Pornhub - Reddit Case Study

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Pornhub on Reddit

Pornhub has had an active subreddit since August 2010, which has grown to reach 69,800 members. Details of the companies Reddit page have been provided below.

Pornhub Content on Reddit

  • The main Pornhub page on Reddit has 69,800 followers.
  • In the last 24 hours there have been over 50 posts to the page.
  • There is an average of 1-2 comments on content that has been posted in the last 24 hours with most posts having 500-700 views.
  • The pages top content that has thousands of views average 4-5 comments from redditors.

Pornhub Reddit Feeds

  • Most content posted on the Reddit page includes a couple second long video clips of site content, photos of the sites actors or thumbnails, and humorous content about Pornhub.
  • The most common categories posted that receive the most engagement on the companies Reddit page include the following:

Pornhub Reddit External Links

  • The Pornhub Reddit page has a link to the website at the top of the page that can be accessed by members or page visitors.
  • Reddit generates 32.37% of the website traffic from social media.
  • Other forms of links that are available on the Pornhub subreddit include the following:
    • Links shared in posts description.
    • Links shared in comments.
    • Links shared on the original posters page.

Pornhub Reddit Influencers

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Pornhub Competitive Analysis (1)

Pornhub utilizes an in-depth content marketing strategy to promote their business and generate engagement online while Erika Lust uses their business model and feminine outlook to promote their purpose and drive site traffic. Details of each company have been provided below.


  • Pornhub uses a content marketing to gain an advantage over their competitors. They have done this by finding creative ways to market to vast audiences without playing up the "taboo" nature of adult content.
  • The company generates 45.64% of their traffic from direct key word searches using "pornhub" as the search.
  • In addition, the company generates 32.37% of their traffic from Reddit,
  • Pornhub is one of the strongest porn databases on the internet due to their strong keyword opportunities, niche content, 7.4 million videos, and daily updates.
  • The company does display some weaknesses in their range of content as some viewers want less professional videos in the "amature" category. In addition, the in-site advertisements have been mentioned in the media as a downfall to using their site.
  • Pornhubs marketing strategy includes content marketing that leverages humor, pushes limits, upsells data and PR, and amplifies content.
  • A further breakdown of each part of their marketing strategy is as follows:
    • Leveraging Humor: the company utilizes humor to boost ad campaigns on social media when they can't actively advertise their services. This has been seen in their April Fools marketing campaign "CornHub" where they created a subsite with all corn related content. In addition, they used humor in their holiday gift card TV commercial where they advertised their services as “….the most touching gift.”
    • Pushing Limits: Pornhub has pushed limits with crazy ideas to raise awareness of their brand and revenue such as their "Sexploration" campaign in 2015 when they attempted to raise $3.4 million to fund an actual porn shoot in space. While the campaign failed and they never actually shot the video, they raised a lot of money and publicity.
    • Upsell Data and PR: The company invests in marketing through data and statistics that have been promoted on sites like The Daily Bot, Mashable, and Gizmodo.
    • Amplify Content: The company avoids sharing content on their social media sites and public forums due to the nature of the content. Instead, they generate interest and engagement through humor and clever posting. For example tagging Justin Beiber in a post about his membership with them, or replying to customer comments with humor.
  • Pornhubs marketing channels include the following:

Erika Lust

  • Erika Lust uses femininity as a driver to gain a competitive advantage. The company boasts about their unique filming style and feminine techniques through their website and through media publications to maintain awareness of their business model.
  • The company shows strength in the professionalism of their content, business model, and promoting their content to women.
  • Unfortunately, the company lacks a strong social media presence and brand awareness. The company has only 396,300 daily views compared to 2.71 billion daily views on Pornhub.
  • In addition, site traffic is mostly recommended through small media sites as opposed to other large adult content sites where they can advertise more freely.
  • The company uses a basic marketing strategy leveraging one main point, a female perspective. The company uses basic content marketing and social media marketing to promote the company as a woman-driven company.
  • While the company has lead campaigns in the past to drive engagement such as the VR headset giveaway in 2019, most content is promoted in blogs or through advertising what content they have created.
  • Erika Lust does not engage in any marketing or advertising on Reddit.
  • The company only generates 2.48% of their website traffic from social media channels with only 14.16% of that coming from Reddit.
  • Marketing channels that Erika Lust uses include the following:

Research Strategy

In order to determine which porn brand — Erika Lust or Lust Cinema — was more popular on reddit, we conducted an analysis of each company on Through our search, we analyzed posts, followers, engagement, and page content. We found that Erika Lust has an active page on reddit that maintains posts every few months. In addition, the Erika Lust page has 786 members with regular engagement on their posts. In contrast, Lust Cinema does not have an active page on While there is a link to the brand's website with a reddit tag, there is no engagement, posts, or advertising on this page. In addition, the only mention of Lust Cinema that we could find was from a reddit user over 2 years ago. Due to these findings we decided to continue our analysis of Erika Lust and exclude Lust Cinema from our analysis.
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Pornhub Competitive Analysis (2)

While Brazzers focuses on traditional content marketing through giveaways, social media, and adult oriented marketing, Vixen focuses on maintaining a luxury image with high-fashion photo shoots and high-budget content. Details of each company have been provided below.


  • In order to maintain a competitive advantage in the industry, Brazzers advertises having no filler content on their website as well as a focus on "users’ mobile experience, masterfully keyword-targeted ads and niche affiliate partnerships."
  • The company's strength comes from being "backed by a behind-the-scenes analytics juggernaut connected to scores of paysites and digital media might." In addition, the company continually produces unique content and expert content management.
  • The company has been plagued with the reputation of heavy advertisements and viruses originating from their website.
  • Brazzers marketing strategy includes giveaways, social media marketing, and general content marketing.
  • The company focuses on accentuating the adult content that they provide through straight-talk, humor, and viewer relations. This was shown in their "Brazzers House 2" campaign which played on the public's affinity for reality TV and their Christmas campaign which played on humor and viewer's connection to Christmas music.
  • The company's main channels for marketing include the following:


  • Vixen maintains a competitive advantage in the adult industry by marketing and maintaining an image of adult videos being a high-budget art form, rather than amature style content.
  • One of the companies strengths includes their superior content. The company features content that mostly are "highly stylized with a limited color palette, natural lighting and high-contrast sets."
  • According to the company's CEO, Greg Lansky, the company's greatest weakness is the content. Because the company features an interracial brand called "Blackened," the company receives a lot of hate mail and backlash in public forums.
  • Vixen has invested a lot of time in an alternative marketing strategy by marketing their company as a "lifestyle brand with mainstream appeal" through their "Vixen Angel" shoots. The goal of these shoots is to advertise the company with the feel of high-fashion rather than porn.
  • Lansky said, "We focused our brands on all the little touches I felt customers were missing. Things like sound, image quality, story, shooting with the best possible equipment and the best talent in the business."
  • In 2017, the company won an award at the AVN Awards for the best new imprint in marketing.
  • The company does not publish any adult content on social media.
  • The company's main channels for marketing include the following:
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Pornhub Competitive Analysis (4)

RedTube, Reality Kings, and MOFOS generate 24.91%, 8.42%, and 7.53% of their website traffic from Reddit, respectively. Details of each company have been provided below.


  • RedTube maintains a competitive advantage by offering free porn on their website. While the company does not charge a subscription fee like Pornhub does, they are considered a competitor based on viewership and public opinion. The company maintains its position as a major player by offering competitive content for free.
  • RedTube maintains a strong public image by actively staying involved in sustainability efforts and community projects such as their "Save Water Challenge" or their efforts to clean up the "Little Mermaid" statue in Denmark.
  • The company is unfortunately known for having ads and viruses and overall lower content quality than it's competitors.
  • RedTube does most of their marketing through giveaways and contest including work in sustainability, community efforts.
  • On Reddit, RedTube has links to their shop which has official RedTube merchandise.
  • The company generates 24.91% of their website traffic from Reddit.
  • In addition, the company links to their website and social media sites straight from the main page.
  • The main channels for marketing that the company uses are as follows:

Reality Kings

  • Reality Kings maintains a competitive advantage by contracting with over 45 porn streaming sites as well as providing their own original content. Through this strategy, the company is able to offer a large variety of content that their competitors may not have.
  • The company provides a huge variety of content ranging in quality from amature to high-budget, in-house content. In addition, the company has an archive system that has content from the last 10 years and over 6400 videos.
  • The site is over priced compared to some of its competitors charging a subscription fee and an additional fee to download content on a per download basis.
  • The company generates 8.42% of its website traffic from Reddit.
  • Reality Kings markets on Reddit through video previews with links and the use of a site moderator that manages and posts content.


  • maintains a competitive advantage by offering free porn on their website. The company does have a subscription option starting at $1.00 per day.
  • The company contracts with 14 niche sites that allow users to watch quality content in more specialized categories.
  • Unfortunately, the company charges an additional fee for downloads which costs more to add-on than a pro subscription.
  • Reddit is accountable for 7.53% of website traffic on
  • markets on Reddit through video previews with links and the use of a site moderator that manages and posts content.
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Pornhub Competitive Analysis (3)

Three additional competitors of Pornhub that have a presence on Reddit include RedTube, Reality Kings, and MOFOS. Details of each company have been provided below.


  • RedTube: the company's Reddit page currently has 3,600 members with 23 posts to their page in the last week.
  • Reality Kings: the company's Reddit page currently has 5,700 members with 12 posts in the last 30 days.
  • MOFOS: the company's Reddit page currently has 6,400 members with 23 posts in the last 6 months.

Research Strategy

In order to identify 3 additional competitors of Pornhub that are active on Reddit, we began our search by analyzing companies with similar offerings, website traffic, and public opinion. Through this search, we were able to identify several competitors of Pornhub. In order to narrow it down, we cross-referenced the results across all sources and organized our findings by most traffic and best public opinion. Finally, we analyzed the Reddit presence of each of our findings to ensure that the "top" competitors also had a strong presence on Reddit.

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