Please provide a list of large US companies (Fortune 500) that have a particular focus on wellness for employees e.g. wellness programs / onsite wellness or medical support / facilities, partnerships with hospitals or pharma companies

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Please provide a list of large US companies (Fortune 500) that have a particular focus on wellness for employees e.g. wellness programs / onsite wellness or medical support / facilities, partnerships with hospitals or pharma companies

Hello! Thank you for your question regarding large US companies (Fortune 500) that have excellent and notable wellness programs for their employees. The short answer is that almost all companies are now participating in wellness programs, but notably excellent or thorough wellness programs are those of Alphabet (Google), Chevron, Apple, Microsoft, and others. Below you will find a deep dive of my research/findings.


In deciding which company's programs to include on the list, I set some criteria. First they must be listed on 2017's Fortune 500 list, and secondly, and ideally have won an award or are highly mentioned in the health and wellness employee benefits arena. With these criteria set, I was able to gather a list of ten companies that are often praised for their wellness program efforts. The list appears in no particular order (i.e. #1 is not necessarily better than #5 as far as wellness program).



Google and its parent company Alphabet (coming in at #27 on the Fortune 500, and ranked in Fortune's 5 best companies to work for) appeared on several best of lists. Among other health, fitness, and wellness benefits, employees receive:

-free breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as coffee and juice bars around the campus. Chefs are trained in healthy food preparation.
-Free fitness classes, four gyms, organized intramural sports, as well as access to bocce courts, a bowling alley, and a free food pantry.
-On-site physicians and nurses who are always available.


Coming in at #13 in 2017's FORTUNE 500, General Electric biggest health claim to fame is that it is the biggest company to begin recently offering unlimited vacation days to 43% of its salaried US workforce. Among other amenities, GE offers:

- free preventative screenings
- a 24/7 health hotline
- Expert Medical Opinion program, where employees can consult a Cleveland Clinic Specialist for free.
- A discount on health care contributions for non-smokers


Chevron is #19 on the FORTUNE 500. It is also #42 Healthiest Employer's 2016 Healthiest 100 Workplaces. Among other amenities, Chevron offers to its employees:

- "On-site Chevron Fitness Centers: Chevron fitness centers also provide a broad range of illness and injury prevention training, health education and exercise opportunities. Some locations also offer massage therapy."
- employees are eligible for Health Rewards, a points based system that contributes employees money towards their Healthcare Spending Account.
- a number of voluntary programs, including a fitness program entitled "Get Moving"
- partnerships with Twenty Four Hour Fitness and Anytime Fitness (offering discounts to employees), as well as a Heart Health program in conjunction with WebMD


On the 2017 Fortune 500, Microsoft is #17. Among other amenities, Microsoft offers its employees:

- flexible work hours
- paid membership to full-service gyms
- a full health package that includes dental, vision, and physician house calls and free on-campus health screenings and flu shots.
- eight weeks paid maternity leave, complemented by 12 weeks paid parental leave
- environmentally sustainable on-campus cafes and kitchens
- on-campus spa, sports fields, bank, dry-cleaning service and salon


Apple is #3 on the Fortune 500 for 2017. Among other things, Apple offers its salaried employees:

- expectant mothers receive up to 4 weeks off pre-delivery and can take as much as 14 weeks off after having a baby. Non-birth parents can take up to 6 weeks of parental leave.
- an on-campus wellness center where employees have access to a physician, chiropractor, dietitian and physical therapist.
- Apple Watch corporate wellness program


Humana ranks #53 on the Fortune 500. Humana also ranks an impressive #3 on Healthiest Employer's 2016 Healthiest 100 Workplaces. Among other things, Humana offers its employees:
- Health Plan Incentives and Healthcare spending accounts
- dental and vision benefits
- an employee assistance program
- personal health coaching
- on-site health screenings and flu shots


Aetna is #43 on the 2017 Fortune 500. Aetna was also named a platinum winner in Best Employer for Healthy Lifestyles by the National Business Group on Health. "Since the recognition program began in 2005, Aetna has received the platinum award seven times and the gold award once for establishing “healthy weight, healthy lifestyles” programs with measurable documented outcomes." Aetna offers its employees:

- "Get Active Aetna, a popular 16-week wellness program that offers prizes to motivate employees to eat healthy and exercise.
- Healthy Lifestyles Incentive program, which offers financial incentives for exercising and eating healthy.
- Metabolic Syndrome program, which measures employees’ risk for certain conditions, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
- Virtual Wellness Center, a computer-based resource that offers a virtual kitchen and a virtual fitness center, where animated instructors lead workouts that vary by intensity."


American Express Company comes in at #86 on the 2017 Fortune 500. It is also a recipient of a silver level award for Best Employer for Healthy Lifestyles by the National Business Group on Health.
American Express offers its employees:

- a Healthy Living Workplace Wellness Program that encompasses work sites in 22 different countries.
- on-site medical care, including dental, dermatological, and "well woman" exams.
- programs with local farms to serve nutritious, sustainable meals and cooking lessons.
- a health and safety fair involving the families of all employees


Verizon is #14 on this year's Fortune 500. Among others, Verizon offers its employees:

- "employees in Verizon locations without a wellness center have access to discounted memberships at more than 2,000 health clubs."
- WellConnect, an online access platform to healthy living information for Verizon employees
- no-cost on-site biometric health and mammogram screenings as well as flu shots
- 100% preventative care coverage
- "Forty-five on site Verizon Health and Wellness Centers, staffed by trained professionals who are Verizon employees, promote the importance of healthy lifestyle habits through physical activity, nutrition counseling seminars, and more"


Boeing is #24 on the latest Fortune 500 list. The company also received a 2016 platinum award for Best Employer for Healthy Lifestyles by the National Business Group on Health. Boeing offers its employees, among other benefits:

- a winter break the last week of December
- A healthcare plan that requires no employee pay-in
- a health and well-being newsletter
- confidential health screenings
- an employee assistance program
- flu vaccine programs
- smoking cessation, fitness and weight management programs and coaching


Among Fortune 500 Companies, there are many highly regarded and award-winning health and wellness programs that offer on-site medical attention, generous health incentive programs, and a number of other health and wellness based amenities. Those companies include Boeing, Humana, Google, and Microsoft, among others.

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