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Kohler Advertising and Marketing

The print, billboard ads, and commercials released by Kohler in the United States over the last 12-14 months featured a “playful” tone and the tag line “The Bold Look of Kohler.” Examples of the advertising materials have been provided on the attached Google Document.


  • Sacha Waldman, the photographer behind Kohler's most recent ads, has published four print and billboard ads on his website tagged with “The Bold Look of Kohler.”
  • The first image featured an open ocean and a woman sitting on a faucet that is shaped like a hook. The image is titled "The Lure of the Finish." It also says "choose from a sea of faucet finishes - including vibrant. Ombre - and design your space around what captivates you."
  • The second image featured a scene from Snow White with a focus on the mirror in the room. The image is titled "Mirror, Mirror" and says "With the verdera voice mirror. You can control music, lightning, and other products with your voice. Fairytales do come true."
  • The second image is part of the 2019 commercial Verdera Voice Mirror With Kohler Connect TV Commercial, 'Mirror Mirror on the Wall'
  • The third image featured a man in front of an umbrella shop standing under a showerhead with running water and protecting himself from the water with an umbrella. It is titled "Umbrella" and has been published in March 2019.
  • The third image also contains the following information: "Spring showers available year-round. Discover real rain, a unique ceiling shower panel that creates a truly authentic rain shower experience. To feel it is to believe"
  • The fourth image featured a man standing on the steps of a brownstone holding a flower themed vessel sink behind his back. He is standing in front of a woman leaning on the open door of the brownstone and throwing flower petals towards the man.


  • The 2019 commercial Verdera Voice Mirror With Kohler Connect TV Commercial, “Mirror Mirror on the Wall” featured a scene from Snow White where the Evil Queen talked to her mirror. But the mirror is voice controlled, and the audio is much more “playful” in contrast to the serious look of the ad. It ended with “The Bold Look of Kohler.”
  • The July 2018 commercial titled “Jealous Dog” showcased the ability of Kohler's Revolution 360 Toilets. This commercial was 30 seconds long and featured a dog flushing large items down the toilet bowl without clogging it. The commercial also ended with “The Bold Look of Kohler.”
  • On February 21, 2018, Kohler’s YouTube channel published an advertisement for their shower sprays. This ad featured a couple sharing a romantic date where they were rained on and later seen in a water fountain with water hitting their skin, similar to water from a shower hitting their skin on the same spot. The commercial ended with "We transform water, To transform you."
  • On June 29, 2018, Kohler’s YouTube channel published an advertisement for their Veil intelligent toilet. It featured robots at a house party enjoying the company of the Veil intelligent toilet. The commercial looks very “fun” and informative and ended with "Never Too Next" and "The Bold Look of Kohler" tag lines.


  • The overarching campaign is “The Bold Look of Kohler.”
  • The older advertisements from 2018 seemed to focus on the product in the video with additional tag lines such as "To transform water, to transform you" and "Never Too Next."
  • The additional tag lines may be used to tag the products themselves in addition to the brand's main tag line.
  • The latest print ads and billboards followed the same type of product used as the "As I see it" campaign from 2008.
  • The products are also marketed in very “playful” ways by showcasing the utility or ability of the product. They are similar to the 2008 campaigns, without the "As I see it" tag line.

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Delta Faucet Company

The print/social media advertisements and commercials released by Delta Faucet Company in the United States over the last 12-14 months featured the tag line "see what Delta can do." The recurring theme across these advertising materials/content include stunning design with smart ideas that keep the needs of customers in mind without compromising on style.


  • "See what Delta can do" is always displayed directly beneath their logo, even in print ads.
  • The tagline takes on a new form when it in a commercial, usually extending into the phrase: "when you see beautiful design do beautiful work, you see what Delta can do."
  • The tagline "we believe there are better ways to experience water" can only be seen on certain social media profiles.


  • It is clear from their ads that Delta prioritizes the commonly addressed needs within the faucet industry, such as hands-free technology, more efficient water usage, and shield spray technology
  • Delta is not shy about promoting the beauty of their products with the same sense of pride as they do with their technology. A prime example of this is seen in the print ad for the touch on and off the faucet when it stated: "with more styles and finishes than ever before, there’s a tap-on, tap-off Touch2O faucet to complement every kitchen."
  • The phrase "products live at the intersection of form and function" can be seen in the description for the Delta video "the essence of the Delta Faucet brand."
  • "Inspired design meets one-of-a-kind innovation" is another example of Delta displaying pride in their technology as seen in the print advertisement for their Shield Spray Faucet.



  • Print advertisement for Delta’s touch faucet and the shield spray faucet could be found on its website.
  • Delta’s Facebook page provides non-traditional print promotions such as various product-specific posts, publications, articles, and company sweepstakes.
  • Delta’s other social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter also provide very similar print advertisements


We have examined Delta Faucet Company’s corporate website and social media accounts such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to provide advertising materials/content released by the company over the past 12-14 months to promote its products in the United States.

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American Standard

On February 19, 2018, American Standard launched a campaign with their new tagline "Built to a Higher Standard." Their billboards and a TV commercial reflected this messaging; however, their social media posts, digital banners, and other TV commercials don't have this tagline in them. The brand doesn't seem to anchor their advertising and marketing materials to this tagline. In fact, the absence of a tagline is pretty consistent in all their marketing materials across different channels in the last 14 months and even beyond this time frame. Their advertising or marketing materials are pretty straightforward. They contain any of the following: a product highlight, a DIY post, an installation guide, a promotion using a specific hashtag, a discount or savings offer, a celebration of an event for that day or week (like World Water Day and International Women's Day), and a relevant content from a third-party source. This mixture of posts gives people a very active, relevant, and involved impression of the brand.

We collated all the screenshots and sources of marketing materials we found that American Standard used to market itself across different channels in the last 14 months in the Google Document attached.


  • With the help of the creative agency Young & Laramore, Ingersoll Rand, the company that owns American Standard, launched their most recent branding campaign in February 2018 with a new tagline "Built to a Higher Standard."
  • Examples of billboards for their Built to a Higher Standard campaign has a clean and minimalist design and featuring only one product together with a simple message. One of the billboards features their gas furnace with the message, "Traffic is stressful. Your furnace shouldn't be."
  • Compared to their Times Square billboard in 2016, which featured a product and a simple description of it, their recent billboard design has a very different messaging as it focuses more on how people can put in time on more important matters, delivered by a straightforward message, like "Drama-free A/C" and "If you never notice it, we've done our job."


  • American Standard's social media pages--Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram--are all active and have the same posts. Each of their posts either feature a product, a DIY project, or a relevant content whatever is being celebrated in that particular day or week. Examples of such are their posts for National Puppy Day, Fix a Leak Week, World Water Day, World Plumbing Day, International Women's Day, World Toilet Day, Job Action Day, and National Toilet Paper Day on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.
  • In line with the KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show) 2019, American Standard launched a promotion campaign on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtags #AmericanStandard #KBIS2019. The guideline of the promotion was posted on Facebook. This promotion ran from February 19 to February 24, 2019.
  • To share great water-saving tips in line with their celebration of the Fix a Leak Week, American Standard held a Twitter party for an hour on March 18, 2019, using the hashtag #fixaleak.
  • Although American Standard's Pinterest account was last updated 51 weeks ago, their profile still gets 92,500 monthly visitors. Their boards are arranged according to product category and designs. They also have a board for their vintage ads.
  • American Standard is responsive to the questions and comments posted on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Their social media posts are consistent in all platforms from 2016 up to the present. Their posts are a good mixture of product highlights; collaborations with different organizations and people; a celebration of something for that specific day or week like National Puppy Day; DIY tips; and plainly informational videos.


  • American Standard has been utilizing digital banners in promoting their products. The most recent digital banner launched came in 300 X 600 pixels, featuring their SpaLet Bidet Seat and a "Shop Now" call-to-action button. It was active from March 25 to April 3, 2019. Another digital banner, which looks exactly the same but with a different size at 300 X 250, was launched the day before, March 24th.
  • According to Moat, the leading search engine for digital banners, American Standard has run 892 digital banners to date.
  • Although the color scheme of their banners has changed over time, the messaging of their digital banners remained consistent since 2012, which includes the aesthetic of their products, convenience, quality, savings, and affordability.


  • American Standard's website features an interactive list price catalog, both for residential and commercial consumers. In this interactive digital catalog, customers can have access to the brand's latest products; information on specification, installation, and repair; and full-colored product images and videos. Website visitors are required to sign-up to use this feature.
  • With each post promoting a product on their social media accounts, whether it is in a DIY, an informational, or a social issue-related post, American Standard always provide a link to the specific product on their websites, which has all the information the visitor might need.


  • On April 4th, 2019, American Standard posted a short clip of a George to the Rescue episode on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. The short video, captioned "Thrilled to contribute bathroom fixtures to a worthy cause!" features a former Today Show employee who was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2012.
  • American Standard posts approximately 5 to 10 videos a month on YouTube. These videos are infomercials, product introductions, installation guides, and a few commercials.
  • In the last 14 months, American Standard released three TV commercials, which are still aired in the present. The most recent commercial features Eric Roberts, an Academy Award Nominee, demonstrating how helpful walk-in tubs are for someone who's "getting older".
  • In line with the launching of their new tagline "Built to a Higher Standard" in February 2018, they also released a commercial with the messaging that with their products, people can focus on the more important things in life. The commercial features a man looking for the right remote control to his TV, a woman trying to get rid of spoiled vegetables from the refrigerator, and a family looking for a phone in the living room by calling it.
  • The third commercial shows how their products help people with daily chores, thus allowing people to live a more convenient, comfortable, and beautiful life.
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Pfister has marketed its products by campaigns centered in the innovation of their designs, their simple installation, their warranty, and their innovations. There were notable changes in its social media accounts, wherein 2018 the content was randomly chosen of blogs and decorating sites and now is strategically chosen; and its website, wherein 2018 the content didn’t engage the exclusiveness of their designs, and now the micro sites show their exclusive designs and features. Images of the marketing are gathered in the attached document.


1. Print
2. Facebook/Twitter/Instagram
3. Pinterest
  • Collects all the images of Instagram, but organized in collections: Bath Decor, Pfister Pfans, Farmhouse Style and Modern Kitchen Showcase.
4. Digital Banners
5. Website Home Pages
6. TV spots / Online Video spots


1. Print
2. Facebook/Twitter/Instagram
3. Website Home Pages
  • January 2018 until December 2018: “Find inspiration by viewing our gallery of beautiful kitchens and bathrooms”. "Total game changer in our home."


First, we started our research on Pfister's website. The principal banners in the micro sites show taglines like “YOU DESERVE THE BEST. Sleek, stylish & sopfistercated. (We're gorgeous and have a good personality.)”, “Confident style and clever function. Way to master your kitchen.” and “BATHROOM: Put a fresh face on your freshen-up place.” The message clearly engages an audience looking for style, sophisticated designs, and functionality.

Then, we looked for changes over the last year, and we found that the website wasn’t the same. There were phrases like “Find inspiration by viewing our gallery of beautiful kitchens and bathrooms” and “Total game changer in our home” (The last one was just a review posted on a banner). Clearly, the campaign was different and didn't put out all the value that now the company shows on the website.

Then we continued our research on its social media accounts. On this field, we found that the Facebook account, Instagram account, and Twitter account share the same content. Looking on this year feed, we found content like before and after transformations, giveaways, DIY tutorials, finished projects, ideas for special holidays, recipes, trends, and collections. These publications have the same target that the website itself: an audience looking for style, sophisticated designs, and functionality. Publications of 2018 are more randomly chosen, they are about decorating the tip of different blogs, some finished projects, and some collections, but without cohesion and without intention to try to reach a specific audience.

The Pinterest account is a recollection of the Instagram photos, and organized by boards: Bath Decor, Pfister Pfans, Farmhouse Style and Modern Kitchen Showcase (these are only the feature boards). It seems to look only for an online presence on this social website. Changes over time weren't found since Pinterest doesn’t work with publication dates.

After looking through social media, we continued our research on the Youtube Channel. We found online spots where the same message opened all videos: “The best ideas happen in the shower”. All videos intended to show the features of their showers. No changes were found in 2018, and other online spots were previous to the time frame asked in the research.

In the website, we found their print material. A 2019 brochure shows taglines like “ KEY SOLUTIONS FOR ANY HOSPITALITY NEED” and “WHAT IS MORE LIBERATING THAN AN UNCOMPROMISING DESIGN?”. Again, the purpose of these taglines is to show their simplicity and their exclusive and minimalist designs. Previous print material doesn’t have those taglines, only shows the collection and its features. We also found the tagline used at the CMPX exposition that was "Designed for real."

Finally, we researched their ads campaigns and online banners. The taglines found were: “Wave on. Wave off” and “Innovative design. Stylish functions. Everyday innovations. Simplifying installation. Pforever warranty”. The same intention of the website is noted in these taglines. Not previous campaign ads were found.
Overall, a clearly upgrade of their campaign is a notice in all aspects, being very notorious in its website and its social media accounts.


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  • "YOU DESERVE THE BEST. Sleek, stylish & sopfistercated. (We're gorgeous and have a good personality.)"
  • "Confident style and clever function. Way to master your kitchen."
  • "BATHROOM: Put a fresh face on your freshen-up place.”"
  • "Find inspiration by viewing our gallery of beautiful kitchens and bathrooms."
  • "Total game changer in our home."
  • "Wave on. Wave off"
  • "Innovative design. Stylish functions. Everyday innovations. Simplifying instalation. Pforever warranty."