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Procurement Tailspend Solutions

Five significant companies that offer enterprise software solutions for managing procurement that include the management of tail spend include SAP Ariba, GEP, JAGGAER, Infosys BPM, and SpendEdge.

Procurement Tail spend Solutions


  • Based on SAP's latest financial statement in 2018, the company's revenue from SAP Ariba, the segment offering software solutions to manage tail spend was EUR721 million (US$809.66 million) in 2018.
  • According to information on the company's website, SAP Ariba "is open to all systems and all types of goods and services" and offers unified solutions for procurement, as well as supply chain collaboration with SAP’s enterprise application software.
  • As per a use case report of its tail spend solution, SAP Ariba's tail spend offering is a feature of the company's broader enterprise procurement solutions called SAP Ariba Spot Buy, which simplifies and improves buying processes, increases visibility into ad-hoc buying, and enables clients plug directly into existing SAP or other ERP processes.


  • According to a report by CrunchBase, GEP has an estimated annual revenue of $500 million.
  • GEP's business segments include pharma, health & life science, energy & utilities, chemicals, consumer packaged goods, government & nonprofits, industrial manufacturing, travel & hospitality, technology, financial services, oil & gas, and telecommunications.
  • Tail spend management is a feature of GEP's procurement outsourcing offering, which has key capabilities, including accounts payable, spend analysis, and procure-to-pay.


  • JAGGAER has an estimated annual revenue of $300 million, according to a report by Owler.
  • The business segments of JAGGAER are manufacturing, education, healthcare, distribution, public sector, consumer packaged goods, life sciences, retail, medical technology, plant engineering, and the automotive industries, as per information on the company's website.
  • JAGGAER offers its tail spend enterprise management software as a feature of its Panther platform, which has tools designed to give the company's clients a lightweight processing and tracking capability to manage both one-off and short-term purchases.

Infosys BPM

  • Infosys BPM, a subsidiary of the Infosys Corporation, offers procurement outsourcing solutions with features for tail spend management. The company had revenues of ₹4,518 billion in 2018 (US$64.88 million) in 2018, as per the company's 2017-2018 financial statement.
  • Communication services, energy & utilities, financial services, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, media & entertainment, retail, CPG & logistics, and services are the business segments of Infosys BPM, according to info on the company's website.
  • Tail spend management is a feature of Infosys BPM's sourcing and procurement offering with capabilities to enable clients to analyze, source, contract, procure, and pay tail spend sourcing and procurement requirements.


  • As per a report by Zoom Info, SpendEdge has estimated annual revenues of over $30 million.
  • SpendEdge's business segments include biotechnology, pharmaceutical & life sciences, chemicals, retail & CPG, banking, financial services & insurance, industrial & manufacturing, energy, food & beverages, mining, metals & minerals, ICT & media, and transportation industries.
  • SpendEdge's tail spend management solution is a feature of the company's spend analysis and benchmarking service with capabilities that enable clients to manage structured events, sort list of suppliers, conduct periodic audits, as well as spend visibility and analysis involving spend data management.

Research Strategy:

We started by investigating reports by trusted directories such as Finance Online, Supply Chain Digital, Apps Run The World, and others listing the top procurement solutions in search of those with features specific to tail spend management. Unfortunately, the above directories did not provide a list of software solutions explicit to tail spend management. Therefore, we researched the domains of each company listed by these portals to be among the top procurement solutions in search of information showing that they offered solutions to manage procurement with features specific to tail spend. From this investigation, we located only three companies among the top procurement companies listed by Apps Run The World, Supply Chain Digital, and Finance Online — SAP Ariba, GEP, and JAGGAER, offering software solutions with features specific to tail spend management. Other significant procurement solution providers highlighted in the portals we researched did not have information on their website revealing that they offered software for tail spend management; hence, we did not include them in this report.

To identify other significant procurement providers offering solutions to manage procurement with features specific to tail spend, we researched competitors to the companies identified in our earlier investigation. This research produced Infosys BPM, a subsidiary of the Infosys Corporation, offering software solutions to manage procurement with features specific to tail spend. Other competitors identified were the same ones listed by the directories earlier researched, but we could include them in this research due to the lack of reports on their websites showing that they offered solutions for tail spend management.

Next, we examined reports by media websites such as Forbes, PR Newswire, Inc., Business Insider, and others in search of reports featuring famous tail spend software solution providers. This research yielded reports by BusinessWire (this and this), Yahoo Finance, and others, which revealed SpendEdge to be an expert procurement software provider with tail spend-specific features. So, we investigated the company's website as well as its revenues and included it in this research as a significant tail spend software provider.

Please, note that as per our investigation, JAGGAER, one of the top-listed procurement company offering tail spend management solution, according to Apps Run The World, is a privately-held company. Thus, the company is not obligated to reveal its financial information. Also, such information was not available in the public domain by websites such as CrunchBase, Bloomberg, and others. Therefore, we used the company's annual revenue estimate provided by Owler in this research.


  • "Large, midsize, and growing companies use an end-to-end, automated system that simplifies the management of everything from sourcing to payments, all in one place. "
  • "GEP has $500M in estimated revenue annually."
  • "Panther improves your management of tail spend with tools designed to provide a lightweight tracking and processing capability for a wide array of short-term and one-off purchases. "
  • "The tail spend management solution provided by experts at SpendEdge enabled the consumer goods company to optimize excess spend occurring in the purchasing process by efficiently controlling, monitoring, and tracking transactions."
  • "SpendEdge, a well-known procurement intelligence solution provider, has announced the completion of their supply market intelligence study for an automotive industry client. "