Can you please send me pdfs of the Statista sources provided for my request about lip gloss? Our company does not have access to Statista.

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Can you please send me pdfs of the Statista sources provided for my request about lip gloss? Our company does not have access to Statista.

We received your request for PDFs of the Statista sources provided in your earlier request about lip gloss. Please note that only the free portion of Statista was accessed in the statistical listing provided earlier. However, in case there are firewall issues at your company, and to share some additional details about the data from Statista that we sent earlier, we’ve compiled pics of the data sources and some additional explanations for your perusal.

Please also note that at this time, we are unable to attach PDFs to our responses, but a Google Presentation was used. Below is the slide legend that corresponds your data to each individual slide number. This legend is also Slide #1 in the attached presentation.


There were some corrections that need to be made regarding the previous research that were caught while completing these slides. The corrections are noted below. Each slide shows the corrected details.

1. The stat in your previous report listing the U.S. generated revenue as $115 million should be correct to “$155 million.” Slide #3 shows the correction.
2. The lip gloss market share triangulation in your previous report should be corrected to reflect the above change in revenue: (155/84000)*100 = 0.1369%


Slide #1 — Slide legend noting slide numbers and corresponding data points.
Slide #2 — “In the US, 119.97 million women used lipstick and lip gloss in 2017.”
Slide #3 — PLEASE NOTE REVENUE CORRECTION: “In 2016, lip gloss sales in the US generated 155 million USD.”
Slide #4 — “As this industry generated 84 billion US dollars in 2016…”
Slide #5 — “The most popular lip gloss brand in the US in 2017 was Cover Girl, with 20.64 million users.”
Slide #6 — “In the US in 2017, a survey revealed that 23% of respondents used lip gloss multiple times a week.”
Slide #7 — “To be more precise, 7.59 million women in the U.S. used lip gloss 14 times or more within a week in 2017.”
Slide #8 — “In terms of age, 30% of respondents aged between 18 to 29 years stated they used lip gloss multiple times a week.”
Slide #9 — “In a survey conducted in May 2017 in the US, 76% of respondents over 60 agreed that one of the reasons to use lip gloss is to look better.”
Slide #10 — “As a whole, 65% of women chose to look better as the main usage reason of lip gloss.”
Slide #11 — “ 23% of respondents to a 2017 survey declared spending between 26 and 50 USD a year for lipstick and lip gloss.”
Slide #12 — “26% of American women over 60 who took part in a survey conducted in 2017 said that they spent 25 USD or less per year on lip gloss and lipstick.”


To wrap up, the requested information and views of the Statista data presented in your earlier report are provided in the attached presentation. Please note that once you open the presentation it can be downloaded as a PDF using Google Drive by clicking on the “File” menu, selecting “Download as,” and then “PDF Document (.pdf).”