Please provide me a list of additional keywords or job titles related to simulated patient data

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Please provide me a list of additional keywords or job titles related to simulated patient data

Hello! Thanks for your question about additional keywords and job titles relating to simulated patient data. The short version is that due to the specific nature of these terms, there is not a great deal of apparent alternative phrasing. However, we were able to successfully find twelve results; seven alternative keyword strings and five job titles; directly related to simulated patient data. Below you will find a deep dive of my findings.


We began by searching through academic papers relating to simulated patient data and were able to find some alternative keyword suggestions. We then scoured relevant articles from trusted media sites for additional keywords. Next, we searched through job listings and their relevant job descriptions to determine job titles relevant to simulated patient data. Links to the source of each keyword or job title can be found by clicking on the # beside each finding. The keywords and job titles are listed below and we have included a brief description of each to support its selection and appropriateness.


#1 "replicate healthcare scenarios"
The method of simulating healthcare encounters.

#2 "screen-based simulation"
Defined as producing real life clinical scenarios via a program.

#3 "physiological simulations"
Relating to screen-based simulations.

#4 "virtual patient clinical environments"
Again, relating to screen-based simulations.

#5 "anonymised data sets"
A term taken from an article about simulating patient records that are realistic enough.

#6 "simulating care pathways"
Care pathways are defined as mapping the proposed path a patient's treatment should take based on their current state and time frame.

#7 "standardized patient"
Used to refer to a medical patient in a standard, consistent manner.


#1 — Nursing Simulation Lab Specialist or Clinical Nursing Simulation Lab Specialist
Responsible for maintaining and operating computerized simulation equipment, including equipment specifically designed for human patient simulation.

#2 — Nursing Simulation Training Specialist
This role involves assisting and instructing simulation learners and educators regarding the use of simulation equipment.

#3 — Simulation Operations Specialist
Responsible for coordinating and collecting data to support simulation activities.

#4 — Simulation Technician
With a major focus on medical and clinical sciences, this position involves programming a simulator to meet the desired outcomes.

#5 — Simulation Lab Manager
Mentioned as a promotion to the position of Simulation Technician, this role involves the development of instructional components for simulations.


To wrap it up, after searching through academic papers and articles from trusted media sites, we were able to determine seven keyword strings and five job titles relating to simulated patient data.

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