Can you please let me know what BTC spends on customer support costs each year.

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Can you please let me know what BTC spends on customer support costs each year.

Hello! Thanks for your question about Bahama Telecommunications Company's (BTC's) spending on customer support each year. The short answer is that while no hard numbers were available, I was able to estimate that the company currently has 732 employees in total and that its wages and benefits bill is likely between $35m and $53.5m. Unfortunately no information was available to break this down specifically to customer support agents.

Below you will find a deep dive of my findings.

The BTC brand is owned by Cable & Wireless Communications (CWC Ltd), which is in turn owned by Liberty Global. I therefore conducted my search looking for information in relation to BTC from all three companies.

To answer your question I took a multi-pronged approach. I first reviewed all of BTC's annual reports going back to 2007 to see if there were any mention specifically about customer support employees. I subsequently expanded this approach to both CWC and Liberty Global's reports.

I then reviewed all of the news releases and campaign information available on the BTC website and in Bahamas media in an attempt to identify any information regarding their customer service team (as some companies tend to brag about this if they have support as one of their key value focus points).

I came across information that there had been ongoing disputes between BTC and the Bahamas Communications and Public Officers Union, so I conducted a series of targeted searches looking specifically for any information regarding salaries, employee totals, or the specific agreements that were signed, but unfortunately this approach also did not offer any answers.

Finally, I look through salary comparison websites such as and to see if this could provide any information, but again this did not provide any insight (likely due to the small size of the company's workforce, and the Bahamas population in general).

According to CWC's most recent annual report, the company spent a total of $367m on standard employee expenses in 2015/16. At the Liberty Global level, the company's reports do not drill down deep enough to provide specific information for BTC in terms of employees.

Of the CWC's employee total, 732 (10%) were attributed to BTC. Given that the company operates in predominantly similar-cost markets (Panama, Caribbean, Seychelles), we can assume the employee costs are distributed relatively equally throughout the organization, and therefore BTC would account for some $36.7m of the total CWC salary expenses.

That said, I took a look at preceding years as well, as 2015/16 represented a major increase in CWC's total employees, which may have distorted my ratio approach for the year. Indeed, using the same approach of comparing the ratio of BTC employees to the total employee costs, this gave us BTC employee bills of $53.1m in 2014/15 and $53.4m in 2013/14, suggesting this is likely more accurate. (I was unable to see any explanation in the media to suggest a massive change in employee costs for BTC during these years).

According to the the annual reports, this results in average company salaries for the following years:
- 2015/16 - $50,315
- 2014/15 - $67,467
- 2013/14 - $64,832

Unfortunately this salary estimate is going to give us the full range of employees, but, given that customer service employees are likely to be on the lower-range of the wage scale, we can safely assume that this provides us with a maximum cap of where their salaries are likely to be.

Unfortunately, as discussed within my methodology, I was unable to get accurate information regarding what share of BTC employees are employed in customer support roles.

To wrap it up, unfortunately, given the small size of BTC and of the Bahamas market in general, there was limited information available regarding the company's customer service costs. Even looking at their annual reports, it was not possible to determine this information (in large part due to the fact they are effectively a subsidiary of a subsidiary). That said, I was able to determine that overall the company had 732 employees in 2015/16 and their total wage bill was approximately between $35m and $53.5m, and their average employee salary was between $50,315 and $67.467. Sorry I wasn't able to find more information, but after taking multiple approaches I had to come to the conclusion that it simply was not available.

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