Strategic Acquisitions By "Unicorn" Companies Valued Over $1Bn

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Private US Tech "Unicorn" Companies And Their Strategic Acquisitions Over The Last 18 Months

In the spreadsheet, a list of 10 top private US technology "unicorn" companies and their strategic acquisitions has been provided. The 10 companies included are: Uber, Airbnb, Palantir Technologies, Pinterest, DropBox, Stripe, Lyft, Vice Media Slack Technologies, Flatiron Health. Please find the attached spreadsheet for details on these companies' acquisitions.


From the data gathered at (2017), we compiled the 10 top private U. S technology companies valued at $1 billion and their total number of acquisitions:
Company -Valuation Total Acquisitions done
~Uber $68B 5 acquisitions
~Airbnb $29.3B 17 acquisitions
~Palantir Technologies $20B 6 acquisitions
~Pinterest $10.4B 15 acquisitions
~DropBox $9.38B 24 acquisitions
~Stripe $9.2B 7 acquisitions
~Lyft $6.89B 8 acquisitions
~Vice Media $5.7B 4 acquisitions
~Slack Technologies $3.8B 2 acquisitions
~Flatiron Health $1.2B 1 acquisition

While 3 acquisitions should be included for each company, from the table, it can be noted that Slack Technologies has only 2 acquisitions and Flatiron Health has only 1 acquisition up to date. All the acquisitions found for each company are its most recent purchase, although not all of them are acquisitions over the last 18 months, as some companies do not have any more recent acquisitions.