Please provide a list of shopper marketing research / consulting firms in the US. Example:

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Please provide a list of shopper marketing research / consulting firms in the US. Example:

Hello! Thank you for using Wonder to ask about shopper marketing research and consulting firms in the US. The short answer is that some of the leading companies are GFK, InContext Solutions, WSL, Kantar Retail, Dunnhumby and PRS In Vivo. Below you will find a deep dive of my methodology and findings.


I started my research by looking for precompiled lists of US shopper marketing research and consulting firms. Some of the sources I found weren't restricted to the US, so I double-checked if the companies mentioned operate there.

Among others, I found "The 2017 Guide to Retail & Shopper Insights", which featured in-depth profiles of top firms. It was a supplement to the Shopper Marketing Mag, issued by Path to Purchase Institute. Another list I used was compiled by Quirks, which has been providing insights on marketing research for 30 years. I also looked through top shopper insights providers according to GreenBook, which is the guide for buyers of marketing research.

Finally, I also checked 2017 AMA Gold Report, which features top 50 US market research companies. The list includes many shopping insights firms and provides their revenues.

When compiling my own list, my primary focus was on most appraised companies, i.e., the ones that were honored by American Marketing Association or appearing in more than one sources. As there were many precompiled lists available, I was able to include 15 items in scope of a standard Wonder research.

Kantar Retail

Kantar Retail is one of the US-based companies that belong to the data investment management divisions of WCC pic. It focuses on retail and shopper insights, as well as on consulting business. The company's offer includes innovative digital solutions. Some of the clients are Coca Cola, P&G, Nestle, Pepsico, and Unilever.

The whole Kantar Group was featured in 2017 AMA Gold Report. There's no specific info on Kantar Retail's revenue, but Kantar Group's 2016 US revenue was $994mln.


GFK provides market and consumer information across various industries. Some of their services include mapping the path to purchase, shopper segmentation, retail reinvention and shopper marketing measurement.

The company doesn't disclose its clients. It was included in the 2017 AMA Gold Report. 2016 US revenue was $310mln.


Dunnhumby is a customer science company. It's a privately held and wholly owned subsidiary of Tesco. Its other clients include Whole Foods, 7 Eleven, Danone, General Mills and Heineken. The company analyzes data from millions of US shoppers for its consultants to help retailers and manufacturers reach their customers.

It was featured in this year's AMA Gold Report. In 2016, it had $103.3mln in sales (in the US).

PRS In Vivo

The company provides research into packaging and shopper behavior, while also helping its clients with new product execution, product testing, volume forecasting and nudge marketing. Its clients include Unilever, Danone, Henkel and SC Johnson.

It appeared in 2017 Ama Gold Report. In 2016, it had $61mln in revenue in the US.

Market Force

The company focuses on location-level customer experience management services. It completes over 100k mystery shops monthly, as well as millions of customer experience survey. Services include shopping research, predictive analytics, and strategic advisory.

The company doesn't disclose its clients. However, it was included in 2017 AMA Gold Report. Its 2017 US revenue was $46.7mln.


Ipsos has five research specializations, namely Marketing, Observer, Loyalty, Public Affairs and Connect. Among other things, it helps clients influence their customers' path to purchase, improve products and customer relationships. The company has strategic academic partnerships with Duke, Yale, MIT, and Stanford.

The US branch doesn't disclose its clients. Ipsos was included in 2017 AMA Gold Report. Its 2016 US revenue was $568mln.


Inmar delivers shopper insights and strategies to optimize retail operations. It has 36 years of experience. The company's products include studies into shopper journey, grocery shopping, and e-commerce. It also offers tools for efficient assortment and promotion optimization. Some of its clients include ConAgra, Kroger, Kimberly Clark and Safeway.


WSL provides shopper insights, as well as new distribution, category development, retail collaboration and retail innovation strategies. It focuses primarily on innovative solutions. Some of WSL's clients include Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Victoria's Secret, Target, and eBay.

Symphony EYC

Symphony EYC offers expertise through innovative tools, i.e., a customer-centric cloud solution. It provides manufacturers and retailers with the product suite that includes insights into consumer's journey, key items' identification, marketing tools and various others. The company targets CPG, grocery retailing and drug retailing. Its clients include Nestle, Mondelez, Unilever, Colgate-Palmolive, and Danone.

InContext Solutions

The company offers shopper insights through a cloud-based virtual reality platform, which was created in collaboration with Intel. Its products include retail simulations, shopper intelligence, and in-store activation. Major clients include Walmart, Kellogg's, Smucker's, Nestle, Kraft Heinz and Coca-Cola.

Brädo Creative Insight

The company specializes in qualitative shopper market research. It offers consumer portraits and opportunity maps, advertising evaluation and optimization, user experience analysis and shopper insights. Some of the clients are Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Unilever, Lipton and Listerine.


Confero provides shopper insights research and consulting. Some of its services include mystery shopping across various platforms, customer exit interviews, customer experience services, mobile role-play, and performance consulting. Major clients are Coca-Cola, Shell, Jiffy Lube, Ameritrade, and Lenovo.

Second to None

The company specializes in helping brands create authentic, consistent customer experiences. Its services include CX strategy and design, journey mapping, data collection, analytics and consulting. Some of its clients are Target, Patagonia, Shinola, and BP.


TrendSource is a company with 25 years of experience in market research and mystery shopping programs. Among other services, it offers customer experience management, competitor monitoring, shop-alongs, customer satisfaction surveys and customer experience optimization. TrendSource's clients include Costco, Ace Hardware, Fortune 10, Midas and Top Toy.

Mystery Shopper Services

Mystery Shopper Services is a market research and customer satisfaction company. Its services include competitive shopping, on-site, telephone and video mystery shopping, guest satisfaction surveys, qualitative research and consulting. Among its major clients are Microsoft, Tommy Hilfiger, Pepsico, and Frito-Lay.


To wrap it up, I provided you with the list of 15 leading US shopper marketing research and consulting firms. My examples were taken from reports by American Marketing Association, Path to Purchase Institute and Quirks. You can find more companies that fit your criteria on Quirks and GreenBook lists.

Thank you for using Wonder! Let us know if we can help with anything else.