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Losing a Job in Popular Culture

The songs and stories found in popular culture were focused mainly on how the work is too hard. Additionally, the songs and stories explain that the job is not comparable to the paid obtained by the work done. This is described well in the song “Forty Hour Week” by Alabama.


Our search was focused on obtaining relevant examples of songs and stories of working a hard job, losing a job, and eventually finding a new one. We decided to use websites that talk about work and employment such as the website Taste of Country in finding examples that relate to the theme. From this search, we were able to find songs that were relevant to the theme such as “Hard Hat And A Hammer” by Alan Jackson and “Forty Hour Week (For a Livin’)” by Alabama. Both of the songs talk about how blue collar jobs are too hard compared to the pay they receive. Another website that offered another song to the list is Social Talent. The website listed 12 other iconic songs about work, including Johnny Paycheck’s iconic song titled “Take This Job And Shove It.”

Additionally, the website Spinditty listed 57 other songs that talked about work. We were able to select “Workin’ Man (Nowhere to Go)” by NGDB which talks about unemployment. Another song we selected was “This F***ing Job” by Drive-by Truckers which talks about losing a job and its consequences. We also selected a song by the Styx titled “Blue Collar Man,” which talks about unemployment and the hard experience of finding a new job. All of these songs can be found on the YouTube platform. The story of Adam Sandler losing his in NBC can be found in the Hollywood Reporter website.

Alan Jackson- Hard Hat and a Hammer

This song talks about a simple and overworked man working a “blue collar job.” Additionally, the song also explains how someone working a blue collar job is easily replaced after all the sacrifices that he or she had made.

Alabama- Forty Hour Work Week (For a Livin’)

This is another song that talks about the hard work that comes with blue collar jobs. It also talks about the low salary that employees get compared to the hard work they do in their jobs.

A Monologue from Adam Sandler

In this monologue, Adam Sander, a comedian, and a celebrity, talks about how he was fired from his job in NBC when he had just started his career. He further talks about what happened after he was fired.

Johnny Paycheck- Take this Job and Shove it

This song highlights the story of a factory worker losing his job. The man was pushed to the limit, and ended up saying “Take this job and shove it.”

NGDB- Workin’ Man (Nowhere to Go)

This 1988 country song talks about the impacts of unemployment to various people. It explains how unemployment leads to broken families, foreclosures, and the overall fall of the stock market. It also leaves people with nothing to do with their lives.

Drive-By Truckers- This F***ing Job

This song talks about a blue-collar worker who works in a restaurant. The worker eventually loses his job, and the song further explains the worker’s regrets when he had lost his job.

Styx- Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)

This song talks about the process of looking for a job and the process of finding a new one. It also talks about the story of a worker who did his best trying to prove himself. The song further narrates how the worker does not mind working “long hours and impossible jobs” to reach “security and respect that comes with a good job.”