Can you please research Sysco and tell me in which cities they have offices and which operations occur at each location?

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Can you please research Sysco and tell me in which cities they have offices and which operations occur at each location?

Hello! Thank you for your question about SYSCO locations and operations. SYSCO is a global leader in selling, marketing, and distributing food products to restaurants, healthcare and educational facilities, and lodging establishments. It is also the largest foodservice product marketer and distributor in North America. The majority of their locations are dedicated to warehousing and distribution operations, including sales associates who personally manage customer accounts for limited geographic regions. Below you will find explanations for location operations. Attached you will find the requested spreadsheet of Corporate, Broadline US, Broadline Canada, SYGMA, Specialty Meat, FreshPoint, Guest Supply, and Redistribution Center (RDC) locations.

In addition to the page of locations by type, I used various resources on the SYSCO site, as well as pages specific to the individual business groups to gather operations information.

Since broadline companies in the US and Canada serve the same function, I have combined them in the explanation of location operations.


1. Corporate operations deal with high level administrative issues, the management and strategy of all aspects of business across the company.
- Sales and marketing strategy
- Legal department, handling such issues as: mergers and acquisitions, government relations, and compliance
- Accounting and finance
- Human resources for corporate and across the company
- Information technology deals with technology strategy for improving efficiency through implementation of new technologies, business continuity in the case of outages of technology function, and data security
- Supply chain management, the oversight of end to end supply chain capability, merchandising functions such as product procurement and quality assurance, and warehouse and delivery operations across the company

2 & 3. Broadline US and Broadline Canada are broadline operating companies, the local distributors of a wide range of products to a wide range of foodservice customers. Broadline operating companies represent the bulk of SYSCO’s business, comprising 79% of sales. There are three main aspects of operations at these locations:
- Warehousing operations, including bulk and pallet inventory receiving, storage, order packaging, and shipping of a wide range of food and nonfood products for the US foodservice industry (restaurants, hotels, hospitals and nursing homes, school and corporate cafeterias). The function is to receive large quantities of goods from suppliers, allowing for the negotiation of lower prices, then break down those pallets of goods into case and even individual item orders.
- Distribution of goods to customers by SYSCO delivery drivers and sales associates.
- Sales is handled by local outside sales people who work personally with local customers, and communicate and coordinate with related departments at corporate offices. The associates are based in the local distribution center to allow in-person interaction with customers and the warehouse. The hands-on customer service provided by large numbers of sales associates, each managing accounts for a limited geographical range, is considered integral for the company’s success.

4. SYGMA is an independent subsidiary of SYSCO, specializing in sales and distribution of food and non-food products to mid-size and large US restaurant chains. SYGMA is one of the largest chain distributors in the US, with sales over $6.5 billion. SYGMA revenues account for 12% of SYSCO’s sales. The regional distribution centers of food and nonfood products for restaurant chains, are dedicated to warehousing, distribution, and sales operations. These operations are consistent with the general functions of broadline operations discussed above, but focused specifically on larger US restaurant chains.

5. Specialty Meat companies are meat distributors, providing custom-cut fresh steaks and other meat, seafood, and poultry to foodservice customers.
- Meat processing, including portion control services, or meat cutting to ensure consistent sizing of cuts and reduction of waste trimmings for customers.
- Warehousing operations such as packaging, storage, and shipping. Food safety and meticulous temperature control are vital at every step of the process.

The Specialty Meat section of the list includes European Imports, Inc., not just distributing meat, but also a large importer and distributor of cheese, bread and pastry ingredients, chocolate, beverages, and shelf-stable food products. Their location includes a 2000 square foot cheese-cutting and wrapping facility.

6. FreshPoint is North America’s largest exclusively owned produce distributor. Their local distribution locations include operations much like the Specialty Meat distributors.
- Warehousing operations, such as packaging, storage, and shipping.
- Produce cutting, similar to portion control for the Specialty Meat distributors, provides consistent and well-trimmed, ready to use produce products.
- Sales
- Customer education about the produce industry, as well as handling best practices, is heavily stressed on their website.

7. SYSCO Guest Supply supplies personal care amenities, bath and bed linens, room accessories, housekeeping supplies, furniture, fixtures, equipment, paper products, appliances, and in-room food and beverages to hotels and lodging industry customers. SYSCO Guest Supply is the only global provider to the hotel and lodging industry. The US and Canada offices that are included on the list are the headquarters, therefore coordinating administrative functions for this lodging industry products business group in the US and Canada.

Not included on the SYSCO site, there are also international regional offices serving Europe, Middle East, Asia, and China.

8. RDC (Redistribution Center) locations centralize merchandising operations for local broadline operating companies so that the local companies do not have to deal directly with suppliers, instead focusing on warehouse and distribution operations, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.
- Merchandising operations, such as product procurement and vetting of suppliers
- Warehousing operations, such as packaging, storage, and shipping.
- Distribution to SYSCO broadline operating companies
- Customer service for regional broadline customers and coordination with corporate offices

To wrap up, the food industry is a complex system, with suppliers, distributors, and foodservice customers creating long supply chains. SYSCO, as a global leader in food and product distribution to the foodservice and lodging industries, is an undeniably integral player in that complex system.

Thanks for using Wonder! I hope this helps to shed some light on SYSCO operations. Please let us know if we can help with anything else!