Products/Devices That Use the IoT to Reorder Items/Supplies

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Connected Products/Devices That Use the IoT to Reorder Items/Supplies

Connected devices that are able to order their own replenishment include Brother Refresh printers, GE Connected dishwashers, GE WiFi Connect washers and dryers, Brita Smart Water Pitcher, PetCube Bites, Conway Airmega, Samsung printers, Gojo soap and Purell hand sanitizer dispensers, pHin smart pool monitor, GeniCan, Sutro smart pool monitor, WePlenish java containers, and the Gmate smart blood glucose monitor. Below is a brief description of each device.


There are quite a few smart devices on the market that provide automatic ordering when supplies become low. Devices include: printers, such as the Brother Refresh and select Samsung models; appliances including GE Connected Dishwashers, washers and dryers; pool monitors like pHin and Sutro; and even a pet treat dispenser called the Pet Cube. Of the thirteen on our list, twelve have partnered with Amazon Dash Replenishment Service to supply products.

1. Brother Refresh Printers monitor usage levels to determine when ink or toner may run out. A replacement is automatically ordered through Amazon Dash to ensure that the product will arrive in time.

2. GE Connected Dishwashers- GE has partnered with Amazon Dash to automatically reorder dishwasher pods for its connected dishwashers.

3. GE WiFi Connect Washers and Dryers-Select GE connected washers and dryers will detect when detergent, fabric softener and dryer sheets are running low and place an order through Amazon Dash.

4. The Brita Smart Water Pitcher monitors how much water has passed through the system and, after about 40 gallons, reorders new filters through Amazon Dash.

5. Petcube Bites is a pet treat storage container with a camera that allows pet parents to give their pets a treat when away from home. The treat storage compartment has sensors that detect when the treat supply is running low and will place an order for replenishment through Amazon Dash.

6. Conway Airmega syncs with Amazon Dash through Alexa voice control to reorder its HEPA air filters by monitoring usage and air quality.

7. A select number of Samsung Printers can be enabled to monitor ink and toner levels and reorder from Amazon Dash through the device's Mobile App.

8. Gojo Soap and Purell Hand Sanitizer Dispensers use Gojo SmartLink Technology to detect soap and sanitizer levels and places a reorder through Amazon Dash.

9. The pHin smart pool monitor measures the chemicals in swimming pools and places an auto order by determining how many pre-measured pods have been used. It is based on a subscription model of $599 per year plus shipping costs.

10. GeniCan is a scanner that attaches to any trash can. It scans the bar code on items that are thrown away and creates a shopping list. It can be enabled to auto order products through Amazon Dash.

11. The Sutro Smart Pool Monitor was one of the first devices to partner with Amazon Dash and Alexa for automatic reordering. The drop-in device reads pool chemical levels and places an order when chemicals are running low.

12. The WePlenish Java Containers hold coffee pods and capsules, creamers, and sweeteners. When connected to WiFi, the container updates the product levels and places a reorder through Amazon Dash when products are running low.

13. The Gmate Smart Blood Glucose Meter integrates with Amazon Dash through the Gmate Smart App to automatically order test supplies when needed.


Connected devices such as Conway Airmega, GeniCan, and WePlenish Java Containers can monitor and detect supply levels and automatically place reorders for supplies. Many of these devices have partnered with Amazon Dash to ensure that consumers never run out of the products they need.