIn page, some of Abrams interests are IoT and technology. Some companies he follows are Engadget, Adweek, and Forbes.


Your research team began by reviewing the Cognizant About Me page. They were looking for a listing of their leadership page. Companies usually have a picture, job description, and short bio for each employee that has a major leadership role. We were able to find a Leadership page, but it only listed the Board of Directors and the C level executive. Unfortunately, VP of marketing is not a C level position, so there was no information related to Ed Abram available. Since this strategy didn’t work, we moved on

Next, we reviewed all social media accounts that we could confirm belonged to Abrams. Your team reviewed his LinkedIn and Twitter. They were able to find a plethora of information on his LinkedIn account relating to his education, previous job history, and bio. His Twitter account provided some quotes and insights. Even though this strategy provided lots of information, we still had some data points to locate, so we moved on to our final strategy.

As a final resort, your team looked for any press releases or company announcements that talked about Abrams. Some websites they reviewed we Cognizant’s news page and PRN Newswire. They found press releases talking about their quarterly earnings and news stories about their senior vice president, and other high-level executives but nothing related to Ed Abrams or his vice president of marketing position.
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Celia Tennenbaum

Celia Tennenbaum is currently the Global Corporate Marketing Leader of Cognizant (business to business and business to consumer transactions) for one year and six months now. The attached document contains Tennenbaum's photo and interview video about CFO expertise during her term in Dun & Bradstreet.





According to Tennenbaum's verified LinkedIn profile, she completed two majors, such as:






  • Celia is not part of the board. However, Brian Humphries, Karen McLoughlin, Malcolm Frank, Srinivasan Veeraraghavachary, Debashis Chatterjee, Ramakrishna Prasad Chintamaneni (Prasad), Matthew Friedrich (Matt), Sumithra Gomatam , James Lennox, Dharmendra Kumar Sinha (DK) and Santosh Thomas are part of Cognizant's board.



The research team was able to find a considerable amount of the requested information within the allotted time. However, we were unable to find some information to build a comprehensive profile of Celia Tennenbaum.

To look for the missing data, we tried searching for direct data of Celia Tennenbaum's profile information that we were not able to ascertain. We explored various article sites, press releases, and databases like Forbes, BusinessWire, Business Insider, Crunchbase, and Bloomberg. Unfortunately, we were not able to find direct data of Celia Tennenbaum's profile information that we were unable to ascertain. Results of our research were numerous people named Celia Tennenbaum but did not match the subject person of the study.

Next, we tried retrieving any comprehensive profile information from the social media accounts of Celia Tennenbaum and maybe from there, we could retrieve any personal information such as her age, biography, professional data, pictures, and media coverage. We searched through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Results of our searches gave us no results of Celia Tennenbaum on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, we found her professional information on LinkedIn. Through this source, we were able to retrieve some information but it was not enough to build a complete comprehensive profile.

Lastly, we tried to triangulate the requested information by locating data that we could use to calculate and piece together to come up with robust findings. We tried to search through the website of the companies that Tennenbaum worked in her past years. Results of our research just gave us limited information about Tennenbaum's term on the recent companies. We also located an interview appearance she did in her time with Dun & Bradstreet and provided it in the attached document. Unfortunately, we did not find any information that we could use to calculate and piece together to come up with robust findings of Tennenbaum. We assumed that the reason why the information was limited is that Celia Tennenbaum is a private person and does not post and share personal information public platforms, especially on social media.

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Venu Venkateswaran

Mr. Venkateswaran has been working at Cognizant as the Director of Operations — Global Marketing since August 2016. Prior to this, he worked at UST Global-Sales Operations for 1 year 9 months. Unfortunately, there were numerous details we could not find as the publicly available information on Venu Venkateswaran is extremely limited.
  • Name: Venu Venkateswaran
  • Title: Director Operations — Global Marketing
  • In current position since August 2016
  • Current responsibilities and duties: N/A
  • Career accomplishments: Project Manager — Credit Capital Venture Fund (Jan 1991-Jul 1996); Assistant Manager (Commercial) — RPG Enterprises (Aug 1996-Oct 1997): AM (Leasing) — Sundaram Finance (Nov 1997 – Aug 2001); Manager-Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance (2001 – 2003); Director Client Services -Cognizant (2003 – Sep 2014); Sales Operations-UST Global (Sep 2014 – May 2016), and Director Operations (Global Marketing) — Cognizant (Aug 2016 — present).
  • Is he on any Boards or Committees?: N/A
  • Any awards or accolades: Venu Venkateswaran is described by colleagues as someone whose "strength lies in managing relationships and operations. In a team, he is the 'balancing factor' who can hold the team together and manage diversities. His ability to visualize a process and to implement it are commendable."
  • Education: Completed high school at Ispat English Medium School; Guru Nanak College (B.Com, Commerce); The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ACA, Accountancy, & Finance).
  • Approximate Age: N/A
  • BIO: Venkateswaran lives in Plainsboro, New Jersey. He is both a strategic thinker and innovator skilled and exposed in Operations Management, Process Consulting and Delivery Management.
Resume of previous job experience (title, company, years in each role)-
  • Mr. Venkateswaran has never been employed by an advertising agency.
  • He never worked on Cognizant at an agency before joining the company.
  • Social media accounts: LinkedIn
  • Any social interests or hobbies: N/A
  • Any humorous or sports-related likes: N/A
  • Is he married: N/A
  • What does the wife do? N/A

Quotes from Venu

  • i. “My outlook on IT services, including digital, technology, consulting, and operations services”: N/A
  • ii. “Me describing my vision (personal and professional)” : "Possess a keen understanding of business drivers and has a strong track record of fueling growth, leveraging expertise in analytical frameworks and process design to bridge operational and financial objectives."
  • iii. “About my family and my background”: N/A
  • iv. “My goals and objectives for marketing and my company” : N/A
  • v. “Something quirky about me” : N/A
  • vi. “My opinion on emerging technology” : N/A
  • vii. “My opinion on social issues” : N/A
  • viii. Have they written any thought leadership pieces?: N/A

Research Strategy:

Our exhaustive research revealed that data specific to Venu Venkateswaran is greatly limited in publicly available resources. In fact, all the useful information concerning him are exclusively available through his LinkedIn page.

For data which is unobtainable, we combed through Cognizant's official website, especially the 'About' page, for additional details. However, the company only maintains the profiles of individuals working in the executive team, are part of governance or are on the board of directors. The role of 'Director Operations — Global Marketing' does not appear in these dockets, and consequently the name Venu Venkateswaran was not mentioned.

Next, we investigated various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc for his profile or profiles linked to him. While there were several people with the same name on Facebook, none could be definitively determined to be his account.

Thinking creatively, we did try taking the one image of Mr. Venkateswaran we had access to and running it through the publicly available "Image" tool. We had hoped that the same or a similar image might be used as a header for articles or interviews of Mr. Venkateswaran, however, this strategy only returned us to his LinkedIn profile.
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Guy Daniels

Guy Daniels is a graduate from the University of Nottingham currently employed by Cognizant as the Head of Corporate Marketing.

Profile Overview

  • Age: Approximately 46 years old


  • Guy Daniels is a senior marketing executive specialized in high technology and is the current Head of Marketing Communications for Cognizant where his goal is to establish Cognizant as a leading partner to large enterprises for digital transformation.
  • He was the VP of Brand and Marketing Communications at Fujitsu and was responsible for all aspects of Fujitsu's brand & marketing communications outside Japan, online & offline.
  • He led IBM's Marketing in the SME sector across Northern Europe (the UK, Germany, Nordics & Central/Eastern Europe). He also built and managed the Integrated Marketing Communications Team in the UK and managed the corporate e-business program across Europe.
  • His career includes Marketing Communications and Market Intelligence roles at Sony Consumer Electronics and also Strategic Marketing Consultancy in Cambridge, working for clients such as Canon, Apple, and the DTI.

Special Skills

Previous Experience

  • Integrated Marketing Communications Manager at IBM (1998 – 2001)

Employment at an Advertising agency

Current responsibilities and duties

Boards and Committees

Quotes from Guy Daniels

Professional Account

Research Strategy

  • Based on the topic we looked into the information of Guy Daniels and came across only a minimum set of information related to the person and also found only one image of him from his LinkedIn account. We devised a three-step strategy in order to find this information.
  • Our first strategy was to do a straightforward search of Guy Daniels on the website of Cognizant but was unable to come across any information mentioning him. Then we tried a general search on google and came across his LinkedIn profile where we were able to gain the information presented above. We used an assumption on the age as it was not available. Since the average age where a student enters college is 19, we added the number of years he went to college along with the number of years he has worked with 19 to get an approximate age of 46 years.
  • Since there was still a lot of information missing we changed our strategy. Our next strategy was to look for news, press releases, and comments made by key individuals related to the person that gave us insights as to gain any information that was missing but was unsuccessful as they contained very little information and did not directly answer the information required.
  • Then we went for a final strategy, of finding personal information through social media accounts but was unsuccessful once again as the Guy Daniels doesn’t have accounts on websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. He only has an account on LinkedIn. Therefore, based on the search strategies we had to settle for the amount of information we were able to gain.
Calculation of Age
  • 19 (average age to enter university) + 3(number of years spent in university) + 24(number of years worked) = 46 (approximate age)