Post-Enrollment Customer Engagement

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Customer Engagement Strategies: Case Studies (1)

Post-enrollment customer engagement is an effective means through which a company can maintain its customers and attract new ones. USSA, Erie Insurance Group and Geico are insurance companies with strong customer engagement strategies and have been ranked among the top 10 insurance companies in the United States in a Forbes 2019 report.

United Services Automobile Association (USAA)

  • USAA is a financial services company based in San Antonio, Texas and specializing in insurance products, banking services, financial consultancy & investments and serving clients from the US military.

USAA's Customer Engagement

  • USAA has a mobile service where clients can know their account balances by simply sending a text of their account numbers to USAA.
  • It has developed a mobile phone cloud based application that enables its clients to keep communication with their kin working in the diaspora though social media.
  • The company has a very secure system of client authentication where clients are identified either through voice or through facial recognition reducing the need for many other identification details.
  • It keeps track of their clients' financial transactions to ensure they continually offer them the best advice on the same.

USAA's Customer Engagement Success

  • Forbes named USAA among the 2019 top ten customer centric insurance firms in the US and another Forbes 2019 report used USAA as a case study of a company with very creative customer service tactics.
  • A KPMG 2016 report named USAA as the best experience of customer service in the world and that the company had at that time won the United States CEE awards twice in a row.
  • The Fortune 2019 report indicates that the company's revenue for the 2018/2019 financial year was over $31 billion. A KSAT customer satisfaction survey conducted in 2019 ranked USAA among the top three firms in the United States.
  • Customer reviews show that USAA clients are happy with the innovative ways the company engages with them especially on matters relating to account security and financial advice. A full view of USAA's customer satisfaction awards & recognitions can be found here.

Erie Insurance Group

  • Erie Insurance has headquarters in Erie, PA and offers auto, home, business and life insurance products & services. It operates in 12 states in the US and in the District of Columbia.

Erie Insurance Group Customer Engagement

  • The job description for a customer care specialist job at Erie Insurance is expected to use telephone conversation to effectively respond to customers' questions.
  • The company has established an efficient customer support hierarchy where if a specialist is not able to fully address a customer's question, the customer is quickly referred to the next-level expert.
  • Erie IG trains its agents to understand the company's customer engagement strategy and requires the agents to use the strategy to assist their clients through one-on-one interactions. The company has more than 12000 independent agents across its locations.
  • The company has a team from among its staff tasked to gather information on customers' feedback from various platforms and devise ways to address the feedback so that their customers' experience is continually improved at every point of their interaction with Erie IG.
  • They gather customer feedback from various platforms such as social listening, third parties and customer surveys. They have a section on their website where customers can share stories of their experience with Erie IG at any time.
  • The company runs a blog on their website that informs its clients on diverse issues that relate to their general well-being. Erie IG creates an account for each of their clients through which the clients can login and raise any issues of concern on the company's website.
  • Erie IG has an elaborate support center where clients can get help through FAQs section, through telephone conversations with company's agents or through email.

Erie Insurance Group's Customer Engagement Success

Geico Insurance

  • Geico Insurance has headquarters in Chevy Chase, Maryland and has more than 16 offices in the United States. It offers insurance services in the following areas: auto, RV, ATV, Boat, Motorcycle, commercial auto, renters, condo & homeowners, ID Theft and umbrella Insurance.

Customer Engagement Strategy

  • Geico has a customer insights team that collects and analyzes data on customer experience and generated solutions to provide the quickest help to customers. The company offers services to its customer at all times throughout the year.
  • Customers have a platform where they can share their experiences with Geico on their website at any time of the day. Geico creates individual customer accounts where customers login on their website and engage with the staff on any issue of concern.
  • The various channels through which Geico customers engage with the company can be found here and customers can engage with Geico from any of these channels at any time of day. The channels include phone, mobile and web based options.

Geico's Customer Engagement Success

  • Geico has more than 16 million clients, has insured more than 20 million vehicles and is ranked the 2nd largest private passenger vehicle insurer in the US according to A.M. Best Company's 2019 report. A detailed list of Geico's customer service honors and awards can be found here.
  • Statistica's 2019 report shows that Geico's value of earned premiums has grown from about $12 billion in 2008 to an estimated $33 billion in 2019. Geico was among the insurance companies ranked top in a 2019 Bloomberg survey report on customers' online experience.


The success of an insurance company is to a large extent based on its ability to maintain its clients and one of the effective ways to do this is to have a robust post-enrollment customer engagement strategy.

Research Strategy

Your research team did not get information that directly indicated the number of customers involved in the above companies' post-enrollment engagement programs. The team assumed that a company's revenues and its rankings in customer satisfaction surveys are key indicators of its effectiveness in post-enrollment customer engagements. The team's further argues that a company's revenue is in mostly a function of its customer base.
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Customer Engagement Strategies: Case Studies (2)

Post-enrollment customer engagement is an effective means through which a company can maintain its customers and attract new ones. Liberty Mutual and Thrivent Financial are insurance companies with strong customer engagement strategies and have been ranked among the top 10 insurance companies in the United States in a Forbes 2019 report.

Liberty Mutual

  • Liberty Mutual states that education is the first step to a great experience. Therefore, Liberty Mutual allows customers to receive insurance quotes and other data with voice commands through Alexa.

Liberty Mutual's customer engagement

  • The insurance company focuses on building a quality cross-customer experience team. Its focus is on building a team and finding different skill sets to bring into the team, which doesn't necessarily include the conventional ones that companies usually look for.
  • Additionally, the company puts the focus of customer engagement on finding the "role of a customer room" by building empathy and embedding it as "an ongoing concept, not a one-off."
  • Moreover, in order to drive customer engagement, Liberty Mutual sees its employees as its customers as well. According to Melanie Foley, Chief Talent and Enterprise Services Officer at Liberty Mutual, "seeing employees as customers is key to creating a great experience."
  • The same way customers can choose to purchase the product or not, employees can also choose to work for the company. By creating a culture of employee engagement, Liberty Mutual is able to drive a strong customer experience due to the fact that employees are excited and ready to interact with customers.
  • The tactic used by the brand to engage with customers is based on the platform titled MasterThis which is a "unique content marketing brand dedicated to resolving customers’ worries by making them the masters on all of life’s biggest worries".
  • Every time a customer engages with the brand, they are directed to CRM messaging which comes from MasterThis. Therefore, the company uses pop up windows and automated responses for its engagement with customers.

Liberty Mutual's customer engagement success

  • Liberty Mutual uses NPS to measure customer satisfaction, and its NPS score is 13 which is considered to be a good score for the industry.
  • The company is planning to roll out eNPS, or employee net promoter score. It will cover all 50,000 of its employees globally.

Thrivent Financial

  • Thrivent Financial is a Fortune 500 company which offers not-for-profit financial services organization.
  • It is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Appleton, Wisconsin. It was founded by Lutherans.
  • Thrivent Financial operates under a chapter system and currently serves almost 2.3 million members.

Thrivent Financial's customer engagement

  • Thrivent's customer engagement is rooted in the offering of a strong customer experience that entails a personal touch and the employees getting to know each client that walks through the door of each of the branches.
  • Thrivent's offering includes learning resources for its customers regardless of their financial situations.
  • Moreover, the company is focused on "sustainable, environmentally friendly efforts" and its mission of corporate social responsibility extends all the way to its customers.
  • When it comes to which tactic Thrivent Financial uses to engage with customers, Kyle Nowadnick, Thrivent Financial Consultant explained: "With an enormous base of advisors and agents using social, websites, email and compliant texting with mobile calling we’re in the unique position to be a hub for those in the industry to learn from one another."
  • Thrivent's agents are encouraged to spend a few minutes each day to execute their digital communications strategy. They use a tool called Hearsay Social, Sites and Relate which allows them to communicate with the existing and potential customer based via digital channels, mainly social media.

Thrivent Financial's customer engagement success

  • Thrivent Financial was named one of the most ethical companies in the world based on its focus on corporate social responsibility and its deep passion for customer engagement.

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