Potential Investors

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Potential Investors

Some potential investors in a branded consumable food products company in Canada include CircleUp, Agriculture Capital, Founders Food Group, AGR Partners, Anterra Capital, among others.


Agriculture Capital

Founders Food Group

AGR Partners

  • AGR Partners invests in agribusinesses and food companies globally.
  • The company has invested in companies such as Almark that "produce a variety of egg products including peeled and ready-to-eat hard-cooked eggs, frozen diced eggs, deviled egg kits and colored Easter eggs. "
  • They have also invested in Canadian companies in the past.

Anterra Capital

  • Anterra Capital is a venture capital firm that is focused on investing in food and agribusinesses in North America and Europe. They invest in all kinds of food businesses including natural food.
  • They invest up to $20 million in equity per company and has invested in Canadian food companies such as BluWrap in the past.

Wheatsheaf Group

  • Wheatsheaf Group invests in and helps in developing businesses in the food and agriculture sectors. They are especially interested in food and agribusinesses that are organic and natural.
  • They lead the £12.6 million investment in the Canadian food tech company BluWrap.

Avrio Capital

Investeco Capital

VMG Partners

  • VMG Partners is a private equity investment firm that is focused on investing in branded consumer products businesses in the food, beverage, personal care, beauty, pet, and wellness category.
  • The company has invested in a Canadian company in the past called Vega. Vega makes "clean, plant-based supplements, snacks, shakes, and bars—sold online and in stores nationwide. "
  • They invest over $2 million in companies.

Boulder Food Group