Please provide three gift ideas for two types of women -- "go-getters" and "the woman who has everything".

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Please provide three gift ideas for two types of women -- "go-getters" and "the woman who has everything".

Hello! Thank you for asking Wonder to provide 3 gift ideas for the "woman who has everything" and the "go-getter". I had fun with this research imagining what my husband would buy me after looking at the options!

The most useful sources I found to answer your question are provided within the spreadsheet. **Please note that the original spreadsheet was unavailable for editing, so I made a copy and attached it here.**

The short version is that the "go-getter" will love the New York Times Custom Birthday Book, the Slumbr pillow and the Five Minute Journal. The "woman that has everything" will be surprised with the Custom Instagram Photo Collage Pillow, a work of art from Voice Art Gallery or a Personalized Wine Gift.

Below you will find a deep dive of my findings.

I researched gifts that were highlighted in popular review articles naming gifts for the go-getter and the woman who has everything. I then looked into the number of reviews and the amount of stars that each product was given from those reviews. I choose gifts that had the highest number of reviews and highest amount of stars.

In researching gifts for the "go-getter", I came upon a recurring theme. These women need relaxation, good sleep for rejuvenation, enjoy staying organized and on task and appreciate being recognized.

A gift any city girl would adore! This unique book contains a snapshot of the front page of the New York Times from each year on her birthdate and begins on the day of her birth. The book is library bound and is able to be personalized with her name and birthdate. The price of the book is $99.95, provided by Uncommon Goods, with a 5 star rating and 498 reviews.

Every "go-getter" needs the best sleep possible to perform at her best. The Slumbr company claims to make sleep more comfortable ensuring that every sleeper will find what they are looking for from their 6 different pillow choices. A review states, "The Slumbr pillow series is one that should not be overlooked. With so many different options, it's really hard to go wrong with Slumbr. The balanced levels of comfort and support these pillows offer is quite good." Take the pillow quiz and find out which pillow is right for her. Slumbr offers $5 flat shipping and a 30 moon trial period, offering a full refund less $15 for shipping. Starting at $60 and ranging to $225, found at, with a 4.6 stars out of a 5 star rating.

"Living each day filled with gratitude may be the biggest secret to a happy life." The five minute journal helps you to live with intention, focus on gratitude and highlights happiness in one's life. Each page outlines 7 sections to write a few thoughts of daily reflection, includes inspirational quotes and personal challenges. The cost is $22.95 plus shipping at Intelligent Change, with 4.8 stars out of 567 reviews.

In researching gifts for the "woman who has everything", I noticed gifts highlighted that could be personalized or were uniquely constructed within many articles.

A unique gift made of her favorite pics. A soft throw-pillow that can be completely customized on both sides.  Black and white print is available or color. Starts at $32.75 by Zazzle, receiving 4.7 stars out of 464 reviews.

A very cool idea for the girl who has everything. Your voice recording can be transformed into art on canvas starting at $75. Even jewelry rings are available at a higher price point. You can choose the size canvas and color scheme. This gift is listed as one of the top gifts by at 163 favorites.

A bold, red wine from California lies within a uniquely designed bottle. The bottles are customized and sandblasted according to instructions. Each wine bottle is delivered in a coordinating decorative box along with a gift message. Available from, for $49.95, receiving 4.5 stars out of 87 reviews.

To wrap it up, the woman who's a "go-getter" would love viewing her special day in the New York Times Birthday Book, the Slumbr Pillow for optimal rest or staying balanced with the Five Minute Journal. The "woman who has everything" will be delighted by the Custom Instagram Photo Collage Pillow, be wowed by a mural from Voice Art Gallery and enjoy a glass of wine from her own Personalized Wine Gift in a keepsake bottle .

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