Please build me a list of previous or current water competitions similar to the Water Abundance XPRIZE

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Please build me a list of previous or current water competitions similar to the Water Abundance XPRIZE

Hello! Thanks for your question about water competitions. The most useful sources I found to answer your question are LinkedIn and company websites. The short version is that I have created a spreadsheet with contact information of 28 water abundance competition sponsors. Please note, Xylem is a sponsor for 2 of the listed competitions, therefore may be the best source to start looking for sponsorship. Below you will find a deep dive of my findings.

METHODOLOGY To fully answer your question, I first sought a pre-compiled list of competitions, but was unable to identify one. After identifying several water abundance competition, I searched the organization's site to find its sponsors. On each sponsor's website, I was able to find contact information which I compiled in a spreadsheet. If executive contact information was available, I listed that rather than a general information line. I also listed the LinkedIn URLs for executives when available.

1. emPowering Opportunities in Water! (POW!)

Details: "A national competition to reward new ideas for
improving sustainability and resiliency efforts in the water and
clean tech industries."

2. Clean Water for ALL

Details: Challenge to "identify one of the world’s critical clean
water access problems and design a clean energy technology
solution." One competition in Singapore and one in California.

3. MIT Water Innovation Prize

Details: "A solutions-to-market competition aiming to help
support the next breakthrough in the water sector"

Environmental Engineering, Vita Coco, MIT Water, PEPSICO,
4. George Barley Water Prize

Details: "The $10 million grand prize goes to the team who
develops the most cost-effective, scalable technology that
thoroughly removes and recovers phosphorus from freshwater

Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (Ontario),
5. Reclamation Water Prize Competition

Details: Prize competitions to "help solve some of the most
critical water and water-related resource problems facing our

6. National Undergraduate Water Technologies Design
Details: "Eight teams were selected to travel and attend the
day-long event at Rice University, where they presented their
designs to a panel of judges who evaluated their presentations
based on how clearly they articulated the water challenge that
their technology sought to address, the technical and social
feasibility of their proposed solution, and the team’s plan to
overcome possible technical and social hurdles associated with
their solutions."
Sponsors: NEWT (Nanosystems Engineering Research Center
for Nanotechnology-Enabled Water Treatment)
7. Land Art Generator Initiative

Details: "LAGI 2016 was an ideas competition to design a site
specific public artwork that, in addition to its conceptual
beauty, has the ability to harness energy cleanly from nature
and convert it into electricity and/or drinking water for the

*Shawati' Magazine has a limited website, but mentions they are
8. The Cleantech Open
Details: "The Cleantech Open runs the world's largest clean
technology business accelerator and we're looking for the
best clean technology ideas from around the world." For the
Agriculture, Water and Waste category, "Water refers to
innovative technological solutions which address drinking
water distribution, usage or treatment. Solutions can include
purification-, water saving and monitoring systems."
Sponsors: There are over 40 listed for this event. I will list the
Cleantech contact information in the spreadsheet.
9. Campus RainWorks Challenge

Details: "Student teams design an innovative green
infrastructure project for their campus that effectively
manages stormwater runoff while benefitting the campus
community and the environment."

10. Future Technologies for Water Competition

Details: "The Future Technologies for Water Competition
(FTW) aims to identify breakthrough technologies for safe
water with a sustainable business plan with wide-scale
applicability. The first-place winner will receive $15,000, and
the second place winner will receive $5,000."

Sponsors: Takata Corporation
To wrap it up, I identified 10 similar competitions to the Water Abundance XPRIZE and compiled sponsor information in a Google Spreadsheet. Please note, Xylem is a sponsor for 2 of the listed competitions, therefore may be the best source to start looking for sponsorship. Thanks for using Wonder! Please let us know if we can help with anything else!