Please find fundraising platforms that allow us to provide content (blog posts, articles, videos, etc.) only to people who have registered as part of the fundraising campaign.

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Please find fundraising platforms that allow us to provide content (blog posts, articles, videos, etc.) only to people who have registered as part of the fundraising campaign.

Hi! Thanks for your question about fundraising platforms that allow clients to give donors access to exclusive content. Here's the short answer: though none of these platforms fit your needs perfectly, Patreon, CrowdRise, CauseVox, and CrowdEngine could all let you do what you need to. Read on for my rundown!


I started by looking at Classy's Owler page for competitors and scanning those competitors' sites to see if any offered the kind of exclusive content you were looking for. I also looked around for articles on nonprofit crowdfunding and fundraising that included information about donor rewards or content.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any platforms that offer exactly what you asked for. However, I found a few platforms that all at least offer some way to do what you need them to -- since none fit the bill perfectly, I've included four here. These platforms are Patreon, CrowdRise, CauseVox, and CrowdEngine. Below, I'll link to each platform, then give a brief description with notes on how they could offer donor content with only one login to the platform.


Patreon is focused on content creators, not on nonprofits, though it's been suggested as a possible tool for nonprofit fundraising in the past. In Patreon's model, people offer a monthly donation for access to exclusive content. Patreon takes 5%, with another 5% going to fees -- campaign owners receive 90% of the funds they raise. Patreon also handles the financial heavy lifting.

However, while Patreon is ideal for providing donor-exclusive content, it lacks several features that nonprofit-focused platforms offer. Donors have to sign up for monthly contributions -- the platform doesn't allow one-time donations. There's also no way to set up fundraising "teams" and no easy way to offer the option to donate to other charities within a campaign's dashboard.


CrowdRise is a leading fundraising platform used by individual fundraisers and huge nonprofits alike. CrowdRise bills itself as "the world’s #1 fundraising site for charitable and personal causes." Their platform offers social media integration, data tools, and the ability to "turn your donors into fundraisers" with individual and team fundraising pages within a campaign.

CrowdRise offers campaign owners the ability to create custom emails to donors only. This could be a way to get exclusive content to donors, but it doesn't follow the exact dashboard model you're looking for.


CauseVox's main selling point is the ability to create a robust, well-designed custom campaign page without any tech skill required. They also offer social and data tools and subpages for individual participants and participant teams in fundraising campaigns.

CauseVox lets fundraisers establish Kickstarter-like reward tiers for donations. These donation tiers could let your campaign offer exclusive donor content, but they're for one-time access -- there doesn't seem to be a way to give additional rewards for a donation tier after a person has donated. This model lends itself better to goods like T-shirts or ebooks than to blog-type content.


CrowdEngine offers several options for fundraising campaigns, most notably a rewards-based dashboard. CrowdEngine seems slightly more technical than the other platforms here and has a longer startup time -- according to their website, "most clients launch in a couple weeks." Like the other platforms here, CrowdEngine offers social media integration and data dashboards for fundraisers to track campaign progress.

Unfortunately, CrowdEngine's site doesn't offer any real information about the nature of their rewards/perks-based platform. The rewards system might be what you're looking for, but it's hard to tell without contacting the company for a consult/demo directly.


Though none of them fit the bill exactly, I found four platforms that should offer what you're looking for. Patreon is perfect for donor-exclusive content but has some drawbacks since it's not designed for nonprofits; CrowdRise and CauseVox offer easy campaign page design and individual/team fundraising within campaigns but aren't ideal when it comes to distributing exclusive content; CrowdEngine seems to offer something like what you want, but their site isn't helpful in providing context.

Thanks for using Wonder! Please let us know if there's anything else we can do to help.