Please make a list of the names and website of online cloud-based membership management services for associations and non-profits.

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Please make a list of the names and website of online cloud-based membership management services for associations and non-profits.

Hello! Thank you for your question about online cloud-based membership management services for associations and nonprofits. The main source I used was a database of business software called Capterra, which led to individual websites that met your criteria. The short version is that there are many options to choose from, depending on what your price range is. I have created a spreadsheet with the information you will find below.

An online database named Capterra has a detailed list of business software. I was able to select filters such as "Association Membership" "Nonprofit Membership" and "Web Based". I reference Capterra's information in 10 of the top management services below. I only chose systems with official websites, the links to which are in the titles below.
I also included a brief description and a price range for each service.


Capterra and PCmag agree that Wildapricot is the top cloud-based management service for nonprofits and associations. On its website, Wildapricot claims to manage databases, events, websites, payments, emails, and mobile events with its own program.
Prices start at $270/month, offers a 30-day free trial, and volume pricing discounts.

MemberPlanet is a simple system that allows all programs to run on their own system.
Capterra claims they start t $5/month, however a detailed registration process on their website determines the true start-up price.

YourMembership offers typical management services as well as Learning Management System(LMS) and Career Center Solutions.
Capterra doesn't list their starting price so they require you to contact them for pricing. Their sales number is +1-727-827-0046.

4. NeonCRM
Neon CRM is a very personal company, with 90% of the staff coming from a nonprofit background. They offer phone calls and personal demonstrations to identify a company's specific needs.
Capterra claims they start at $50/month.

5. Regpack
Regpack is unique in that it uses its own program, or "conditional logic engine", to customize its service based on the customer's specific needs.
Monthly plans go from $49-$249/month and yearly plans go from $44-$224/year.

StarChapter is an association management software company that serves "local chapters of professional and trade associations in the United States and Canada".
Pricing plans start at $49 a month with a $399 setup fee and go up to $150 a month with a $1,499 setup fee.

7. Fonteva
MemberNation by Fonteva is an AMS built on Salesforce, the "world's most powerful CRM database."
Pricing is based on purchasing a license for each staff member, and a sales force license is included in each MemberNation license. According to Capterra, pricing starts at $175 a month per user, but you are able to contact Fonteva for a quote for MemberNation, and nonprofits qualify for price discounts.

ClubExpress was developed by Gembrook Systems, LLC, and gives administrators the ability to customize their organization's website.
Pricing is a monthly hosting fee beginning at $24 (there is also a minimum monthly fee of $20). There is also a one-time setup fee that ranges from $150-$4550.

EZFacility provides all-in-one membership management software for sports and fitness businesses. Manage trainers, packages, memberships, POS, payroll, reporting, and more.
Their pricing isn't listed, but their phone number is 1-866-498-3279.

10. MemberLeap
MemberLeap is "an all-inclusive and flexible membership management solution for small, medium, and large organizations" created by Vieth Consulting and was named #1 Top Mid-Range Association Management Software.
Pricing is based on a month-to-month subscription with three different plans(Silver, Gold, and Platinum) with pricing based on organization size: Silver ranges from $50-$470 a month, Gold ranges from $120-$540 a month, and Platinum ranges from $160-$580 a month. There are also Initial Website Setups packages that range from $1,800-$5,600 and website integration packages for $2,500 and $3,100.

To wrap it up, there are many options to consider for cloud-based management services. They have different price ranges and different offerings depending on what would be best for your association.

Thanks for using Wonder! If you are wondering about anything else, feel free to ask.