Please provide me a list of additional keywords or job titles related to data de-identification

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Please provide me a list of additional keywords or job titles related to data de-identification

Data De-Identification is the process of removing personally identifiable data from files or records to protect a persons identity. Keywords associated with data de-identification include: Anonymization, blurring, disclosure avoidance, disclosure limitation method, masking, perturbation, record code, redaction and suppression. Job titles related to data de-identification include: Data De-Identification Leader, Data Management Engineer, Data Governance Manager, De-Identification Statistician and Data Anonymization Analyst. Below is a summary of each keyword and job title.

Key Terms Related to De-Identification

1. Anonymization-process of encrypting or removing personally identifiable data from data in order to keep identities private

2. Blurring-a disclosure limitation method which reduces the precise nature of the data in order to minimize the risk of individual identification

3. Disclosure avoidance-the efforts made by an organization to de-identify data in order to reduce the risk of individual identification.

4. Disclosure limitation method-refers to the technique used by an organization to manipulate data in order to avoid inadvertent disclosure of identity.

5. Masking-a disclosure limitation method which replaces sensitive information with realistic data by applying transformation algorithms.

6. Perturbation-a type of disclosure limitation method and masking technique in which small changes are made to data that could identify individuals in unique or rare groups.

7. Record code-a unique code or descriptor which matches individual records from de-identified files. It is used primarily for educational research.

8. Redaction-the process of expunging data from records prior to disclosure.

9. Suppression-a disclosure limitation method used primarily with tables in which data is removed in order to prevent identification of individuals in small groups or people with unique characteristics.

Job Titles Related to De-Identification

Description: Works with clients to research and de-identify data. The candidate should be knowledgeable in all aspects of the research cycle and data de-identification.

Description: Responsible for compliant de-identified data in non-production environments as well as administering de-identification policies and procedures.

Description: Responsible for overseeing de-identification processes and methodology and managing sensitive data.

Description: Serves as project team leader in Privacy and De-Identification Analytics with expertise in de-identification methodologies, statistics, risk assessment and dataset structure and content.

Description: Responsible for end-to-end anonymization of client projects and analyzing and mitigating the risk of re-identification.


We were able to find 9 keywords and phrases that relate to data de-identification. We were also able to locate 5 job descriptions in the data-de-identification field.

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