Podcast Statistics

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Podcast Statistics

While there was not an available quantitative number of gamers who listened to podcasts in the US, we were able to triangulate the potential market based on available separate data on both gamers and podcasts in 2017. We were able to identify both the number of gamers in the US and the percentage of podcast listeners in the US in 2017. We calculated the statistics about gamers who listen to podcasts based on the assumption that number of gamers who would listen to different genres of podcasts would correlate to the general population's listening preferences.

These calculations are also available under the "Calculations" heading below. Additionally, a description of the formula is offered in each section.

2017 Statistics

In the US, there were 53.6 million gamers in the US in 2017; 40% of surveyed adults had listened to a podcast in that time as well, a number that has grown to 44% in the first quarter of 2018.

Therefore, we triangulated that there are roughly 21.4 million gamers that had listened to podcasts in the US in 2017, a number which is estimated have continued to grow in Q1 of 2018. (53.6 Million * 40% of survey respondents who were Podcast listeners=21.4 million gamer-listeners)


The podcast data on genre listenership in 2017 is based on overall listeners, and has been calculated to gamers based on the previously calculated estimate of 21.4 million gamers. The genres are listed by popularity, and include the percentage of listeners as well as the calculated number of gamer-listeners. (Percentage of Listeners * 21.4 million= ~Number of genre-specific gamer listeners)

1. Comedy (48%) ~10.3 million gamers
2. Educational (40%) ~8.6 million gamers
3. News (38%) ~8.1 million gamers
4. Sports (27%) ~5.8 million gamers
5. Politics (22%) ~4.7 million gamers
6. Gaming (18%) ~3.9 million gamers
7. Technology (16%) ~3.4 million gamers
8. Sci-fi (16%) ~3.4 million gamers

Additional Assumptions and recommendations

It can be assumed tha gamers are more interested in gaming-specific podcasts and therefore may represent a higher market share than the general population. It may be advantageous for the gaming brand to conduct additional user surveys to gauge the interest of the gaming community in podcasts related to gaming.

With the commonly known popularity of YouTube and other online gamers' forums, the reach of podcasts about gaming or targeted advertisements to gamers has a potential market beyond even the scope of the above data. Given the scope of this request, we do not have quantitative data at this time, but we would recommend the client makes additional requests regarding the quantitative data of YouTube gaming channels and online gaming forum usage to further convince the gaming brand to produce and advertise via Podcasts.


Number of US gamers in 2017: 53.6 million

Percentage of US Podcast Listeners in 2017: 40%

53.6 million * .40 = 21.4 million gamers that listen to podcasts in US

21.4 million * .48 = 10.3 million gamers who listen to comedy podcast
21.4 million * .40 = 8.6 million gamers who listen to educational podcast
21.4 million * .38 = 8.1 million gamers who listen to news podcast
21.4 million * .27 = 5.8 million gamers who listen to sports podcast
21.4 million * .22 = 4.7 million gamers who listen to politics podcast
21.4 million * .18 = 3.9 million gamers who listen to gaming podcast
21.4 million * .16 = 3.4 million gamers who listen to technology podcast
21.4 million * .16 = 3.4 million gamers who listen to sci-fi podcast


An estimated 21.4 million gamers in the US listened to various podcasts in 2017, and the number of Podcast users has grown by 4% in the first quarter of 2018. There were 8 podcast genres that gamers listened to in 2017: educational, news, sports, politics, gaming, technology, and sci-fi. There is a potential market for 53.6 million gamers that could potentially listen to podcasts.