Please find me the best (based on functionality and cost) peer-to-peer fundraising platform ( that can also easily integrate with Wordpress.

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Please find me the best (based on functionality and cost) peer-to-peer fundraising platform ( that can also easily integrate with Wordpress.

There are many peer-to-peer fundraising platforms available. After thoroughly researching peer-to-peer lending services, we were able to identify 6 websites with the lowest cost-to-quality, and that also integrated with WordPress. The platforms were chosen according to how much value they offered to their customers. In other words, the best ones found have a low cost to high service ratio, efficient functionality and can also be easily used withWordPress. The top ones include FirstGiving, Classy, Qgiv, SalsaLabs, Razoo and Giveeffect.

1. FirstGiving
2. Qgiv
3. Razoo
4. Give Effect
5. Classy
6. Salsa Labs

Overall, First Giving is the least expensive option and if the fundraiser is for an already established non-profit it's free and easy. Qgiv also offers great value for the services they offer, but is a bit more expensive. Razoo not only connects directly with WordPress but it also offers a very high value for low cost. The other options listed are quality sites, but come in at a much higher price point.


FirstGiving offers a variety of services including embeddable fundraising widgets, page customization to match your brand, event fundraising and registration, project fundraising, tools for communication, administration and reporting, and corporate gift matching. There are two levels of service for small to medium nonprofits, individual fundraising and FirstGiving Pro. The individual fundraising does not require annual fees and also covers the transaction fee to ensure that all donations actually go to the non-profit. There is a list of 1.5 million non-profits to support, but you must choose one on the list in order to use the individual fundraising option. For $500 a year, it is possible to upgrade to FirstGiving Pro. To take advantage of the service listed above, and to create your own fundraising cause this upgrade is a smart move. Only about half of the donors cover the donation fee, so there are also transaction costs. The embeddable Widgets make FirstGiving a good choice to use with WordPress.


Classy allows crowdfunding and peer-to-peer campaigns for any organization, as well as website donations and access to fundraising communities. They also help clients with branding and customization and offer extensive support. The starter package is free, but users must pay a 5% transaction fee -- therefore the total cost will vary depending on the amount of funds raised. This package allows one administrator for 1 campaign at a time. For a more extensive fundraising campaign, users can upgrade to Classy Pro for just under $6,000 for the year. Website integration and unlimited campaigns are included as well in this package and there is only a 2% transaction fee. For just under $18,000, clients can upgrade to for all the same features with added sales force integration and transaction fees of 0-1%. Classy has developed plugins for WordPress so it is compatible.


Qgiv offers plans from $0-$199 a month ($2,388 annually), but only the Engage plan at $199 a month offers the peer-to-peer platform. All the packages offer 3.95% + $0.30 per transaction, which is a great rate for a budget conscious organization. The software helps clients to build a customizable event, and drop-in widgets allow it to be used with other pages, so it would be compatible with WordPress. Badges and incentives for participants make the donation process more fun and customizable campaigns that can be easily added to social media make sharing easy. An interactive dashboard and custom reports are also included in their services. Access to customer service is also available and they provide year-round donation forms.


Salsa Labs does not offer prices on their website and provides individual quotes for clients. Based on reviews, small non-profits may have a hard time justifying the price point, while larger organizations can justify the cost. Features offered include the standard customizable event builders, dashboard analytics and client support. They also offer individual and team pages to see where traffic is coming from and reward top contributors. Assistance with social media publishing and scheduling is provided and a mobile app is part of the package as well. Salsa Labs is very compatible with WordPress and can directly connect.


Razoo is one of the less expensive options available. Their premium package is $588 annually and is designed for small non-profits. It includes all the basics such as customizable donation pages and standard analytics as well as support. For $1188 annually, the premium plus package includes more advanced tools, data collection, Data Connect integration and a branded donation widget. Razoo offers a very easy to use widget for WordPress.


The most popular option offered by Give Effect is $17,988 annually. Though it remains as one of the more expensive options, they offer quite a few services including advanced databases and reporting and full website hosting. 19% transaction and thousands of records add to the deal.


The companies listed above all have there pros and cons, with the top three being most cost effective, and the last three offering more advanced options that come at a hefty price.