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Prepaid Cellular Plans US: Part 2, Competitive Analysis

Through our research, we found that Metro PCS, Boost Mobile, and Cricket Wireless have all grown substantially in the past years, each of the three companies more than doubling their number of subscribers. Virgin Mobile USA, was the only company in this request that has seen a decline in their number of subscribers. Virgin Mobile USA’s number of subscribers has reduced from 2.88 million in 2008 to 2.64 million in 2017. We have attached the competitive landscape spreadsheet that has been completed with this information as part of your request.


MetroPCS has been able to deliver on its promise to provide a quality customer experience for an incredible value by consistently innovating and implementing the most advanced technology to enable and maintain its low-cost operating structure. We found that MetroPc has grown from 3.56 million subscribers in 2010 to 12.39 million in 2017. MetroPCS’ average revenue per user, or ARPU (average revenue per user) in Q1 2016, most available, was $38-39 showing growth from previous year.

In the past years, they’ve really kicked things up a notch. MetroPCS has been offering a number of good deals on great phones and 4G LTE data plans and unlimited wireless communications service for a flat-rate. MetroPCS LTE phones are on the T-Mobile Network with LTE speeds faster than Cricket and boost. With Metro USA(SM), MetroPCS customers can use their service in areas throughout the United States covering a population of over 320 million people.


Boost Mobile LLC operates as a prepaid wireless carrier. The wireless cellular provider offers unlimited plans, unlimited music streaming without extra data charges, and taxes and fees are included with all of their plans, so no surprises. They also offer a wide selection of the latest phones from top brands at affordable prices. It's more than most consumers expect from a wireless service. Boost Mobile also comes with no annual service contracts.

Boost Mobile allows service men and women to suspend their service while deployed overseas and keep their accounts and phone numbers active, and there are no reactivation fees when the account is restored.

We found that Boost Mobile has grown from 2.81 million subscribers in 2010 to 5.82 million in 2017. Boost Mobile has an estimated revenue of $82.5 million.


Virgin Mobile offers its postpaid mobile customer FairData which supports data rollover, giving subscribers a second chance to use what you paid for by automatically rolling over unused FairData to the next month. Virgin Mobile is the game changing wireless cellular provider that was launched by Sir Richard Branson to shake things up.

Virgin will soon become the first iPhone-exclusive carrier in the United States through its game-changing offer called the Inner Circle: One simple unlimited plan for $50 per month that includes unlimited talk, text and high-speed data.

Even though Virgin Mobile USA subscribers have reduced from 2.88 million subscribers in 2008 to 2.64 million in 2017, Virgin Mobile still reports an estimated revenue of $104.7 million.


Cricket Wireless is a prepaid cellular company owned by AT&T. Cricket has more 4G LTE coverage than MetroPCS, Sprint, or T-Mobile. There is availability of talk, text, and high-speed data access plans. Cricket offers cheap cell phone plan prices, with taxes included. Cricket also offers a selection of the most popular smartphones from Samsung, iPhone, Nokia & more

Cricket Wireless has announced that it's offering an unlimited data, text, and voice plans for an all-in price, including taxes and fees. The wireless provider also offers an additional discount for people who sign up for automated billing. That means no annual contracts, cheap cell phone plan prices, and no surprises.

Cricket has grown from 2.35 million subscribers in 2010 to 6.31 million in 2017. Cricket Wireless has an estimated revenue of $63.8 million. There was growth in AT&T revenues for the fourth quarter of 2015; data for current year is not available. This success is attributed to its prepaid wireless brand, Cricket. This is an indication that its revenue has been increasing.


Through our research, we have found that Metro PCS, Boost Mobile, and Cricket Wireless all appear to be increasing their number of subscribers. Even though we were not able to find any estimated revenue information for Metro PCS within the last two years, we did find that Virgin Mobile's estimated revenue is higher than that of Cricket Wireless and Boost Mobile, despite their declining number of subscribers.