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Active Collectible Listings

Our research team calculated the approximate number of listings for collectibles such as comic books, trading cards and sports memorabilia on Amazon and eBay. There are more than 180,000 such listings on Amazon and almost 40,000,000 such listings on eBay. The details of our research and calculations are outlined below.

Research Strategy

In order to identify the number of listings for collectibles on Amazon and eBay, we started by browsing through the different departments and categories on each website, identifying those that are likely to include such listings. On Amazon, we found the department "Collectibles and Fine Art," which includes several categories, such as sports collectibles, entertainment collectibles, trading cards, historical and political collectibles, advertising collectibles, stamps, coins, and fine art. We noted that trading cards is a sub-category of sports collectibles and that historical and political and advertising collectibles are sub-categories of entertainment collectibles, which also includes comic books. Therefore, we included sports collectibles and entertainment collectibles in our research.

We excluded the categories of coins, stamps and fine art because while they are collectible, they are not likely to appeal to the same people as sports memorabilia, trading cards and comics books, which are the focus of this research. We also found a category for collectible game cards, such as Magic cards, in the "Toys and Games" department of Amazon, which we included in our research. Because each of these categories is very large, exact numbers of listings are not provided and the number of listings is provided as being over a specific number, which is what we used for our calculations.

On eBay, we identified the department "Collectibles & Art," which includes many categories, such as antiques, art, dolls and teddy bears, sports memorabilia and stamps. We included the categories of sports memorabilia and entertainment memorabilia in our research, which were further broken down into smaller categories. We also included the comic book and non-sport trading card categories in our calculations. As before, we also excluded categories like art and antiques as they are not likely to attract the same audience as the other collectibles covered in this research.

We browsed through the listings in each sub-category to ensure each category was independent of the others and excluded those that appeared to include mostly listings from the other categories. Still, with millions of listings in some categories, there is no way to review every one to ensure there are no duplicates across categories. Therefore, there is a possibility that some listings are duplicated across categories, so the calculated numbers should be taken as estimates, no absolutes.


  • There are over 90,000 listings in the sports collectibles category on Amazon., which includes over 80,000 listings for sports trading cards.
  • There are over 50,000 listings in the entertainment collectibles department of Amazon, which includes comic books.
  • Within collectible card game cards on Amazon, there are over 40,000 listings in the single card category and 7,000 listings for decks and sets. Because there appears to be a lot of overlap in these two categories with many decks/sets being listed in the single card category, we assumed that the over 40,000 single card listings included the decks and sets listings.
  • The number of listings for collectibles on Amazon can be calculated as follows: 90,000 + 50,000 + 40,000 = 180,000.
  • Therefore, there are over 180,000 listings for collectibles on Amazon.


  • There are 11,210,680 listings for baseball trading cards, 2,747,931 listings for basketball trading cards, 5,446,468 listings for football trading cards and 3,159,712 listings for ice hockey trading cards on eBay for a total of 22,564,791‬ listings for sports trading cards (11,210,680 + 2,747,931 + 5,446,468 + 3,159,712 = 22,564,791)
  • There are 78,905 listings for game used sports memorabilia, 1,373,394 listings for autographed sports memorabilia, 8,561 listings for sports autograph reprints, 6,876,859 listings for sports fan apparel and souvenirs and 884,673 listings for vintage sports memorabilia on eBay, for a total of 7,770,093‬ listings for sports collectibles besides trading cards (768,905 + 2,747,931 + 5,446,468 + 3,159,712 = 7,770,093).
  • There are 1,697,923 listings for movie memorabilia, 1,714,941 listings for music memorabilia, 101,041 listings for theater memorabilia, 313,680 listings for TV memorabilia and 10,470 listings for video game memorabilia, for a total of 3,838,055 listings for entertainment memorabilia (1,697,923 + 1,714,941 + 101,041 + 313,680 + 10,471 = 3,838,055)
  • There are 4,438,951 listings for comic books on eBay.
  • There are 1,246,356 listings for non-sport trading cards on eBay.
  • The number of listings for collectibles on eBay can be calculated as follows: 22,564,791 (calculated) + 7,770,093 (calculated) + 3,838,055 (calculated) + 4,438,951 + 1,246,356 = 39,858,246‬
  • Therefore, there are an estimated 39,858,246‬ listings for collectibles on eBay.