Can you please find on the following newspapers companies' websites how each one describes their products (i.e. are they mostly print, or do they have digital dailies but not daily prints anymore, Or do they only do 3-times a week daily prints now...

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Can you please find on the following newspapers companies' websites how each one describes their products (i.e. are they mostly print, or do they have digital dailies but not daily prints anymore, Or do they only do 3-times a week daily prints now, etc.). Trying to understand how they present their products to customers and whether they are still very much print or more digital. Companies: Gannett, GateHouse Media, Hearst, BH Media Group, TRONC. Should only take an our or 2 to go through their websites and copy and paste the language used to explain their offerings / products. Thanks

Below is a breakdown of how the five requested companies describe their products. All of the companies use digital and print services to publish their information, though some lean more towards one platform than the other. The companies own words have been used to describe their usage of different media forums.


Gannett provides digital, mobile and print products to their readers through a large number of print and online newspapers. They reach a large audience through USA TODAY, Detroit Free Press, The Phoenix, etc. According to their website: "The USA TODAY local edition is included as an insert each day in 36 of the company’s local daily publications and includes News, Money and life content, while sports coverage is integrated into local sports sections." Furthermore, the company has a "total daily circulation of 3.6 million and Sunday circulation of 3.4 million, which includes daily print, digital replica, digital non-replica, and branded edition." Gannett works to "deliver high-quality, trusted content where and when consumers want to engage with it on virtually any device or platform." On average, Gannett has "approximately 110 million monthly unique visitors who access content through desktops, smartphones, and tablets."

GateHouse Media

GateHouse Media works to "deliver high quality and trusted journalism, products and services that enrich their communities we serve." Towards the end of 2017, GateHouse published "130 daily newspapers, more than 640 community publications and over 540 local market websites that reach more than 21 million people each week." The company services 36 states and 540 markets that offer the following types of products:

1. Daily
4. Shopper
5. Directory
6. Weekly


"Hearst Newspapers publishes 24 dailies and 64 weeklies, reaching more than 42 million unique visitors across the U.S. with related mobile websites and digital products." The company has stated that their main focus is on, "Selling subscriptions to our premium news products." In their own words, "The keys to the turnaround were unique local editorial products, a huge ground game of local sales professionals...and getting our readers to pay us a fair price for the products we deliver to their door and their mobile devices each day."

BH Media Group

BH Media Group mainly serves their readers through other newspaper companies. They "own and operate 31 daily newspapers along with their digital sites. BH Media also publishes 47 paid weekly newspapers and 32 other print products." Some examples of the services they offer in a few states are as follows:


— "The Omaha World-Herald reaches more than 100,000 print subscribers and 1 million unique visitors to every month."
— "The Star-Herald is western Nebraska's only daily paper. We reach more than 20,000 daily print subscribers and 1,000,000 page views every month at"

North Carolina:

— "The Hickory Daily Record reaches an average of 31,000 daily print readers and 300,000 unique monthly visitors online."


— "The Free Lance-Star reaches about 70,000 print subscribers every day and our three Star Weekly newspapers are delivered to about 85,000 households every week."
— "The News Virginian reaches more than 10,000 print subscribers in Waynesboro, Va., every day and more than 3 million annual page views at"


Tronc has stakes on ten markets in large name newspapers across the U.S. ranging from the Los Angeles Times to the New York Daily News. They said that, "The acquisition of the New York Daily News provided us with another strategic platform for growing our digital business, expanding our reach and broadening our services for advertisers and marketers." Tronc also said that, "Newspaper print advertising is typically in the form of display, classified or reprint advertising. Advertising and marketing services revenues are comprised of three basic categories: retail, national and classified." They make most of their money from printing circulars, as found in their 2016 annual report. "Circulation revenue results from the sale of print editions of newspapers to individual subscribers and the sale of print editions of newspapers to sales outlets that re-sell the newspapers." These publications are devised of daily and weekly newspapers, as well as niche publications and direct mail." However, no amounts of the above platforms were stated.


The five companies listed all provide their products through print, digital websites, mobile sites, etc. They also source out larger newsrooms to publish their pieces through print and online. While there is a larger audience overall for online sites, there is still an extensive crowd of people who prefer their news in print form.