Market Sizing: Automotive Gas Delivery

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Please provide current state and projected growth of automotive gas delivery services to consumers

Companies like Yoshi, Booster, Filld, Purple, Mobile Fuel and more are examples of startups that provide on-demand gas to U.S. consumers. The availability and pricing models of these services vary depending on the company. Information on each provider such as growth rates, adoption rates, customer satisfaction, and more are outlined below when available. In cases where information could not be found, this is likely due to the fact that these startups are privately held and are not required to publicly release specific company details.


Currently, customers pay "$255 billion a year for auto fuel" in the U.S. In 2015, 40 million people stopped at a gas station each day. If just one company captures 0.1% of those entering gas stations, then they would have "40 thousand users per day."

These figures clearly illustrate why on-demand gas providers are breaking into the fuel market. However, it is unclear as to exactly how may active startups are in the market or how many are currently executing successfully. This is likely a result of the emerging nature of this market. This fact, along with the limited public information on both the well-known and lesser-known private on-demand gas providers, has resulted in an incomplete picture of the market.

In order to provide insight on the industry, a detailed summary of relevant players in the market is listed below.


Yoshi is based in Palo Alto, California and is an early stage venture startup. The company has raised $2.2 million total in funding with $2.1 million coming from their latest series A funding round. Their investors include ZhenFund, Y Combinator, Liquid2 Ventures, Arab Angel Fund, and Been There. Other than funding, specific financial information for Yoshi was unavailable.

In July 2017, Yoshi released an update to their app that allowed consumers to "order gas, car-washes, details, wiper-blade replacements, tire-checks, and even oil changes." Each purchase is then delivered directly to where their car is parked. It's noted that 90% of their "users use the autopilot function" that refills their tank the same time each week.


This company served Nashville, the San Franciso Bay Area, Austin, Atlanta, and Los Angeles before later expanding to also serve the Silicon Valley and Detroit.


As of July 2017, app users can sign up for a monthly subscription or pay an additional small fee on an a la carte basis. The monthly fee is $20 and $7 is the price per fueling. Other services like car washes and wiper replacements vary by region. Those that sign up for the monthly membership also receive "free gas via Yoshi Points" along with free tire checks and air fill ups.


Yoshi partnered with Firestone in 2016 to provide their users in Nashville with free tire services. Drivers employed by Yoshi were equipped with air pumps and checked tires to see if they needed to be filled. Tires were refilled for free and whenever a tire needed to be replaced, Yoshi would alert the drivers and connect "them with Firestone Mobile Tire Installation." This service then sends "its truck to the customer's car and eliminates the hassle of an auto shop visit." Tire replacement was offered for $80, but when this service was first launched, the fee was waived.

Other partnerships include a Nashville-based hospital chain and other large companies or those with "vehicle fleets that need refueling." These companies "offer refueling, car washes and other services on site as a benefit to their employees."


In order to expand its customer base, Yoshi relies on its referral program. This program encourages current users to convince others to sign up. Once the new user signs up, the referrer then receives points toward free fuel and other perks. Specific details on the number of users this referral program generates or other growth figures and adoption statistics were unavailable. This is likely due to the fact that this is a privately held company that is not required to divulge user data.


According to the iTunes App store, Yoshi has a positive reputation among customers. The average rating is 4.2 out of 5 stars. Some comments from reviews are listed below.

— "Amazing customer service!"
— "With Yoshi, I have an extra 20 minutes each week to do things I actually want to do. Can’t wait to get my car wash and oil change next week."
— "Lol, this app has actually changed my life. I never go to the gas station anymore unless I'm going on a long road trip like Yosemite. I don't even think about gas anymore."


Booster began in Seattle but then relocated to Silicon Valley. In August 2017, Booster received "$20 million in financing." This amount brought its funding total to $32 million. Their investors include "Conversion Capital, Stanford University’s StartX Fund, BADR Investments, U.S. Venture Inc., Maveron, Madrona Venture Group, Version One, Perot Jain LP, and RRE Ventures."

Currently, Booster services those at work or in a corporate setting. They do not deliver to private homes.


This company operates in the Dallas-Fort Worth and San Fransico Bay areas.


Booster aims to keep their prices low by purchasing gas from wholesalers and servicing "corporate parks for efficiency." By servicing corporate lots they can make as "many as 100 fill-ups a day." Booster offers gas at rates that are usually "five cents per gallon cheaper than what you'd pay at area gas stations." The company also remains competitive by not administering a delivery charge or requiring a subscription fee.


As previously mentioned, this company partners with corporate groups and offers on-site gas delivery for fleets. Specific pricing details are not available for their fleet services. However, it is reported that these services are available for fleets of four or more cars. Booster claims to save businesses 20% on fueling.

Booster's corporate partners include companies like "eBay, Facebook, Cisco, and Oracle." These companies offer Booster as a perk to their employees.


It was reported in August 2017 that Booster sold over 5 million gallons of gas. This was an increase from the 3 million gallons sold by the company in April of that year. Other growth metrics are not publicly available.


Booster has an average rating in the Google Play store of 4.2 out of 5 stars. The bulk of their reviews (204) were 5-star ratings, however, the second highest number of reviews (38) were 1-star ratings. The majority of the 1-star ratings were from individuals who were disappointed that Booster did not currently service their area. A sampling of review comments is provided below.

— "Works really well. Gas fillup in a timely manner."
— "Great concept and it's efficient! I love this service."
— "Does not have service in Buffalo NY."


Sales details were reported for August (5 million) and April (3 million) of 2017, however, the financial data associated with these sales were not publicly available. Other financial figures outside of funding were not publicly listed.


This company offers users 24/7 on-demand gas delivery. Users can order gas to both residential and commercial locations.

Filld's investors include "PivotNorth Capital, Javelin Venture Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners and Lucas Venture Group." In 2017, Filld had received $16 million total in funding. Financial data outside of funding is unavailable.


Filld is available in the "San Francisco Peninsula down through San Jose."


Filld charges their customers an average of the gas prices of the five closest gas stations. An additional delivery fee is also applied and typically ranges from $3-9. This fee is determined by the "length of the delivery window."


This company buys "top tier Unleaded 87 Regular and Unleaded 91 Premium fuel" from the same sources as regular gas stations. In order to ensure that customers get the cleanest fuel, Filld double-filters it and doesn't allow it to corrode in underground tanks.

Filld has partnered with Volvo, car2go, Bentley Motors, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and more.


It's reported that Filld has experienced growth from 2016-17 at a rate of 500%.


This company has a high Net Promoter Score (NPS) rating of 76-85 among its users base. Their rating on Google Play is 4 out of 5 stars. Examples of customer reviews are listed below.

— "Limited service but does deliver to my area. Love the service and the support team is very responsive."
— "Was good till they changed the delivery prices and now they don't compete with Costco!"
— "App works well and is great."


Purple delivers gas to customers on-demand. Customers have the option of having gas delivered in "one hour or three hours." They can also have their gas refilled overnight. This company is backed by investors like Oscar Salazar who is an Uber and Ride veteran.

Information on this company is limited. With this being the case, a source from 2015 was used. Typically, Wonder requests focus on recent data from the past two years, however, this was largely unavailable for Purple. At the time of this request, Purple's website was down. However, the company is still referenced in recent sources from 2017, so there is a reason to believe it is still active. Recent reviews corroborate this notion.

Details on partnerships and profits were unavailable. This is likely due to the fact that, as previously mentioned, public information on this private company is limited.


This company mostly services those in areas like Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and West Hollywood. In 2015, Purple reported that they had plans to also expand to the San Francisco area. It is unclear whether this goal was fulfilled.


Purple attempts to keep their prices competitive. For example, in Los Angeles, a gallon of gas costs $3.56 on average. Purple charges customers "$3.79 per gallon for octane 87 and $3.99 per gallon for octane 91." Specific details on other pricing structures for other cities was not available.


In terms of adoption rates, Purple has reported that those with luxury cars are early adopters of their service. 80% of these early adopters have luxury cars. After the app launched in May of 2015, the user base had grown to 15,000 users by September of that year.


Purple has an average rating on Google Play of 3.8 out of 5 stars. Below is a sampling of customer reviews.

— "As a disabled person, this app couldn't be more perfect. No more fumbling with my walker at the pump."
— "Like that gas comes to you but the prices are higher than I'd like."
— "Great app. Hope they add more services like carwash and oil change!"


FuelMe focuses on providing on-demand gas and does not offer any other car related services. Although this company is still active, information is limited. The company's own Twitter and other social accounts have not been updated since 2015. With this in mind, information on partnerships, profits, growth, and adoption rates were unavailable. FuelMe does not specify which regions they service.


Their pricing structure is based on "the average price per gallon of gas in the zip code your car is parked in." Fuel Me then offers users a lower price with an additional delivery charge per request.


FuelMe services corporations and offers an enterprise package to corporate partners. Details on this package are not publicly released.


The average rating for FuelMe on Google Play is 3.2 out of 5 stars. Below is a sampling of reviews.

— "Waste of time No ability to check other locations, don't have the ability to find out the pricing"
— "They data collect while you Waste time to get nowhere....."
— "The service just works!!! My truck was fueled up within 30min of making the request. Super convenient and easy to use."

Mobile Fuel

Mobile Fuel is an on-demand gas service based in Atlanta, and has received a total of $1.2 million in funding. Their service is accessible 24 hours a day and is available in both residential spaces and office spaces.

Information on company profits, partnerships, growth and adoption rates were unavailable.


This company claims to be available in most cities across North America. However, a list of cities is not provided.


Mobile Fuel customers pay a $20 a month base fee along with an additional fee for any gas purchase as needed.


Although Mobile Fuel has a C+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, this is likely due to the fact that the company only has three reviews listed. Each of the reviews is positive and strongly advocates for the company. Below are a few examples.

— "Mobile fuel is an awesome company with outstanding customer service."
— "I have had the service for about 6 months now. I can honestly say its really cool and works exactly how they advertise."
— "I enjoyed the service. They were on time once I scheduled my service."

Neighborhood Fuel

This company offers services to companies, fleets, and residences. They also provide gas for boats. Details on profits, growth, and adoption rates have not been publicly released.


Neighborhood Fuel is only available in Miami, the surrounding area, and Southern Florida.


Their prices are "comparable to local gas prices" but are usually cheaper. Current precise pricing information is not provided. However, in 2016, it was reported that Neighborhood Fuel offered "$2.37 per gallon of regular unleaded gas, while the citywide average ran above $2.40."


This company has wholesale partnerships with fuel providers similar to standard gas stations.


Reviews for the app were mostly unavailable. However, there is an app review on the iTunes app store. It is listed below for reference but since it is only one review it does not provide a clear picture of their customer perception.

— "I downloaded the app, and it does not show anything on the screen."

Mobile Fuelz

This company is based in Tennessee and serves customers from 8AM-8PM. Users can sign up either through their app or website. As of 2016, Mobile Fuelz only offers regular gas and not premium or diesel. The gas from this company is sourced from Shell and Exxon. At the time of this report, the website was unavailable, so more current information may be available later.

Information on profits, growth, ratings, adoption rates and partnerships was unavailable. The small size of this particular startup is likely why limited information is accessible.


Mobile Fuelz operates in Tennessee and, in 2016 it was reported that their service was restricted to Rutherford County.


Mobile Fuelz charges its members a $15 monthly fee per vehicle. This fee does not include the price of gas. During the company's introductory period, it offered its first 200 members a $10 monthly fee. Non-members who use their service are charged $5 each time in addition to the cost of gas. Gas prices are based on the "area’s daily average, using local GasBuddy and Fuel Gauge Report data."


GasNinjas delivers gas to apartments, homes, offices, and cars parked on the street. They provide both regular and premium gas.

The company was recently acquired in late 2017 by "Silicon Valley’s Exajoule in a multi-million dollar deal of cash & stock." However, it still operates under the same name. Details on profits, growth and adoption rates were unavailable.


This service is only available in Miami.


The company offers prices that are comparable to local gas station brands. At times, GasNinjas offers cheaper rates.


GasNinjas partners with top-tier wholesalers to buy gas in bulk. This is done in order to provide customers with the best savings.


GasNinjas has positive reviews in the iTunes app store. While an average rating is not available, a sampling of review comments is listed below.

— "Quite possibly the most valuable service offered via a mobile phone app."
— "Never pumping my own gas again! This is so easy and convenient to use."
— "GasNinjas makes it so we don't need to leave the house. Once a week we fill up our cars while we sleep."

Joule Refuel

Joule Refuel is a California on-demand gas service with future plans to offer "on-demand hydrogen refueling." Details on partnerships, growth, and adoption rates were not available.


This company services the Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Inglewood, Lynwood, Huntington Park, and Alhambra areas of California.


Customers can either opt for a reoccurring subscription or can pay as needed. The subscription model offers perks like free delivery for an annual fee. Specific pricing details are only available upon request or by filling out your information in the app. However, commercial customers are offered a discount.


Only a small selection of ratings (three) was available for this service. The average rating was 5 stars and only one review was written. Below is the customer comment from the Google Play store.

— "Happy customer Such a convenient and easy way for me to get fueled up!! Love this new service!"


WeFuel received under $1 million in initial angel funding. In 2016, the company sought to install a device into consumers cars that would alert WeFuel of their tank levels. The goal of this move was to refuel cars automatically without needing the owner.

Unique to its competitors, the company also planned to offer refreshments and "convenience store products including snacks to its app menu." WeFuel was also accepted into "Stanford's StartX accelerator program."

Information on profits, growth and adoption rates were unavailable.


This company launched in the San Francisco suburbs, Palo Alto and Menlo Park with plans to expand further in the bay area.


This company charges users "a $7.49 delivery fee" along with the average price per gallon in their zip code. An unlimited delivery service is also offered for $19.99 a month.


WeFuel has partnered with two wholesale suppliers but, further details on these suppliers are not available.


WeFuel has an average rating of 3.8 out of 5 in the iTunes store. Below is a sampling of the reviews.

— "The guys were fast, charged me a fair price (think was something like the avg price in the area) and zero hassle."
— "WeFuel is so convenient. Now I only have to press a button to get gas while I am in the office, saving me so much time."
— "I never have to stop at the station, I'm never late to work anymore, and I get home faster at night because I don't have to jockey for a pump during rush hour at the ONLY convenient gas station."


In conclusion, an overview of the U.S. gas on-demand industry was provided. Details of several startups in this space were outlined in order to shed light on the industry. Some examples include companies like Yoshi, Filld, Neighborhood Fuel, and Booster.