Please provide a list of the top 10 (#1-10) $100-$500 affiliate products in the personal development market space.

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Please provide a list of the top 10 (#1-10) $100-$500 affiliate products in the personal development market space.

Hi there, thanks for asking Wonder about the top ten list of affiliate products in the personal development market space.

The short answer is that I have listed the top ten personal development affiliate programs based on their highest earning potential per product. The earnings potential is based on product price multiplied by the sales commission. The list is in the Google spreadsheet here and the top ten list of the programs can be found below.

As the personal development space is wide, I have included topics in self-esteem, self-help, holistic, and online personal coaching sub-categories. As a person who is interested, reads personal development books myself, I have found this research to be really interesting.


I have used the terms "personal development affiliate programs" when searching on Google. I have also searched on Clickbank and OfferVault to see the high ticket available programs in the personal development space.

For Clickbank, I have only included programs that have high gravity points in addition to programs above $100. However, OfferVault does not have any program in the high ticket range.

I have also searched for the affiliate programs of well-established and living self-help gurus such as Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Harv Eker, Deepak Chopra and Bob Proctor. One of the best sources I found is from the blog of Sandra Stachowicz in which she listed out the product launches of various personal development gurus for the years 2016 and 2017.

While I have chosen to list out some of the more well-known programs, I have omitted a number of programs due to the following reasons:
1) product prices are not disclosed on the personal development coaches' websites, or
2) actual commission percentage is not disclosed, or
3) if a product is sold on Clickbank, such as ProctorGallagherInstitute's product, and it earns a low Clickbank gravity point (below 30 points), or
4) product prices are below $100 and do not disclose any recurring sale.


The top ten list is ranked based on the highest earning potential per product based on the highest priced product multiplied by their respective sales commission.

1) Mindvalley - $247.5
2) John Assaraf NeuroGym - $198
3) Motivating The Masses by Lisa Nichols - $158
4) Harv Eker - $148.5
5) Deepak Chopra Live Events -$100
6) Mind PT - $98.5
7) The Stillness Project by Tom Cronin -$98.5
8) Manifestation Miracle - $98.25
9) Brian Tracy - $59.1
10) Tony Robbins - $44.25

One of the more interesting items I found is that some of these programs offer lifetime cookies which mean that even if you refer a person to their website, and the visitor only purchases the product a few years later, you can still earn a commission on that product. Of course, this is only valid for as long as the person does not delete his or her cookie.


Details of the programs, product prices, and referral commissions are listed out in this spreadsheet. Where some sites have listed product prices above $500, I have only selected products closest to $500.

Thanks for using Wonder. Let us know if you need anything else.