Porta Potty Business

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Porta Potty Business

Key Takeaways

  • United Site Services and National Construction Rentals are two of the leading providers of porta potty toilet rentals in Las Vegas and nationally.
  • Luxury Flush is the leading provider of luxurious and stylish porta potty toilets in and around Las Vegas areas.
  • The goals and objectives of both Honey Bucket and Royal Flush porta potty rentals are more focused on delivering excellent customer experiences, while also growing their businesses through innovation.


Below are two business plan goal’s reviews regarding Royal Flush and Honey Bucket, which are key providers of porta potty rentals in Las Vegas and nationally respectfully. The attached spreadsheet features a detailed competitive analysis of three of the key players in the Las Vegas porta potty toilet rentals market. The three companies profiled are National Construction Rentals, United Site Services, and Luxury Flush.


    ROYAL FLUSH: Business Plan Review

    How it achieves Its Objectives

    • To achieve its primary goal regarding offering excellent customer service, Royal Flush delivers porta potties to client’s special events on time.
    • The company also services the porta potties weekly to promote high levels of cleanliness and hygiene.
    • To continue promoting positive customer service, Royal Flush discusses the needs of its clients, first, in order to determine how to help them.
    • Royal Flush’s business plan is anchored on the premises of delivering outstanding customer support services, which is the key founding philosophy of the company.
    • Overall, to support its goals and objectives, Royal Flush charges competitive rates starting at $130 — $180/month (including weekly service) for construction site porta potty rentals and $50 delivery fee. For special events, the company charges $180 for 1 unit. 2+ units for $150 each for 3 days, with the inclusion of a hand wash sink at $100! Extra services cost existing customers $200.


  • In the attached spreadsheet is a competitive analysis of three examples of the largest companies in the porta potty business in Las Vegas. The three companies were identified based on coverage throughout the Las Vegas city and surrounding areas, including statewide and national coverage, and company claims regarding their sizes.
  • The three companies profiled in the attached spreadsheet are National Construction Rentals, United Site Services, and Luxury Flush.

Helpful Findings

  • The National Construction Rentals porta potty rentals company positions itself as "offering the newest and cleanest toilets in the industry."
  • United Site Services competitive edge in Las Vegas porta potty business stems from its massive portfolio comprising over "2,400 team members in 85 local branch locations, including three in Carson City, Las Vegas & Sparks."
  • Luxury Flush claims to be #1 in the industry in and around the Las Vegas area and has served top brands like Calamigos Ranch, Coachella, Ferrari, Fox Sports, Jaguar, SKECHERS, and Malibu Wines, among others. The image above shows a 2 station porta party restroom.
  • All the competitive landscape details are included in the attached spreadsheet.

Research Strategy

The companies identified in the competitive landscape of the Las Vegas porta potty business were selected based on a rigorous criterion. First, the research team identified competitors serving the entire Las Vegas areas. Next, we narrowed down the scope to include those companies with more personnel and local branches in the city and city areas. Lastly, we incorporated key players offering services statewide and nationwide. For the competitive analyses details included in the spreadsheet, the team reviewed each competitor’s website to unearth the specific information regarding competitive edge, positioning, and the products & services offered. Overall, all the competitive landscape information is included in the attached spreadsheet and can be accessed here.

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